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WEB-100288 (Usability Problem) File watchers popup issues
WEB-100326 (Cosmetics) JSHint Settings: fix the hyperlink in 'undef' option description
WEB-100296 (Bug) Background tasks: settings for Closure Compiler/YUI Compressor tasks not taken from config
WEB-6538 (Bug) Emmet: single line filter doesn't work with multiple ^ operators
WEB-6561 (Bug) Emmet, bem filter: multiple element prefixes work incorrecly when class names contain '-'
WEB-6532 (Exception) NPE
WEB-100331 (Exception) JSHint: Throwable on choosing default .jshintrc file


WEB-161 (Feature) New reformat ability to change case of hex colors in CSS
WEB-225 (Bug) Use short syntax for hex colors
WEB-6417 (Bug) SCSS support: !important not correctly parsed when used as function parameter


WEB-5300 (Feature) Create command New -> CoffeeScirpt file
WEB-6577 (Bug) valid coffeescript "must be lvalue" error in editor
WEB-2258 (Bug) Coffeescript: Invalid warnings when using @ prefix on parameter


WEB-100350 (Bug) Dart: can't run unit tests
WEB-100348 (Exception) Dart: NoClassDefFoundError on Run main menu invocation


WEB-2092 (Feature) Javascript debugger feature: built-in webserver
WEB-6570 (Bug) Choose local path: remove leading slash
WEB-6490 (Bug) IDEA does not synchronize to a file/line of the breakpoint when debugging Javascript


WEB-100272 (Feature) JSDoc @memberOf tag
WEB-1231 (Feature) Fall-through in 'switch' statement - suppress each case individually
WEB-100337 (Feature) Do not highlight unused parameters of functions annotated with @abstract tag
WEB-100314 (Feature) Improve "extract variable" to support getters as found in Ember.js
WEB-100336 (Feature) Do not highlight unused parameters of functions with empty body
WEB-3692 (Feature) Ability to read JSHint settings from . jshintrc File
WEB-100292 (Bug) JS Libraries: library files sometimes appear with wrong icons in Project View
WEB-100310 (Bug) Find usage doesn't find usages in libraries
WEB-100315 (Bug) Type checking of return value in javascript subclass method won't respect polymorphism
WEB-6177 (Bug) JSDoc based autocompletion mixes @namespace and @type annotations in Backbone's extend pattern
WEB-6360 (Bug) find usages returns usages from other classes but "go to declaration" finds correct class
WEB-790 (Bug) Javascript objects, with functions defined separately, does not show up under the structure panel when wrapped in a function closure.
WEB-1322 (Bug) JSDoc: callback parameter type in function type expression not resolved
WEB-1520 (Bug) JS Type Hierarchy: variable with @class tag appears twice in class parents list
WEB-6534 (Bug) Javascript Null Pointer Exception again
WEB-6559 (Bug) jsHint indentation option can't be turned off (and other issues)
WEB-100281 (Bug) JS 'Go to class': for Google Closure classes, go to the line where the class is declared
WEB-100323 (Bug) JS Type Hierarchy: Dojo class inheritance not recognized
WEB-100324 (Bug) JS Type Hierarchy: ExtJS4 class inheritance not recognized
WEB-100305 (Bug) JS Libraries: if all project libraries are global, legacy project is not converted and library settings not recognized
WEB-100299 (Bug) JSLibraries: project-level libraries not visible for files that have file-level libs assigned
WEB-100307 (Bug) Go To Class, Dojo: navigate to dojo.declare('cls_name')
WEB-1434 (Bug) Code Structure view not showing structure correctly
WEB-6449 (Bug) Invalid Inspection - Binary Conversion Error - Incorrect Stub -
WEB-6504 (Bug) bug in javascript structure
WEB-6560 (Bug) Do not insert parentheses when completing constructor name
WEB-6546 (Bug) Warning - Unresolved function or method _method
WEB-6567 (Bug) JS highlight selection bug
WEB-921 (Bug) Do not run JavaScript inspections on minified files.
WEB-6188 (Bug) Javascript File Structure (CTRL-F12) ignores functions assigned to other functions (AngularJS controllers)
WEB-6520 (Bug) JSDoc type not declaration
WEB-6553 (Exception) JS Libraries: ClassCastException on attempt to enable a library
WEB-6562 (Exception) CCE when opening javascript file fetched from the browser

Live Edit

WEB-6437 (Task) LiveEdit doesn't support ERB
WEB-1846 (Bug) Live Edit support for HAML


WEB-6519 (Bug) SASS string concatenation being rendered as a syntax error in the editor
WEB-100283 (Bug) Sass selector parsing errors


WEB-6384 (Exception) ClassCastException at JSResolveUtil.isReferenceTo() on opening TS file
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