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WI-16429 (Bug)

Code preview in Code Style Editor is broken

IDEA-106251 (Bug)

IDEA (EAP) fails to launch with latest jdk8 (build 87)

PY-7334 (Bug)

Test SFTP Connection loading bar loads infront of message box to confirm connection to host



WEB-7606 (Bug)

Settings are not saved in emmet plugin

WEB-2434 (Bug)

'Expand CSS shorthand property' bug on background:

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-104173 (Feature)

Show more of file path in inspection

IDEA-105515 (Feature)

"Unused symbol" inspection could be run directly

IDEA-105751 (Feature)

Convert line separators: Provide an inspection which reports files with line separator different from project's default

IDEA-96859 (Bug)

Unused import analysis doesn't work.

IDEA-98078 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA always reports "No suspicious code found" on attempt to run inspections locally

Code Coverage


IDEA-71815 (Exception)

java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in IDEAJUnitCoverageListener

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-106089 (Bug)

Java rearranger: Correct the processing

IDEA-104609 (Bug)

Change line separators action should ignore binary files

IDEA-105882 (Bug)

"Reformat code" makes uppercase in MySQL strings in the wrong place

Code Navigation


IDEA-26189 (Usability Problem)

Navigation to already open java file should not scroll vertically

IDEA-106229 (Usability Problem)

Home/End keys won't work in Recent Files popup

IDEA-103549 (Cosmetics)

"Go To Action/Settings": mnemonic results in space of option name (question)

IDEA-105953 (Bug)

Quick documentation info is shown when selecting text with Shift-mouse

IDEA-104757 (Bug)

cross module Javascript variable/functions undefined

IDEA-106854 (Bug)

Navigate to Class/File doesn't locate files/classes with two-symbols pattern

IDEA-103665 (Exception)

New Package shows error though package was created



WEB-7563 (Task)

Upgrade Coffeescript.js version

WEB-6787 (Bug)

CoffeeScript switch statement inspection falsely warns if a case contains an inline if-conditional

WEB-7569 (Bug)

Trailing comma in coffeescript is incorrectly marked as a syntax error

WEB-7314 (Bug)

Incorrect "smart" plus signs when new lining in coffeescript

WEB-6090 (Bug)

Bound variable in list comprehension reported as unresolved (Coffee script)

WEB-5630 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Inject SQL language into multi-line string

WEB-7582 (Bug)

CoffeeScript formatter breaks code

WEB-6965 (Bug)

Formatting breaks parenthesis

WEB-7525 (Bug)

CoffeScript code formatter damage code, again... (sad)

WEB-7496 (Bug)

PyCharm shows error for valid coffeescript

WEB-5561 (Bug)

Completion fails for variables defined with @ symbol in CoffeeScript

WEB-7610 (Bug)

Good code red: coffeescript plugin does not recognize 'throw' as a valid expression

WEB-7351 (Bug)

CoffeeScript false error when using switch statement without a control expression

WEB-7497 (Bug)

PyCharm shows error for valid coffeescript

WEB-6967 (Bug)

Backspace handler bug

WEB-2401 (Bug)

CoffeeScript in html does not highlight



WEB-7324 (Bug)

Test runner seems to fail on latest Dart SDK

WEB-7310 (Bug)

Support mixins in the Dart plugin



WEB-7092 (Bug)

Can't debug HTML page if containing directory has spaces in name

WEB-7454 (Bug)

Debugging a node.js application produces endless log entries



IDEA-96260 (Exception)

IOOBE when removing lines from editing diff



PY-7198 (Bug)

Django templates should use indent settings of underlying filetype

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-105750 (Usability Problem)

Convert line separators: Make action text more consistent

IDEA-104975 (Usability Problem)

Make EditorToggleDecorationActions DumbAware

IDEA-104375 (Cosmetics)

Please display "JAPANESE ZENKAKU SPACE", when "Show Whitespaces" options is enabled.

IDEA-104172 (Bug)

No possibility to define " as 'Block comment start' for custom file type

IDEA-103915 (Bug)

Cannot use "surround with" to create a custom code folding region

IDEA-106080 (Bug)

Installing 12.1.1 resulted in broken IDE

IDEA-97048 (Bug)

Log console - empty lines.

File System


IDEA-100125 (Bug)

Deadlock between IDEA/fsnotifier (UI thread blocked after new project creation)

IDEA-105580 (Bug)

IntelliJ freezes when opening file chooser

IDEA-104784 (Bug)

"External file changes sync may be slow" message even when the project is not network-mounted

File Watchers


WEB-7066 (Feature)

Ability to save custom file watchers

WEB-7186 (Feature)

Watcher settings, allow file type: Any

WEB-7197 (Usability Problem)

File watchers, import: disable OK when a wrong file/directory is selected

WEB-7199 (Bug)

File Watchers: on re-importing the changed file the cached contents is used sometimes instead of the real one

WEB-7674 (Bug)

File Watcher dont allow program with spaces in path

WEB-7527 (Bug)

File watchers settings collide between projects

WEB-7545 (Exception)

Exception related to file watchers on opening project after update to 6.0.1

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-105595 (Usability Problem)

Select last search / replace string in Find and Replace

IDEA-105223 (Performance Problem)

IDEA stucked while searching, and after clicking on expand all

IDEA-105372 (Bug)

HTML injection into application messages

IDEA-105396 (Bug)

Find usages: scope chooser combo jumps over two lines by keyboard



WEB-5089 (Usability Problem)

Twitter Bootstrap Template

WEB-7636 (Bug)

Zen Coding does not work with Emacs key map

IDE Configuration


IDEA-106247 (Feature)

Log VM options on IDE start



IDEA-106567 (Bug)

Deadlock in JavaScript index

IDEA-107265 (Bug)

IDEA 12.1.3 Hang while re index project libraries



IDEA-105994 (Feature)

Support inline Regexp language in Bean Validation @Pattern annotation

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-107221 (Bug)

Arrow keys in initial code complete popup are based on wrong index.

IDEA-106583 (Bug)

Preselect the most relevant completion suggestion with alphabetical sorting on

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-105397 (Bug)

Undo/redo create class: unexpected dot

IDEA-104925 (Bug)

Moving classes by DnD to a compacted package is broken



WEB-3429 (Feature)

JS/JSON: New "Surround with -> Object" option

WEB-768 (Bug)

JS: false 'Unused assignment' reported for closure used as HTML event attribute value if declaration and definition are splitted

WEB-7646 (Bug)

Type check error when function is triggered with .call

WEB-2213 (Bug)

Not displayed custom jsdoc for some methods

WEB-3602 (Bug)

Remove unused variable: undo does not reconstruct whitespace and breaks undo stack

WEB-1442 (Bug)

Duplicate JQuery Selector - if else block

WEB-7006 (Exception)

Exception is thrown during replacement of double-quoted string to single-quoted

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-7506 (Bug)

Invalid warning about JSDoc

WEB-7412 (Bug)

'potentially invalid reference to this' inspection is broken after update to webstorm 6

WEB-7737 (Bug)

Some JSHint inspections can't be turned off once enabled

WEB-4131 (Exception)

Exception while running JS inspection over CoffeeScript sources

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-6598 (Bug)

"declare" is interpreted as a keyword in the JavaScript editor



WEB-7121 (Bug)

LESS compiler errors do not trigger file watcher to display them in the run/error panel

PHP Composer


WI-17883 (Exception)

Exception is thrown during second initialization of Composer

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-17241 (Feature)

Support override while moving in Remote Host (also d'n'd)

WI-18168 (Bug)

Support IP6 ips as hostname

WI-16646 (Bug)

IAE from remote transport configuration for app servers

WI-16915 (Bug)

D'n'D: attempt to copy file from PHAR leads to obscure result

WI-17549 (Exception)

Exception is thrown if invalid path is added to Exclude Paths

Project Configuration


IDEA-105218 (Performance Problem)

Poor performance when HTTP Proxy is autoconfigured using PAC

IDEA-106986 (Bug)

.idea/compiler.xml gets changed with Ajc



PY-9309 (Bug)

In-place introduce: not able to rename introduced variable right away

Remote Interpreters


PY-9173 (Bug)

Launching python console with remote interpreter – path maps

PY-9442 (Exception)

Exception adding mapping from Vagrantfile

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-106937 (Task)

Run configuration: Make it possible to provide custom jres to use

IDEA-105472 (Bug)

Incorrect URL parameters escaping when browser path is not specified explicitly



IDEA-107088 (Bug)

Regression: Cannot open SQL files with IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.3 and 'SQL Support'-plugin enabled

IDEA-105574 (Bug)

MySql stored procedure: missing end if isn't detected

Task Management


IDEA-106480 (Bug)

NPE trying to open a Trac task



WEB-2033 (Feature)

TypeScript: provide support for ///<reference path='path/to/Class.ts'/> comments

WEB-2029 (Bug)

TypeScript: recognize implicit interface implementation

WEB-6946 (Bug)

arguments usage with rest parameters is available in TypeScript

WEB-6866 (Bug)

TypeScript: functions defined in imported external modules not resolved

WEB-7117 (Bug)

Inherited fields are not visible form declaredClasses in "d.ts" files

WEB-7306 (Bug)

TypeScript: provide path validation within <reference path> tag

WEB-6578 (Bug)

typescript incorrectly recognizing types on imported interface modules

WEB-6959 (Bug)

TypeScript: take new property signature into consideration

WEB-7575 (Exception)

IDE crashes on TypeScript parse

WEB-7272 (Exception)

TypeScript: NPE when typing file name/complition invocation in ///<reference path/>

User Interface


IDEA-101256 (Usability Problem)

Cannot disable scrollwheel tab switching

IDEA-105502 (Usability Problem)

Scores of individual modal error dialogs

IDEA-104465 (Usability Problem)

Do not ask about quitting when user presses restart in tooltip appeared after successful plugin installation

IDEA-102184 (Cosmetics)

12-hour Clock should show 12:xx instead of 0:xx

IDEA-106559 (Bug)

Typo in error message for IntelliJ Idea Ultimate

IDEA-104351 (Bug)

Component minimum size is not respected when dialog is resized - splitter becomes broken

IDEA-105639 (Bug)

Toolbar Customization is not working in RubyMine 5.4

IDEA-105416 (Bug)

Open Tabs are Reordered Upon (Re-) Opening a Project

IDEA-101072 (Bug)

On some tiling WMs completion popup gets closed when line continuation hint is displayed

IDEA-104782 (Bug)

Spacing between main menu items is too narrow (Gnome 3, GTK+)

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-102320 (Usability Problem)

The darcula scrollbar thumb is hard to see

IDEA-96265 (Cosmetics)

Darcula: Update Info dialog invoked from Welcome Screen cosmetics

IDEA-105830 (Cosmetics)

Dracula: All html links in the UI have not dracula style red color in the click state.

IDEA-104442 (Cosmetics)

Darcula: <li> bullet in inspection description is black

IDEA-105229 (Cosmetics)

Filtype Icons

IDEA-98461 (Cosmetics)

todo's not visible in right gutter

IDEA-93568 (Bug)

Darcula - Number steppers look terrible

Version Control


IDEA-105068 (Bug)

Unversioned Files dialog: Add to VCS action has corrupted presentation

IDEA-105707 (Bug)

Update Project Info doesn't show diff for Created files

IDEA-106045 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangesFragmentedDiffPanel.c

Version Control. Git


IDEA-105577 (Performance Problem)

Loading the git commits for the push dialog takes too much time

IDEA-97913 (Bug)

Git: cherry pick, "Create patch" -> "cherry picking" task does not end (and can't be stopped/removed)

IDEA-78808 (Bug)

Confusing "Yours" and "Theirs" labels when resolving conflicts after rebasing in the command line

IDEA-102290 (Bug)

"null" text in "Couldn't checkout" dialog

IDEA-104846 (Bug)

Branches are not pushed in git

IDEA-103375 (Exception)

Git: AE at git4idea.repo.GitRepositoryImpl.<init>

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-106835 (Bug)

IJ 12.1.2 is slow under Linux/64bit/integration with Mercurial

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-104268 (Performance Problem)

Subversion: Create a way in "merge from" to merge without looking for branch copy point

IDEA-104467 (Bug)

Subversion: Proxy settings don't apply without command line (with svnkit)



IDEA-106641 (Performance Problem)

Opening *.xml or *.xsl files cause IntelliJ to start eating memory

IDEA-105942 (Bug)

Relax-NG Compact does not support "external" keyword

IDEA-68572 (Bug)

XSD importing cannot import BPMN 2.0 schemas

IDEA-107118 (Bug)

Generate XML tag hangs

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