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IDEA-99943 (Feature) Allow to filter thread dump by a word in stacktrace
WEB-6401 (Feature) Twitter Bower support
WEB-10484 (Feature) AngularJS Plugin: ng-repeat features
IDEA-111684 (Usability Problem) Quick Documentation should resolve values for aggregated / indirect constants
WEB-10894 (Usability Problem) Increase the width of Surround with Emmet popup (MacOS)
IDEA-119976 (Usability Problem) Code | Completion | SmartType's Alt+Space shortcut does not work
IDEA-120533 (Performance Problem) Selection by double click in big files has slowed since last update
WEB-10821 (Cosmetics) Weird character in Alt+F1 menu before "Open in browser..."
IDEA-119651 (Task) DomStubBuilder uses physical files for indexing but it should use the file supplied by content
IDEA-119952 (Bug) "Show all tabs" is always disabled
WEB-10773 (Bug) More than one Dart module per Project confuses the Chromium/Dartium launcher
IDEA-119720 (Bug) OutOfMemoryError when module contains big file, after various actions
IDEA-115351 (Bug) Idea UI hangs after performing Move Module to group
WEB-10483 (Bug) AngularJS plugin good code red "as app"
WEB-10926 (Bug) Bower: disable Install with empty config field
WEB-10924 (Bug) Bower: provide indication for loading description
WI-16926 (Bug) Reformat code breaks uncommented JS code when it includes a PHP tag snippet.
IDEA-120154 (Bug) 'Run' action from the context menu on a JUnit test method creates Node JS run configuration
IDEA-117555 (Bug) Search everywhere dialog is being closed immediately
IDEA-115711 (Bug) When open tab limit is exceeded IDEA dosn't close the less frequently used tab but the most frequently used tab instead
IDEA-120339 (Bug) Type Hierarchy works only when the cursor is over a class name
WEB-10929 (Exception) Bower: Throwable on Uninstall package


WEB-10772 (Cosmetics) CSS: Colors & Fonts: some symbols cannot be colored
WEB-10794 (Bug) CSS: recognize negative number as first argument in calc() function
WEB-10811 (Bug) CSS optimizations break code with !important
WEB-7143 (Bug) Line(s) of minified CSS result(s) in CSS color previews disabled for entire file
WEB-6987 (Bug) Formatting of css calc(...) removes the space after the + or -
WEB-10489 (Bug) Support new HTML5 selectors (details, summary, dialog)
WEB-10597 (Bug) Prefixed CSS rules are incorrectly marked as duplicating each other
WEB-10253 (Bug) 'cannot resolve symbol' inside CSS selector
WEB-9883 (Bug) Nested parens in CSS calc() triggers false inspection

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-119617 (Bug) Default file template inspection false positive

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-119366 (Bug) Reformatting only VCS changed code produces unwanted side-effect
IDEA-95410 (Bug) Arrangement: Preserve fold regions on arrangement


WEB-10881 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Red code if class extends expression
WEB-10690 (Bug) "new" keyword in coffescript is mark as unexpected token
WEB-10680 (Bug) WebStorm 7.0.3 marks valid CoffeeScript code as invalid
WEB-10893 (Bug) Coffeescript inspection fails with regex
WEB-10660 (Bug) CoffeeScript syntax highlighting gives signature mismatch with default params


WEB-10629 (Bug) Format for Dart fails for @observable
WEB-10840 (Bug) Dart built-in identifiers may be used both as a keywords (if met at their syntactic place) and as identifiers, should be highlighted accordingly
WEB-10666 (Bug) Dart editor shows wrong error if using Dart "call" functionality in combination with constructor


WEB-1171 (Feature) javascript live console
WEB-6413 (Task) sourcemap backed breakpoints do not work until page is loaded
IDEA-108994 (Bug) Breakpoints dialog: after pressing F4 on some breakpoint, breakpoint's location should be opened in editor and dialog closed.
IDEA-95952 (Bug) Debugger tooltip is shown in the incorrect place and overlaps annotation tooltip.
WEB-10379 (Bug) JetBrains WebStorm 7.0.3
WEB-10829 (Bug) nodejs debugger pausing on regular expression line in file "unknown"
WEB-8174 (Bug) Node.js debugging problem
IDEA-119658 (Bug) Watches inplace editor does not resize
IDEA-120410 (Bug) It's not possible to select old values of the variable via mouse
WEB-9756 (Bug) Quick evaluate expression popup: long values are cut and cannot be copy correctly


IDEA-77540 (Feature) Please provide "open in editor" ("Go to source") button
IDEA-56098 (Feature) Should be able to pin scroll bars in diff window.
IDEA-118581 (Bug) Each file modified is shown 3 times in Git diff

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-118389 (Task) Forbid completion inside guard blocks
IDEA-117327 (Task) Add a setting to switch off autopopup completion item selection by Enter

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-111701 (Bug) Emacs: pressing Ctrl+k several times should add lines to muti-line buffer
IDEA-120265 (Bug) Incorrect whitespaces (tab) painting when cursor change position
IDEA-118602 (Bug) Input-method issues
IDEA-119523 (Exception) IOE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.d

File System

IDEA-55171 (Bug) under some conditions a one-thread self-deadlock appears

File Watchers

WEB-10847 (Bug) SASS. Unnecessary file generation.
WEB-10858 (Bug) File Watchers plugin doesn't work
WEB-10852 (Bug) coffeescript filewatcher: generate sourcemaps by default
WEB-8484 (Bug) Project View of Typescript Project fails to Hide .js and files

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-104735 (Cosmetics) Dracula: INVALID string have not dracula style red color in Find Occurance tool window.
IDEA-119153 (Bug) file search too wide for users folder
IDEA-66430 (Bug) "Find In Path" doesn't show up in "Recent Find Usages"


WEB-5170 (Feature) charset meta tag in html5 File Template
WEB-417 (Feature) Add RDFa support
WEB-462 (Feature) Support for MathML and SVG namespaces in HTML5
WEB-6483 (Feature) Adding WAI-ARIA Tag support to phpStorm
WEB-8715 (Feature) The hgroup element is obsolete
WEB-7990 (Bug) Web Components: do not cache old <element>'s name values that was deleted/renamed
WEB-7422 (Bug) HTML5 <embed> tag does not allow namespace-less attributes in HTML5 documents
WEB-10678 (Bug) case sensitive match for href=javascript:

IDE Configuration

IDEA-56096 (Usability Problem) Allow to create file templates with extension contains dot
IDEA-103743 (Cosmetics) Settings > Code Style > Arrangement UI glitch
IDEA-116506 (Bug) File Templates: can not delete duplicated template
IDEA-119470 (Bug) File and code templates: changes gone when switching tabs


IDEA-118827 (Bug) IntelliJ 13.0.1 hangs on OS X 10.9


WEB-2253 (Usability Problem) Jade: provide Darcula friendly color scheme
WEB-10761 (Bug) "Unknown encoding" warning in pre-commit code analysis of Jade (/HTML?)
WEB-10031 (Bug) Jade: support javascript injection inside script tag followed with dot


WEB-1383 (Feature) Destructuring assignment support
WEB-3421 (Feature) Support RequireJS aliases
WEB-7522 (Feature) Support JSDoc's @template mechanism on a class level
WEB-10612 (Usability Problem) Tag in jslint config is marked as TODO
WEB-9743 (Bug) Javascript file with compressed code at the top recognized as minified
WEB-10714 (Bug) Empty block comment incorrectly displays as doc comment
WEB-10718 (Bug) Typescript base interface members not available when using child interface as a type in JSDoc
WEB-10895 (Bug) File watcher template for Traceur compiler
WEB-10624 (Bug) Support as external documentation provider
WEB-10709 (Bug) Misplaced error "referencing 'arguments' of other functions are not allowed"
WEB-10841 (Bug) JSDoc: variable used as @typedef marked as unused inside immediately-invoked function expression
WEB-6616 (Bug) JS DocBlock comment background color no longer constant
WEB-9481 (Bug) No type information from JSDoc in autocompletion
WEB-10569 (Bug) Don't normally work JSDoc for function arguments
WEB-825 (Bug) Paths relative to the 'main' script aren't supported for RequireJS projects.

JavaScript. Formatter

WEB-6149 (Bug) "Chop down if long" on Binary Operations doesn't work for JavaScript
WEB-8167 (Bug) Javascript Code style: "Chop down if long" array intializer option should put one item per line
WEB-1411 (Bug) Exra continuation indent on multiline javascript statement
WEB-8558 (Bug) JavaScript Code Style: "Chop down if long" doesn't work as expected

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-10602 (Bug) AngularJS: do not cache attributes and values
WEB-10611 (Bug) AngularJS: remove ng-include events from the completion
WEB-10699 (Bug) Intellij doesn't support some Ext JS xtype syntaxes

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-1185 (Bug) Top-level this expression is fine in module file
WEB-8892 (Bug) Wrong 'unfiltered for in loop' detection
WEB-10872 (Bug) Webstorm 8 EAP: allow back comments in .jshintrc
WEB-10733 (Bug) Mac OSX: disabling JSHint results in buggy presentation of version combo
WEB-10601 (Bug) Testing response value in hasOwnProperty causes inspection warning in loops
WEB-10757 (Bug) Code Quality Tools: error highlighting doesn't work if the severity level is not 'error' or 'warning'
WEB-10386 (Bug) Place caret after unterminated statement when navigating to inspection result
WEB-10879 (Bug) Closure Linter: support '--disable' flag

JavaScript. Refactoring

WEB-10552 (Bug) Simplification of JavaScript if statement alters logic
WEB-10618 (Bug) JavaScript: Terminate statement quick fix should close all nested functions

JavaScript. Templates

WEB-9882 (Feature) Handlebars: auto-complete closing tag on entering '{{/'


WEB-10589 (Feature) Support for LESS 1.6 features
WEB-8700 (Feature) Support for :extend() in LESS 1.4.0
WEB-10762 (Bug) LESS: ignore unresolved URLs with interpolation
WEB-10758 (Bug) LESS: correctly recognize !important after mixin invocation

Language Injection

IDEA-79522 (Bug) need ability to set display names for xml attribute and xml tag language injections
IDEA-119619 (Bug) Settings / Language Injections: project level XML tag injection loses Sub-Tags value on IDE restart

Live Edit

WEB-10631 (Bug) liveedit not working on extended scripts - router - in phpstorm


WEB-10727 (Bug) Node Debugging limited to 10 frames in the backtrace
WEB-10507 (Bug) Can't create Express app

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-120338 (Feature) Create log for update to the same place where idea (idea based product) logs are located.

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-119498 (Bug) Cannot install/uninstall any plugin if run IDE with project as parameter from console
IDEA-119903 (Bug) IDEA should disable broken plugins automatically

REST Client

WEB-6909 (Feature) REST client - add cookie support
WEB-7145 (Bug) REST Client not giving HTTP status

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-102508 (Bug) error status of run configuration is not updated after fix


WEB-5997 (Feature) Add "optimize CSS shorthand property" intention
WEB-10687 (Bug) Compass: local imports not resolved
WEB-9139 (Bug) Compass support: Win: wrong executable path is defined automatically
WEB-10791 (Exception) Compass: config.rb: exception if import path does not exist

Task Management

IDEA-118605 (Bug) Open task from YouTrack: "Include closed tasks" checkbox doesn't work
IDEA-119510 (Bug) PivotalTracker: Cannot resolve issue
IDEA-117533 (Bug) Time tracking, post work fails


IDEA-118846 (Usability Problem) Editors content not auto synced on terminal activation


WEB-9219 (Bug) TypeScript arguments types confusion
WEB-10192 (Bug) Typescript: Method type not checked correctly
WEB-7574 (Bug) Bad code green, passing functions without specifying return type
WEB-10785 (Bug) declared module in d.ts gets no autocompletion when imported
WEB-10730 (Bug) Typescript Inspection: static member override incorrectly flagged as "Incompatible override for member from"
WEB-10689 (Bug) TypeScript: class from imported module not resolved if there is a folder with name equal to module name
WEB-10856 (Bug) TypeScript: module alias definitions not supported (declare module "aliasModuleName" {...}
WEB-10692 (Bug) TypeScript: 'type reference cannot refer to variable' error shown for primitive types if there is a variable with name that differs from type name in case
WEB-10518 (Bug) "if(" replaced by "isFinite" in TypeScript project
WEB-10663 (Bug) Typescript: Initializer type X is not assignable to variable type X
WEB-10744 (Bug) Error on assigning untyped data to typed array in TypeScript
WEB-10745 (Bug) Dictionary returns confused type in TypeScript
WEB-10239 (Bug) TypeScript: 'Incompatible override' shown for last function overload in child interface
WEB-10695 (Bug) Typescript export var
WEB-10697 (Bug) Subclass instance not assignable to var of superclass when superclass declares no constructor

Unit Tests

WEB-10643 (Bug) Karma tests can not be debugged
WEB-10619 (Bug) Jasmine: ConcurrentModificationExceptions are thrown for specific file
WEB-10416 (Bug) autoscroll to source in mocha test suite does not work if multiple suites have the same name.
WEB-10399 (Bug) deepEqual assertion diffs do not normalise member order therfore they display false errors
WEB-10670 (Bug) Mocha test assertion does not correctly output if actual or expected is undefined.
WEB-10637 (Bug) Mocha: correctly hold Errors in beforeEach and afterEach
WEB-10741 (Bug) Turning on Karma Plugin Autotest will highjack editor window upon retest.
WEB-10669 (Bug) mocha configuration will not run if test directory does not exist, even when the configuration will trigger the building of the test directory via before launch actions

User Interface

IDEA-119826 (Feature) Do not require confirmation each time I open an IPR file
IDEA-120626 (Usability Problem) UI / Colors & Fonts: "Lens mode" color not adjustable
IDEA-112303 (Usability Problem) Tool Windows Quick Access button: impossible to select item in list by mouse
IDEA-119445 (Usability Problem) Remove first slash in "copy reference"
IDEA-119642 (Performance Problem) UI is laggy during the build
IDEA-114381 (Performance Problem) Copying screenshot into clipboard causes right click to freeze for a few seconds
IDEA-115128 (Cosmetics) Status bar: exception count font
IDEA-119372 (Bug) Search results tree "looses" items while scrolling
IDEA-91883 (Bug) Edit breakpoint dialog: cannot click on combo if it expands out of the popup border
IDEA-119969 (Bug) Root node has wrong offset
IDEA-103010 (Bug) IDEA takes whole available for it memory (500 mbytes) and becomes slow

Version Control

IDEA-119753 (Usability Problem) Commit to several repositories => proposed commit message is joined from latest two messages from previous commits to these repositories
IDEA-119855 (Bug) Share project on Github sometimes lists a single file several times & preselects only this one
IDEA-116322 (Bug) Structure filter works incorrectly when there are several repos
IDEA-119316 (Bug) Vcs Log: Go To Hash/Commit/Ref doesn't work in case of active filters
IDEA-119738 (Bug) Problem with Android Studio connecting to wrong VCS (Git vs. Mercurial)
IDEA-117248 (Bug) Commit preview has unformatted commit-message
IDEA-119898 (Bug) Vcs Log: Artifacts sometimes appear when drawing diagonal edge
IDEA-120178 (Exception) RuntimeException if a branch selected in the branch filter doesn't exist in one of repositories in a multi-repo project

Version Control. Git

IDEA-119887 (Bug) Incompatible with Git from Debian repository
IDEA-119492 (Bug) Amend commit adds a new line to the commit message
IDEA-120042 (Bug) [git] Log tool window is "Loading..." indefinitely
IDEA-119693 (Bug) Share project on Github shouldn't add worspace.xml to Git
IDEA-119780 (Bug) Changes are pushed if "Go To Source" is called from Show Diff from Git Push Dialog
IDEA-119891 (Bug) Commit dialog does not show after git cherry pick

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-85627 (Feature) Support amend commit in Mercurial
IDEA-119506 (Feature) Show active Mercurial bookmark instead of a named branch in status bar
IDEA-112737 (Usability Problem) Mercurial: hide closed branches

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-119424 (Feature) Perforce annotate: ignore whitespace change


WEB-10632 (Feature) Add "Remove all" action to Events panel to remove everything from it
WEB-10676 (Feature) Spy-js: Events: implement "Remove and Close trace file(s)" action
WEB-10650 (Feature) Spy-js: Events: provide Next/Previous Document navigation arrows
WEB-10648 (Feature) Spy-js: implement Auto Scroll to Trace option from Stack panel
WEB-10418 (Feature) Spy-js: simplify enabling/disabling of system proxy
WEB-10675 (Feature) Spy-js: Stack: implement "Jump to Source" action
WEB-10638 (Feature) Spy-js: Events: implement single click instead of double-click
WEB-10649 (Feature) Spy-js: Events: implement "Close trace file(s)" action
WEB-10559 (Feature) Spy-js: do not scroll Events if element is selected
WEB-10646 (Feature) Spy-js: Events: stop tracing if document root node is Removed
WEB-10864 (Feature) Spy-js: change selection from disappeared Event to the document root
WEB-10534 (Feature) Spy-js: Events: add Expand and Collapse buttons
WEB-10429 (Feature) Spy-js: provide Editor - Color and Fonts settings
WEB-10775 (Feature) Spy-js: clear Stack/Quick Evaluation content after removing document/event node
WEB-10957 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: provide possibility to hide Exclusions from the list
WEB-10959 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: limit width of the Exclusion list
WEB-10652 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: show shorten URL in the Editor and the Events panel
WEB-10946 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: open Condition for editing on double-click
WEB-10948 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: Exclusions: Provide "Copy" action for Exclusions
WEB-10861 (Usability Problem) Spy-js: not shorten URL in the Editor tab
WEB-10647 (Cosmetics) Spy-js: Remove should be disabled in the empty Events panel
WEB-10802 (Bug) Spy-js: incorrect trace coloring in the splitted Editor
WEB-10958 (Bug) Spy-js: Exclusions: prohibit empty name for Exclusion
WEB-10815 (Bug) Spy-js: Mac OS: auto system proxy configuration doesn't work
WEB-10587 (Bug) Spy-js: improve notification about impossibility to process event data
WEB-10943 (Bug) Spy-js: Exclusions: show empty dialog description on the first opening
WEB-10708 (Bug) Spy-js: Win: disable system proxy on application close in auto mode
WEB-10639 (Bug) Spy-js: clear current Stack content while loading new data
WEB-10779 (Bug) Spy-js: Firefox: not responding script
WEB-10805 (Exception) Spy-js: Stack: exception is thrown for uncaught script error
WEB-10778 (Exception) Spy-js: exception on "Jump to Source" for JSON file
WEB-10776 (Exception) Spy-js: Events: exception on Removing empty group node
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