TeamCity 7.1.5 (build 24400) Release Notes

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  • TW-25834 - AssemblyInfo Patcher support for GlobalAssemblyInfo file and AssemblyInformationalVersion
  • TW-24180 - AssemblyInfo Patcher should support F# projects
  • TW-21585 - AssemblyInfo Patcher should update AssemblyInformationalVersion for pre-release
  • TW-19478 - command line remote tool: specify multiple configurations, or a project

Usability Problem

  • TW-27425 - Stacktrace for failed test lacks newlines in email notifications, which makes it unreadable
  • TW-27226 - Confusing error in case of missing default private key: Wrong username: 'null', github expects a username 'git'
  • TW-26217 - Do not show "details" link on "investigation updated" notifications in IDEA plugin
  • TW-24325 - Visual Studio Remote Run reverts preview diff size after closing Visual Studio
  • TW-24156 - Uninstalling TeamCity plugin breaks ReSharper
  • TW-23699 - Make parameter store branch name on default branch instead of "<default>"
  • TW-23354 - "Failed to parse url value" error is reported for TFS server URL with a space


  • TW-27506 - git-plugin ignores username in the URL when password authentication method is used
  • TW-27390 - Failed Xcode build shows up as "Success"
  • TW-27278 - Perforce 'Test connection' may work with invalid credentials
  • TW-27263 - NuGet Dependency Trigger issue TeamCity 7.1.4
  • TW-27215 - Deadlock on the server (Flush Queue and a lot of getGzippedSummary threads)
  • TW-27133 - VS Addin: Unified diff preview on Local Changes tool window is not working for Subversion changes in case Subversion 1.6 or earlier version is used.
  • TW-27085 - REST API POST /app/rest/builds/<buildLocator>/tags/ works incorrect
  • TW-27042 - Put empty build tags - 500 Internal Server Error
  • TW-27007 - Gradle with parallel option fails with test notification listener
  • TW-26968 - Can retrieve a VCS root password via REST API
  • TW-26926 - Converter AssociateProjectsWithDefaultPool failed with SQL error when there are two projects with the same identifier
  • TW-26882 - Failed Subversion agent-side checkout: NoSuchMethodError: jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.svn.TCSvnUpdateClient.getOperationsFactory()Lorg/tmatesoft/svn/core/wc2/SvnOperationFactorysin
  • TW-26826 - JavaScript error: object has no method 'setTemplateBased' on opening build type settings inherited from template
  • TW-26724 - TeamCity can cache a broken Perforce patch
  • TW-26702 - Teamcity (7.1.4) hangs during daily cleanup
  • TW-26682 - Project fails to start if Shared Resource is not found in project.
  • TW-26668 - "Authentication required" error for Subversion externals to the same repository since upgrade to 8.0 EAP
  • TW-26658 - NuGet server does not serve titles - only Ids
  • TW-26622 - Build Step - Command Line - Executable with Parameter - parameter field cannot be re-sized properly
  • TW-26527 - Build starting is locked on "Checking for changes" stage when all executors are busy collecting changes from other slow VCS roots
  • TW-26507 - GIT uses HTTP proxy for SSH access
  • TW-26468 - Tooltips are not shown for inspection results from server
  • TW-26442 - Corrupted sources can appear in checkout directory for agent-side checkout: no clean checkout is forced after error during agent-side checkout
  • TW-26424 - TFS integration may popup TFS GUI login dialog
  • TW-26386 - Auto gemset creating does not work in Ruby Environment Configurator
  • TW-26377 - Infinite symlinks recursion on ".old" cleanup
  • TW-26373 - JavaScript error in Administration->Email notifier section.
  • TW-26361 - AssemblyInfo patcher does not update AssemblyInformationalVersion attribute
  • TW-26309 - Agent can't start because unmet requirement
  • TW-26280 - No space in audit "Build of..." message
  • TW-26268 - Deadlock in PreviousBuildsRevisionsQuery
  • TW-26218 - If log file name contains # character then log file link is not working
  • TW-26141 - VCS Problem (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/management/OperatingSystemMXBean)
  • TW-26139 - Login error shown to user can reveal security settings
  • TW-26092 - No escaping for agent name in "Download all logs as zip" link on agent page
  • TW-26074 - Exception in AbstractDistributor.doDistribute if server is running under Java 1.7
  • TW-25939 - java out of heap space exception upon agent checkout
  • TW-25878 - Xcode builds failing since upgrading to 7.1.4
  • TW-25870 - Change of sumobule repository URL is not reflected correcly for agent-side checkout: should run git submodule sync
  • TW-25847 - Perforce VCS root - agent side checkout with exclude checkout rules ignores later include rules
  • TW-25843 - Duplicates page shows null in both code windows when using perforce (NPE in P4View.getRelativePath)
  • TW-25839 - If git mirror directory corrupted then Teamcity cannot start build
  • TW-25832 - Git HTTPS Password Auth does not work on Mac
  • TW-25805 - Windows domain authentication may hang on attempt to create com.sun.jna.platform.win32.WinNT$HANDLEByReference instance
  • TW-25782 - Got unfriendly exception instead of error message on attempt to connect to use HSQL2 database from 7.1.x build
  • TW-25761 - Notification emails ignore line breaks in compilation error messages
  • TW-25690 - Tray notifier login page is broken
  • TW-25512 - *.symbols.nupkg artifacts are incorrectly being published to the internal nuget server
  • TW-25403 - Renaming of build configuration makes TeamCity interface unresponsive (part II)
  • TW-24924 - Extremely slow TFS server side checkout
  • TW-24882 - Team City plugin doesn't commits changes to source control; Commit decision: Will commit
  • TW-24717 - SubVersion directories cannot be selectively labelled via labelling rules (http(s) protocol for accessing SVN + deep target path case)
  • TW-23808 - Powershell script error (Missing expression after unary operator '-') after upgrade to TeamCity 7.1.1
  • TW-23744 - VCS trigger doesn't run a build on branch if there is a build in another branch on same revision
  • TW-23215 - ReSharper's "Color Identifiers" are broken as a result of TeamCity Vs Addin installation
  • TW-20209 - TFS different case in checkout rules may spoil changes detection
  • TW-18853 - "Error while applying patch" build fails to start, git reset --hard fails
  • TW-16996 - Builds fail with "... cannot be cloaked because it does not have a mapped parent"


  • TW-27108 - NPE in Eclipse plugin when preparing Remote Run
  • TW-27044 - Unexpected Error when build failed to run on Perforce
  • TW-26327 - Server Exception in Build Log
  • TW-26182 - Exception shown as "IDEA fatal error": jetbrains.buildServer.ideaVersionsSupport.ReflectionHelper.invokeStatic
  • TW-25045 - Exception viewing log

Performance Problem

  • TW-27542 - ProjectImpl.getCommitters can be slow sometimes
  • TW-27423 - Finish build trigger service can produce a lot of queries to history table
  • TW-26379 - Mercurial plugin can spend much time collecting changes
  • TW-25469 - Long Run custom build dialog opening (getBuildStatus/getBuildProblems)
  • TW-25223 - CurrentProblemsManager.getInvestigations is too slow
  • TW-24337 - Using many Perforce clients with lots of checkout mappings is slow comparing to using Perforce client names
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