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WI-17251 (Usability Problem) unreconized_name when talking to https svn repo
IDEA-103410 (Usability Problem) Bookmarks dialog: Use standard "Remove" icon for "delete bookmark" action
PY-7675 (Performance Problem) Slow update of recent projects menu due to filesystem access
OC-6080 (Bug) Move Refactoring: Move Members/Declarations: "Choose Containing class" dialog probably should not suggest framework classes
IDEA-98196 (Bug) Allow plugins to override file type settings
IDEA-102386 (Bug) Cannot open additional project from console
IDEA-103570 (Bug) Could not open files from command line
OC-7007 (Bug) AppCode 2.0 - "back" shortcut doesn't work
OC-6891 (Bug) keywords are highlighted blue in Darcula color scheme if LaF is not Darcula
OC-6893 (Bug) "Run Inspection by Name..." -> "Usage of API unavailable for the deployment target" throws an exception
IDEA-102429 (Bug) Exception on project opening canceling when editor highlighter is created
OC-6693 (Bug) Project is not updates when linked project outside of the project root is deleted


WEB-6184 (Feature) W3C CSS Validator Inspection: Add option to NOT treat vendor extensions as errors
WEB-6837 (Bug) Quick documentation doesn't work in css in certain position
WEB-17 (Bug) Image dimension discovery in css won't insert correct value when there are more than one background-image have defined

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-35808 (Feature) Configurable "assert" calls for "Contants Conditions and exceptions"
IDEA-103583 (Usability Problem) XML inspections list contains "Duplicate ID" twice

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-102323 (Bug) Reformatting code on a folder unsets the dialog visibility checkbox.
IDEA-103624 (Bug) Lots of added blank lines when reformat code

Code Navigation

IDEA-96105 (Usability Problem) Put focus to the editor after file deletion from navigation bar
IDEA-91715 (Bug) The bookmark window does not open after closing it via Alt+F4
IDEA-101843 (Bug) Seems "Super Method" action can be dumb aware


WEB-7015 (Bug) Coffee code formatter no good

Compiling Project

IDEA-96218 (Bug) External build: 'Rebuild Artifact' action shouldn't rebuild all modules included into artifact


IDEA-102383 (Bug) Filter isn't applied to the last line in a ConsoleView


WEB-7191 (Bug) Bug in the dart Editor Auto-Complete
WEB-7216 (Bug) Dart: built-in libraries import is marked as not resolved
WEB-6447 (Bug) Dart: named factory constructors are not suggested by completion


WEB-7001 (Bug) In WebStorm typescript debugging of node.js project is not working
WEB-6460 (Bug) TypeScript Debugger: TS breakpoints are not hit if the path to sources in sourcemap contains '../'
WEB-6490 (Bug) IDEA does not synchronize to a file/line of the breakpoint when debugging Javascript (linux only)


IDEA-102751 (Bug) in junit test results the link to see differences does not work


PY-7862 (Bug) Doctest: closing quote is not inserted automatically inside doctest

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-77929 (Feature) Convert line endings of existing file
IDEA-66333 (Feature) Quick documentation lookup on mouse hover
IDEA-15815 (Usability Problem) Ctrl+c combination behavior
IDEA-101914 (Bug) Code completion with column mode selection ruins Java code
IDEA-102385 (Bug) NPE in EncodingProjectManager.getState()
IDEA-103437 (Bug) Move lines wrong behaviour (SQL file)
IDEA-103182 (Bug) Sometimes the editor isn't opening after the startup. Restarting helps
IDEA-103182 (Bug) Sometimes the editor isn't opening after the startup. Restarting helps
IDEA-101980 (Bug) critical: open & recent files removed from .iws file!
IDEA-99572 (Bug) Vertical line block match disapear view line in java code
IDEA-103741 (Bug) Cannot find psi file with: Language: TEXT when changing file extension
IDEA-103406 (Bug) Folding: Correct processing for multi-root files
IDEA-101709 (Bug) Enter key stops working

External Tools

IDEA-91212 (Bug) Launch does not wait for external tools to complete (external tool configured as 'Before launch' for the Run configuration)

File Watchers

WEB-7309 (Bug) autocreated coffeescript filewatcher must add "map" parameter
WEB-7329 (Bug) SCSS doesn't get compiled when imported SCSS file has been changed

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-102930 (Cosmetics) Indicating search in progress should use yellow popup
IDEA-96340 (Bug) Replace in Path (with a grouping RegEx) makes a mess (depending on input)
IDEA-102532 (Bug) Replace in path: Replace does not respect excludes (SERIOUS REGRESSION)
IDEA-103628 (Bug) The 'Replace in Path' functionality is completely broken

IDE Configuration

IDEA-104137 (Feature) Log non-bundled plug-ins separately in idea.log
IDEA-102009 (Usability Problem) Installing Color Plugin is not working, as there is a problem loading the SCALA plugin. Also the settings dialog box cannot be opened
IDEA-104224 (Cosmetics) darcula Export to HTML
IDEA-102945 (Bug) 12.1 ignores http.nonProxyHosts property (defined in vmoptions)
IDEA-103386 (Bug) StackOverflowError internally trying to get proxy info


PY-6287 (Bug) Changes to settings of inspections applied via quickfix are not persisted

IntelliJ Plugin

PY-9017 (Usability Problem) Python Integrated tools - list of modules is not have alphabetic sort
PY-8079 (Bug) Remote Interpreters are highlighted as invalid in python plugin


IDEA-100657 (Bug) Language injection: names with escaped characters are not resolved
IDEA-101395 (Bug) Good code is red: JavaScript language injection
IDEA-104047 (Bug) Inject language filter works weird


IDEA-63362 (Bug) Tomcat run configuration: click on stacktrace element opens class from random (unreferenced) module


RUBY-13074 (Bug) Cannot Rerun Nailgun Server in the Run tool window


IDEA-102139 (Cosmetics) (Spring)EL: add more configurable text attributes

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-102311 (Bug) Completion popup is immediately hidden if there are trailing spaces anywhere in the document and auto-make is enabled
IDEA-102427 (Bug) lookup selected greyed items are invisible

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-102124 (Cosmetics) quickfix name contains placeholder: Make 'XXX' not Unable to render embedded object: File (default.visibility.presentation) not found.

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-102024 (Bug) Moving fields from one class to another can be incorrect
IDEA-102200 (Bug) Rename doesn't refactor dynamic references of method in jsp


WEB-7178 (Bug) ide incorrectly showing message "unresolved property or method"
WEB-7450 (Bug) When JSLint Enabled - Django tags are failing.
WEB-945 (Bug) No defined class in completion list for document.getElementByClassName()


WEB-7311 (Bug) LESS error on mixins with !important
WEB-7165 (Bug) Formatting breaks LESS css
WEB-7079 (Bug) LESS syntax error not shown by PhpStorm + suggestion
WEB-7101 (Bug) LESS files: nested selectors and properties not parsed correctly
WEB-7240 (Bug) LESS: 'Expand CSS shorthand property' intention breaks jsf resource reference
WEB-7369 (Bug) Indent too big for LESS files when reformating


WEB-6831 (Bug) Express Node.js App template improvements

Plugin Support. API

IDEA-95644 (Feature) Support console input filtering

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-17407 (Feature) hostname with underscore Forbidden on FTP servers (deployment)
WI-17206 (Usability Problem) PhpStorm 6, FTP not working 'Could not list the contents of folder'
WI-16331 (Usability Problem) Receiving warning "Project root xxx is not mapped" even when excluded
WI-16737 (Bug) Connection failed: Com/jcraft/jzlib/ZStream
WI-17480 (Bug) Cannot sort table in Excluded Paths tab
WI-15672 (Bug) Remote Host Access – Project root <path> is not mapped.

Project Configuration

IDEA-89920 (Usability Problem) Move 'Module settings' menu item close to other module's settings
IDEA-96696 (Usability Problem) Option to remove non existing project if opened from Reopen->
IDEA-102377 (Bug) Spring MVC project template: invalid SpringAppMVCTests run configuration is created
IDEA-77278 (Bug) Flex project from existing sources: .as files with UTF-8 encoding not recognized
IDEA-101635 (Bug) ManageProjectTemplates: multiple templates deleting works incorrectly
IDEA-102373 (Exception) CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.tomcat.TomcatPersistentDataWrapper.<init>

Project View

IDEA-103258 (Bug) Project View: prevent Drag-n-drop nodes to themselves
IDEA-69802 (Bug) Appearance > Font no longer seems to control font size in Project panel (restart required)

Remote Interpreters

PY-8645 (Bug) Overlapping paths on remote interpreter debugging are not properly handled

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-94776 (Bug) Run tool window: local server: pinned tab is not reused on Rerun and Restart server
IDEA-97855 (Bug) Invalid rerun icon in debugger toolwindow


WEB-7181 (Bug) Cannot find SASS functions in SASS/SCSS files
WEB-6453 (Bug) Cannot rename variable if the name already contains hyphen
WEB-7322 (Bug) SCSS: Starting brace placement when using "Braces placement: Next line" is wrong
WEB-7136 (Bug) Emmet(sass): incorrect caret position after expand the abbreviation
WEB-7135 (Bug) Good code is red
WEB-7139 (Bug) Emmet(sass): expanding abbreviation inserts a new empty line
WEB-7140 (Exception) Extract variable throws exception (SASS/SCSS )

Task Management

IDEA-54945 (Usability Problem) Tools/Tasks: Omitting http:// in server URL results in "host parameter is null" error message
IDEA-65008 (Usability Problem) Switching to a recent task doesn't change active changelist
IDEA-91181 (Bug) Task server commit message format not considered in subversion commit dialog
IDEA-102838 (Bug) Add the link "Not YouTrack customer yet? Get YouTrack" onto the 'YouTrack server' integration
IDEA-100777 (Bug) Tasks no longer Persist Context
IDEA-102985 (Bug) Time Tracking tool window does not reappear after enabling time tracking in Settings
IDEA-103813 (Bug) Character codes instead of characters when creating a new task


WEB-6337 (Bug) TypeScript file template is missing

User Interface

IDEA-101547 (Feature) Please add a clock in fullscreen mode!
IDEA-101757 (Feature) Copy status message to clipboard
IDEA-99236 (Usability Problem) Bookmark view doesn't support F4 key to jump to source
IDEA-102355 (Usability Problem) "Navigate > Show Bookmarks" mouse-click events
IDEA-103255 (Usability Problem) "Hide" toolwindow button stays "hover" after toolwindow restoring
IDEA-103402 (Usability Problem) Rename 'Settings | File Templates' to either 'Code Templates' or 'File and Code Templates'
IDEA-96172 (Usability Problem) Project wizard: bad usability at the very first step
IDEA-102145 (Usability Problem) Welcome screen/Checkout from VCS button should be disabled if no VCS plugin is present/enabled
IDEA-82284 (Cosmetics) Look&Feel "Jgoodies Plastic XP" - Menu looks not very good
IDEA-96893 (Bug) IDEA doesn't remember window position on restart if several projects are open
IDEA-103510 (Bug) LineSeparatorPanel overbloating in status bar
IDEA-48177 (Bug) Run tab of already terminated process is not occupied with new process, if current tab is busy
IDEA-93027 (Bug) Navbar is rendered incorrectly on the floating editor
IDEA-103544 (Bug) Recent files popup closes completion popup when invoked by DOWN key
IDEA-101533 (Bug) Deadlock when quiting from welcome screen
IDEA-102241 (Bug) Event Log: suspicious path to non released 'disposed' ProjectImpl from EventLog.myModel
IDEA-103591 (Bug) When I press Esc in a popup opened from another popup (e.g. 'show documentation' from 'go to class') IDEA closes the both popups
IDEA-83557 (Bug) After opening Structure view for the first time it is empty
IDEA-102134 (Bug) Ctrl-wheel resizing of text works fine in the editor, broken in tool windows (e.g. Run panel output)
IDEA-102472 (Bug) Tool window balloon throws an error if tool window button is not yet initialized
IDEA-53901 (Bug) Bookmarks window: "Escape" key does not work when the input is in preview pane
IDEA-104033 (Bug) New Favorites window throws exception in the RubyMine
IDEA-103671 (Bug) Shift+F4 navigates to a wrong place
IDEA-71247 (Bug) Overlapping keyboard mnemonics in editor popup menu
IDEA-94662 (Bug) Favorites: no border between content and add/remove panel + extra border under the add/remove panel
IDEA-95977 (Bug) Strange GUI behavior with Favorites and Structure
IDEA-102255 (Exception) Favorites: IOOBE at FavoritesManager.removeRoot() on attempt to send lists one to another
IDEA-102238 (Exception) Debug Tool Window: NPE at RunnerContentUi.closeAll() on closing detached view

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-96534 (Usability Problem) Darcula: now, there is no border at all on the undocked tool-window
IDEA-104199 (Usability Problem) Whitespaces are barely visible
IDEA-101247 (Usability Problem) Icons: static/final badge icons are invisible in darcula
IDEA-96528 (Usability Problem) Darcula: Hot keys in Tip of the Day are hardly visible
IDEA-101989 (Cosmetics) Darcula: red color in editor tab is too bright
IDEA-95612 (Cosmetics) The Darcula tooltips colors are ugly and not customizable
IDEA-103737 (Bug) Local History labels look bad under Darcula
IDEA-104377 (Bug) TYPOs are not visible in commit dialog
IDEA-103383 (Bug) Different backgrounds in text components
IDEA-104397 (Bug) Scala type parameters look too acid under Darcula
IDEA-101875 (Bug) Directory Diff font is black under darcula
IDEA-103325 (Bug) css property name is red under darcula
IDEA-103740 (Bug) Local History shows files only for selected items (Darcula)
IDEA-103104 (Bug) Darcula completion colors should be better
IDEA-104330 (Bug) Editor Header component doesn't updated while switching to Darcula

Version Control

IDEA-97323 (Usability Problem) Changes list toolwindow: "Add new change list" and "Add file to VCS" have the same icon
IDEA-98893 (Performance Problem) Freeze while working with 12.0.2 rc

Version Control. Git

IDEA-102862 (Usability Problem) Git: do not try to perfrom remote operation on cancelling http authentication dialog
IDEA-103110 (Bug) Git: HTTP/HTTPS: with git1.7.3, attempt to perform any server operation fails
IDEA-103530 (Bug) Git: Unstash: added files are not shown in view paths dialog
IDEA-102084 (Bug) GitCommittedChangeListProvider#getCommittedChanges after/before API seems to be broken

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-75701 (Feature) Auto-select repository when version control function is called from folder context menu
IDEA-102738 (Bug) Mercurial plugin : reports nothing to push where there is a warning /error about creating a remote head while doing a push
IDEA-102584 (Bug) Conflict resolver run after a Mercurial merge in Pycharm Always results in an error

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-103403 (Usability Problem) Perforce Jobs Error
IDEA-102118 (Performance Problem) Perforce update blocks save & editing
IDEA-103612 (Cosmetics) Remove connection settings from Perforce template project settings
IDEA-103701 (Bug) Empty lines are removed from the middle of commit message
IDEA-102104 (Bug) Can't not commit changes (Using Peforce)

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-99006 (Performance Problem) SVN show history, limited to X rows, performs a non-limited request on the SVN server
IDEA-101626 (Performance Problem) IDEA freezes sporadically
IDEA-102363 (Bug) Subversion: with command-line clinet: status of locked file - exception
IDEA-101904 (Bug) Local changes (VCS) wont refresh
IDEA-104467 (Bug) Subversion: Proxy settings don't apply without command line (with svnkit)
IDEA-104048 (Bug) Proxy settings don't apply(IDEA proxy settings + Subversion+native client)
IDEA-102571 (Bug) Subversion: SSH: authentication by key doesn't work
IDEA-102873 (Bug) OutOfMemory when committing large file
IDEA-104391 (Bug) Subversion commit with native client: do not take into account Subversion config directory setting
IDEA-98532 (Bug) Subversion refresh never completes in IDEA 12
IDEA-102226 (Bug) NPE in SelectLocation dialog
IDEA-103103 (Bug) org.tmatesoft.sqljet.core.SqlJetException: BUSY: error code is BUSY


IDEA-89067 (Usability Problem) "Unresolved or duplicate ID" should be split into two inspections
IDEA-98427 (Bug) Wrong XSD is associated
IDEA-97618 (Bug) Problems in XML completion and optimizing imports
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