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Plugin page: Bundled with WebStorm.

Your feedback is welcome in bugtracker (Subsystem = Live Edit) and forum.

By default "live edit" mode is enabled (View -> Live Edit), but in case of WebStorm this mode disabled by default (because plugin is bundled with WebStorm).

Rethinking LiveEdit (02 July, 2013)

We rethought LiveEdit workflow — now it works as part of JavaScript debug session only. We got a lot of issues and negative feedback:

  • How do I run LiveEdit?
  • Why my page is not inspected?
  • Why unrelated page is inspected and modified?

Zero configuration (as it was implemented before) is cool but conflicts with JetBrains IDE concept. A lot of work required to polish it, but why not just use existing familiar "Run/Debug Configuration"? Since version 0.5 LiveEdit works as part of JavaScript debug session (compatible with IDEA 13 EAP and WebStorm 7 EAP — build number greater than 130.1090).


I see the message "Internal HTTP server disabled. Cannot start internal HTTP server. Git integration, JavaScript debugger and LiveEdit may operate with errors...."

IDE failed to bind to the port 63342. Please check your firewall settings and restart the IDE.

I see the message in Chrome log: "System latest connected to (", but LiveEdit is not working

Probable reason: there is another instance of JetBrains IDE running so port 63342 is already bound. Please check that product name corresponds to your IDE (where "xxx" stands for the build number, e.g. "126.159").

How to configure IDE connection (IDE port)

  1. Open chrome://extensions/
  2. Scroll down to JetBrains IDE Support section, click Options.

Or right click on JB browser icon and select "Options".

You don't need to configure IDE port in most cases, but if IDE port randomized on each start, it can be useful.

How to enable logging in Google Chrome

Mac OS X: open -a "Google Chrome" --args --enable-logging --v1

How do I know what's wrong?

  1. Open chrome://extensions/
  2. Check "Developer mode" checkbox.
  3. Scroll down to JetBrains IDE Support section, click Inspect views: _generated_background_page.html.
  4. Click on the "Console" button.

Alternatively, you can enable logging via the command line.

Cannot install extension, "Download was not a CRX"

This is the Google Chrome bug.

Blog posts

Known issues

  • CSS sync and element highlighting are not working if Web Inspector is opened, please vote for Chrome bug.
  • Usability issue with the "plugin is debugging this tab" infobar, please vote for Chrome bug.
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