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RUBY-12993 (Bug) Quick Fix puts a new created sass file to the not corresponding place
WEB-9695 (Performance Problem) CPU overhead in projects with many HTML files


WEB-9876 (Usability Problem) Fuzzy search is still colliding with completion
WEB-9863 (Bug) ::backdrop pseudo-element show as erroneous in both CSS and LESS files
WEB-9549 (Feature) When in CSS context, hyphenated words should NOT be treated at single entities when double clicked
WEB-8857 (Feature) Remove blank line on "Remove property"
WEB-9760 (Feature) Allow convert CSS colors to textual ones
WEB-9270 (Feature) Ctrl+W on a color hex code in a CSS file
WEB-9769 (Usability Problem) Can't show the colorpicker if you disable gutter preview
WEB-9792 (Bug) "Reformat code" breaks IE-specific CSS for gradients (filter and -ms-filter)
WEB-9773 (Bug) CSS errors don't show inside injection
WEB-9759 (Bug) CSS color "Convert to hex" intention missing
WEB-9334 (Bug) Incremental selection works bad with negative CSS values
WEB-9739 (Bug) Language "jQuery-CSS" doesn't allow atribute !=
WEB-9877 (Bug) Reformat breaks CSS with capital units

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-115756 (Task) Caret is moved on the start of line after formatting, if positioned not on the end of line


PY-10927 (Bug) Terminal Cursor Blink Option
PY-11179 (Bug) Closing tab "Terminal" crashes IDE on Windows
PY-10872 (Bug) Terminal: find a suitable font when printing a character
PY-11011 (Bug) Terminal pops up with wrong shortcut
PY-11207 (Bug) Cannot start SSH session
PY-10353 (Bug) SSH Terminals open/jump to a single project
PY-10548 (Exception) Terminal: on trying to open termianl on windows: ULE at com.sun.jna.NativeLibrary.loadLibrary


WEB-1561 (Usability Problem) Debug: explicitly execute Dartium browser instead of Chrome
WEB-9587 (Usability Problem) Dart, cmd application and debug run configurations: remove 'make' from 'before launch' in default configuration
WEB-9629 (Bug) Can't disable Settings > Editor > Insert pair quote when editing a Dart file
WEB-6705 (Bug) Dart: 'create method' quickfix shouldn't be available for external library methods
WEB-9636 (Bug) Dart Unit Testing broken
WEB-9801 (Bug) Dart: hide quick fix if changes should be applied to the external libraries files
WEB-9804 (Bug) Dart: part path is not resolved correctly if target file is placed inside another directory
WEB-9603 (Bug) Dart const symbol new syntax '#' show as error
WEB-7906 (Bug) Filter multiple copies of the package folder in DART


WEB-9684 (Feature) Debugger: clear the console on page reload
WEB-9647 (Feature) Debugger, node.js: can't debug client js served using connect.static
WEB-6413 (Task) sourcemap backed breakpoints do not work until page is loaded
WEB-9173 (Bug) JS Debugger should use symbol maps from Chrome (Scripts tab)
WEB-9565 (Bug) Debugger: avoid errors about sourcemaps
WEB-4436 (Bug) Javascript debugger console only prints first argument to console.log()
WEB-9654 (Bug) JS debugger should somehow work with absolute paths in source maps
WEB-6961 (Bug) JavaScript Console doesn't show several identical messages

File Watchers

WEB-9890 (Bug) Pseudo classes completion doesn't work

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-114094 (Bug) Search-replace in files does not happen if comments only is enabled
IDEA-114105 (Bug) Find: String literals only: java strings in JSP not found
IDEA-113951 (Bug) Search: Comments only: several words target is not found in javadocs


WEB-9669 (Usability Problem) Add combobox with history in 'Surround with Emmet' dialog
WEB-9771 (Bug) Emmet preview showing in strange scenarios
WEB-9778 (Bug) Strange bug on Emmet when using curly braces

IDE Configuration

IDEA-115305 (Bug) PhpStorm Invalid SystemPath Issue


IDEA-115986 (Exception) ctrl+shift+n not found files: IOOBE in com.intellij.util.indexing.IdFilter$2.contains


WEB-3973 (Bug) "Unused JavaScript / ActionScript local symbol" should have option to ignore parameters

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-9799 (Bug) PhpStorm 7 found mistake "Unknown pseudo selector 'contains'" in jQuery code.

JavaScript. Refactoring

WEB-9612 (Exception) Exception is thrown on attempt to extract JS variable from php file


WEB-9738 (Feature) Support for LESS 1.5.0
WEB-9872 (Bug) compiles fine with nodejs lessc but not with IDEA

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-14205 (Bug) Problem in syncronization with remote server
WI-17551 (Usability Problem) Sort in Excluded Paths doesn't merge empty local and deployment path to their groups
WI-20814 (Bug) SFTP: Ask if host should be added to known_hosts
WI-20688 (Bug) File deployment: drag and drop of java class item is disabled


WEB-9732 (Bug) SCSS parsing problems
WEB-9886 (Bug) Compass: quick doc is shown incorrectly for multiline comments
WEB-9798 (Bug) Quickdoc for pseudo elements doesn't work in SASS and LESS completion
WEB-9854 (Bug) Compass integration miss functions from urls.rb

Task Management

IDEA-114203 (Bug) Close Issue when Closing Task Always looks for "fixed" tag


WEB-9635 (Bug) Unresolved TypeScript method involving generic method
WEB-9707 (Bug) TypeScript problem
WEB-9667 (Bug) Typescript: type inference issues - even with a very basic program

Unit Tests

WEB-2087 (Feature) [NodeJs] Support Mocha testing framework
WEB-9662 (Usability Problem) Mocha: show all assertions in the results tree similarly
WEB-9524 (Bug) JSTestDriver: do not suggest to create/run/debug tests if no config.jstd present
WEB-9396 (Bug) NodeUnit testcase gives error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"
WEB-9651 (Bug) Mocha: Win: silently fails to run tests
WEB-9665 (Bug) Mocha: provide navigation to source for the Exports tests
WEB-9660 (Bug) Mocha: Mac: tests run endlessly

User Interface

IDEA-106794 (Usability Problem) Welcome screen broken with "nosplash"

Version Control. Git

IDEA-115182 (Bug) [WebStorm7] pushing to github fails with "Couldn't parse GitHub response"
IDEA-114253 (Bug) Issues from are displayed in wrong encoding


IDEA-113332 (Usability Problem) Typing an attribute in XML/HTML files ends up with corrupted XML
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