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WebStorm 8


  • Spy-js integration (tick)
  • AngularJS support (tick)
  • Cucumber.js (WEB-6101) (tick)
  • AMD support (tick)
  • CommonJS support (minus)
  • Improved ECMAScript 6 support (tick)
  • New Console in JavaScript debugger for Chrome (tick)
  • Improved support for source maps (tick)
  • Support for the upcoming TypeScript 1.0 (tick)
  • Meteor support (WEB-6264(minus)




(question) - Under Investigation
(lightbulb) - In Progress
(tick) - Feature Implemented
(minus) - Wasn't Implemented

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  1. Note about improved sourcemaps support: tools are not yet really use name mappings, so, without real usage/application, I cannot implement it yet.