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No subsystem

VIM-552 (Bug) IdeaVim bindings override normal shell key bindings when in PyCharm SSH console


WEB-9258 (Bug) style comment is not working inside html <style>

Code Navigation

IDEA-112779 (Exception) ISE at com.intellij.ide.util.gotoByName.ChooseByNameBase.getNames


PY-10737 (Bug) Terminal background color


WEB-7514 (Feature) Dart: generate constructor action
WEB-7512 (Feature) Dart: import handler
WEB-1536 (Feature) Dart formatter: cascade operation should be indented 4 spaces
WEB-1598 (Usability Problem) DartUnit: provide a way to run existing DartUnit run configurations from file right-click menu
WEB-9190 (Bug) Dart analyzer not working.
WEB-8117 (Bug) Dart plugin - member-variable case (in switch) is formatted weirdly
WEB-6708 (Bug) Dart: Refractor/Rename should update named parameters names
WEB-1577 (Bug) Dart, DartUnit run configuration: on adding a new configuration existing configurations are overwritten with new configuration settings
WEB-9076 (Bug) Dart: error if map key is a constant
WEB-8264 (Bug) Proper syntax with List literal is flagged as error.
WEB-8315 (Bug) Dart: Indent isn't set on enter
WEB-7218 (Bug) Dart: Refactor/Rename doesn't work for function passed as argument
WEB-8960 (Bug) Nested method cascades display incorrect error
WEB-7217 (Bug) Dart: formatter breaks the cascade operation


WEB-9232 (Feature) Debugger: support inline base64-encoded source maps
WEB-6780 (Usability Problem) JS Debugger / Variables: "Jump to Source" not working
WEB-7511 (Usability Problem) "Evaluate Expression" window does not build correct path to currently selected object node
WEB-8889 (Bug) Built-in server: machine-name.local instead of localhost not working in WS 7 EAP
WEB-7179 (Bug) Debugging of TypeScript not possible, Breakpoints cannot be set
WEB-8151 (Bug) Debugger: in case of same-named files debugger stops at line in wrong file
WEB-8126 (Bug) windows: Debugger, CoffeeScript: breakpoints are not hit if js and coffee files are in different directories

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-99897 (Bug) When "block caret" mode is on, after deleting a character at the end of a line, the character deleted appears in inverse

File Watchers

WEB-7825 (Bug) Memory\Threads leaks
WEB-9084 (Bug) File Watcher: Compass: wrong default settings
WEB-7547 (Bug) File watcher doesn't close properly less.cmd - node.exe stays in processes
WEB-6444 (Bug) Background tasks: TypeScript dependencies support


WEB-7985 (Feature) Web Components: support <shadow> HTML element
WEB-7984 (Feature) Web Components: support <content> HTML element
WEB-9248 (Bug) Emmet fails when having HTML entities
WEB-8731 (Bug) HTML parser breaks with unquoted complex attributes

IDE Configuration

IDEA-23782 (Feature) tomcat run configuration: list all known browsers


PY-8672 (Feature) Ignore settings for shadowing built-ins inspection


WEB-972 (Bug) Download JS libraries: correctly handle files deletion/appearance

JavaScript. Templates

WEB-8820 (Feature) EJS: support filters
WEB-9291 (Exception) EJS: Filters: exception on completion invocation


WEB-8703 (Feature) LESS: Double click on @import entry in Structure View should open that file
WEB-9266 (Bug) wrong space before ampersand

Live Edit

WEB-2296 (Feature) Is it possible to tell LiveEdit to monitor other file types?
WEB-1780 (Task) remember last scroll position on page reload
WEB-1837 (Bug) LiveEdit: applying from completion doesn't work for inline style properties
WEB-1836 (Bug) LiveEdit: page not updated on changing list class in HTML


WEB-9250 (Feature) Add "Start browser"/"with JavaScript debugger" options to Node.js run/debug configuration
WEB-9227 (Feature) NPM: support installing with --save and --save-dev options
WEB-1902 (Cosmetics) Too much capitals in labels
WEB-1879 (Bug) Autocomplete and refactoring should omit file extension in require() statement
WEB-8863 (Bug) NPM: Uninstall for global package should remove executable files
WEB-1969 (Bug) No option to Run or Debug node js unless it has a require line

PHP lang

WI-19949 (Bug) Parent class methods aren't shown after second Command-F12

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-4935 (Usability Problem) User should be able to un-default a Deployment Server
WI-20001 (Bug) Remote connection hangs because of gssapi sftp auth

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-112821 (Bug) IDEA falls in endless loop during editing run configurations


WEB-9147 (Usability Problem) Map help ID for the Compass Support settings page
WEB-9140 (Bug) Compass support: correctly remove compass library
WEB-9138 (Bug) Compass support: add_import_path: recognize paths correctly
WEB-9145 (Exception) Compass support: AE on project closing with running compiler


WEB-9193 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize escaping at the end of line
WEB-9066 (Bug) Stylus: Completion: no selectors should be shown outside code block
WEB-9180 (Bug) Stylus: complete freeze on editing function body
WEB-9181 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: support scope at-rule
WEB-9182 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: nested keyframes at-rule
WEB-9185 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: self assignment
WEB-9179 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize semicolon correctly
WEB-9170 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: multiple arguments inside ternary operator
WEB-9171 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: nested or complex placeholders for extend at-rule
WEB-9168 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: nested media at-rule is not recognized
WEB-9088 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: interpolation with built-in functions
WEB-8964 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize @media
WEB-9087 (Bug) Stylus: Reformat Code: interpolation is broken
WEB-8999 (Bug) Stylus: turn off W3C validation for the built-in functions
WEB-9096 (Bug) Stylus: disable W3C validator
WEB-9095 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: subscript brackets before operators inside if statement
WEB-9094 (Bug) Stylus: Reformat Code: operators are incorrectly formatted
WEB-9229 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: root assignments
WEB-9225 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: operators or and isnt inside conditionals
WEB-9220 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: selectors in square brackets
WEB-9221 (Bug) Stylus: Reformat Code: correctly format ranges with units
WEB-9222 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: list inside subscript operator
WEB-9026 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: complex iteration
WEB-9028 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: function arguments
WEB-8963 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize multiple font types declared in the @font-face
WEB-9228 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: several HTML tags inside the function
WEB-9037 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: recognize quotes inside url property
WEB-9125 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: return with conditional if
WEB-9048 (Bug) Stylus: Completion: do not add colon
WEB-9204 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: unexpected valid symbols
WEB-9208 (Bug) Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: recognize colon correctly
WEB-9127 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: CSS literal with empty selector

Task Management

IDEA-110012 (Bug) Not all Redmine Issues Available on "Open Task" (Limited to 100?)


WEB-2010 (Bug) TypeScript Debugging: link from console.log output in debugger console leads to js, not ts file
WEB-8884 (Bug) support for typescript typeof
WEB-2004 (Bug) TypeScript: refactor/rename for interface field doesn't update object literal
WEB-9141 (Bug) TypeScript Generics bug (good code red)

Unit Tests

WEB-9176 (Bug) Karma console: hyperlink is not highlighted

User Interface

IDEA-113281 (Bug) Ctrl+E for Console History shadows hotkey for Recent
IDEA-113175 (Exception) Expanding nodes in Variables(Debug tools window) while debug application throws exception

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-112422 (Bug) IDEA calls "p4 add -f -n <filepath>" for excluded files in output folders

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-112805 (Feature) Subversion1.8: MergeFrom... should work
IDEA-112179 (Feature) Subversion 1.8: the SetProperty should be supported
IDEA-112729 (Bug) Subversion1.8: FileIsChangedOnServer notification is not shown
IDEA-113147 (Bug) Subversion: provide correct url to Update dialog instead of 'infinity'
IDEA-112803 (Bug) Subversion1.8: support TreeConflicts resolution
IDEA-112719 (Bug) Subversion1.8: ComparePropertiesWithLocal doesn't work
IDEA-112869 (Bug) Subversion: can't connect to https repository with untrusted certificate using command line client
IDEA-105361 (Bug) Subversion: Compare action doesn't work for revisions in History after path rename
IDEA-112071 (Bug) Setting "use command line" isn't applied without restarting Idea
IDEA-113180 (Bug) SVN and @ symbols
IDEA-112181 (Bug) Subversion1.8: lock action should be supported
IDEA-112456 (Bug) Subversion1.8: cleanup should work
IDEA-112060 (Exception) Subversion: Exception on attempt to use svn1.8 client for 1.7 working copy
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