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We keep latest release in each branch available for download any time.

Remember to install .zip & .tar.gz versions into COMPLETELY EMPTY FOLDER. Do not just unpack over previous version!

Your non-bundled plugins probably will break when changing between branches! You'll need to get the correct version (it may be inexistent).

Remember to BACKUP your SETTINGS before the first run when changing your build UP (the ~/WebStorm folders in you home dir + .idea folder in each project)

You'll need BACKUP and ERASE your SETTINGS first before run when changing your build DOWN (the ~/WebStorm folders in you home dir + .idea folder in each project)

Download version 7.0.3 build 133.434, 26 Dec 2013

Platform WebStorm
Windows WebStorm_7.0.3.exe
Mac OS X WebStorm_7.0.3.dmg
Unix WebStorm_7.0.3.gz

Download version 6.0.2 build 129.664, 5 Jun 2013

Download version 5.0.4 build 121.390, 30 Oct 2012

Download version 4.0.3 build 117.746, 13 July 2012

Download version 3.0.3 build 111.271, 28 Feb 2012

Download version 2.1.5 build 107.658, 16 Sep 2011

Download version 2.0.1 build 103.243, 29 Mar 29 2011

Download version 1.0.2 build 95.503, 8 Aug 2010

Platform WebStorm
Windows WebStorm-1.0.2.exe
Mac OS X WebStorm-1.0.2.dmg
Unix WebStorm-1.0.2.tar.gz
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