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WEB-8934 (Feature) Preview for Emmet live templates
RUBY-14069 (Bug) Expand template does not work properly match back to method delim in ruby
WEB-9169 (Bug) Map help ID for Settings | Handlebars/Mustache
PY-10901 (Bug) PyCharm not create icon in Unity or Desktop in Ubuntu
RUBY-10517 (Bug) Autotest delay in RM 4 not the same as 3.x - can it be adjusted?


WEB-9369 (Usability Problem) Enable/disable Emmet based on language
WEB-9509 (Bug) Emmet CSS: Add option to disable unknown properties expanding
WEB-9489 (Bug) css inspection does not support "!IMPORTANT"
WEB-9388 (Bug) Wrong comment indent at style tag
WEB-9658 (Bug) Optimize border properties action deletes "!important"
WEB-9600 (Bug) Multiple background marked as overriding
WEB-9446 (Bug) CSS: Insert background image size moves comments

Code Insight

PY-9639 (Feature) Extract method: Replace Duplicates: search duplicates by code tree, not by exact text match

Code: Documentation

OC-8394 (Bug) Documentation not found

Code: Editing

OC-8400 (Usability Problem) Folding: unresolved import should not be folded
OC-8512 (Bug) Exception when typing on empty line at non-zero column during indexing


PY-10944 (Usability Problem) Editors content not auto synced on terminal activation
PY-7070 (Bug) Couldn't connect to console process on Mac when Wifi is on
PY-10880 (Bug) Terminal doesn't work (can't create new tab)


IDEA-114002 (Usability Problem) XDebuger breakpoint properties: don't close the dialog by double click
IDEA-114604 (Bug) Evaluate Expression doesn't change context after navigating call stack
WEB-9476 (Bug) Webstorm 7 stalls Chrome browser when breaking on exceptions
WEB-9534 (Bug) WebStorm 7 console to stop full path of file
IDEA-114004 (Bug) XDebugger breakpoint properties: checkboxes synchronization is broken
IDEA-114003 (Bug) XDebuger breakpoint properties: strage selection jumps in breakpoint tree
IDEA-114001 (Bug) XDebuger Breakpoint Properties: enable in tree is not saved
WEB-9514 (Bug) Built-in server: Win: machine_name.local is not working


PY-10995 (Bug) Wrapping on right margin deletes code with slashes at the end of miltiline statements.

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-112134 (Usability Problem) $SELECTION$ variable doesn't work as true variable, but as $END$
IDEA-114050 (Bug) Enter inserts closing brace in wrong place

File System

IDEA-114633 (Bug) Deleting a folder containing symlinked directories will delete the linked directories contents
IDEA-114647 (Bug) "External file changes sync may be slow" for the files on a local disk


WEB-9384 (Usability Problem) Emmet expansion collides with PHP completion using Tab
WEB-9563 (Bug) There is a bug with Emmet and BEM namings
WEB-9559 (Bug) Bad create file from <a>
WEB-9546 (Bug) HTML entities marked as error?
WEB-7487 (Bug) Inspection don't know about xmpp-link
WEB-445 (Bug) "Select word at caret" a bit to grabby in class attributes

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-110640 (Bug) Tab autocompletes to tag name in XML


WEB-3820 (Bug) JS: don't suggest to split constant declaration into declaration and initialization
WEB-3821 (Bug) JS: don't suggest to split var declaration marked with @const or @constant into declaration and initialization
WEB-9424 (Bug) NPE when opening a specific JS file (jquery.wikiEditor.toc.js)
WEB-9634 (Bug) Unnecessary warning for JSON.parse reviver parameter

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-9502 (Bug) Wrong inspection when using: variable === 'string'
WEB-7771 (Bug) AMD require([''], ...) throws syntax error


WEB-9618 (Bug) LESS: invalid lengths unit highlight in mixins calls
WEB-9597 (Bug) LESS: adjacent sibling selectors highlight issue
WEB-9580 (Bug) LESS 1.4 syntax issue

Live Edit

WEB-9451 (Bug) WebStorm froze


WEB-9438 (Usability Problem) Make NPM support more visible in Settings

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-20293 (Usability Problem) If default server is not set up then there is no deployment submenu in project view


WEB-9562 (Bug) SCSS - Comment


IDEA-114112 (Bug) Pinned Database Tabs do not Survive "Close Others"

Task Management

IDEA-113944 (Bug) Open Task cannot connect to JIRA OnDemand in PS-131.98 and PS-131.205
IDEA-112857 (Bug) Cannot open task for JIRA server. Testing connection works.
IDEA-112828 (Bug) NPE when trying to close JIRA issue

Test Runner

PY-10711 (Usability Problem) Autotest is slow


WEB-7010 (Feature) When you write a mismatched parameter in Typescript, the IDE could underline it in red
WEB-9586 (Feature) TypeScript: Code Style: provide "Class left brace" style
WEB-7766 (Feature) Codestyle for Typescript
WEB-9216 (Bug) TypeScript: unresolved variable error occured when joined module defined
WEB-9117 (Bug) When assigning "this" to a variable, the type is not inferred
WEB-7293 (Bug) TypeScript, completion: no completion if the explicit method return type is missing
WEB-9101 (Bug) Typescript: apply method should be implicit in interfaces with function call method defined.
WEB-9471 (Bug) TypeScript: NPE on completion invocation while extending Interface
WEB-9585 (Bug) TypeScript: Code Style: "In class declaration" style is incomplete
WEB-9172 (Bug) TypeScript (good code red) Webstorm 7 EAP says arguments.length is unresolved but tsc does not
WEB-2369 (Bug) TypeScript: reference to non-existing instance property in left part of assignment expression not highlighted as error
WEB-9393 (Bug) Typescript: show error when accessing static property without FQ name
WEB-9240 (Bug) TypeScript: Good code red
WEB-9556 (Bug) TypeScript required module code completion obstructed by .d.ts file of same name
WEB-9644 (Bug) TypeScript: "method expression not of function type" when calling generic interface
WEB-9389 (Bug) Typescript: can't match arguments when using generic class as typeof type
WEB-8549 (Bug) "Returned expression type GenericClass<TResult> is not assignable to type GenericClass<Number>"
WEB-2356 (Bug) TypeScript: show error when using variable as a type name
WEB-8581 (Bug) "Iitializer type is not assignable" error when assigning a value
WEB-2249 (Bug) TypeScript, Accessors: false 'set accessor type not compatible with get accessor type' violations if return type annotation is omitted
WEB-6894 (Bug) TypeScript: type mismatch error on using constructor type literal as a field type
WEB-6850 (Exception) IllegalArgumentException on renaming a function

Unit Tests

WEB-9431 (Bug) Karma not launching tests
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