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General Info




Apache 2.0


free, open-source

Plugin Description

Allows to take CPU and memory profiling snapshots of the TeamCity server right from the web UI.


Last nightly build on public TeamCity server.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

Use this build for TeamCity 2017.1 and newer

Use this build for TeamCity 6.x - 10.x.
Use this build for TeamCity 5.x.
Use this build for TeamCity 4.x


  • Install the plugin (generic TeamCity plugin installation instructions)
    1. remove any previous copy of the plugin if it was installed (remove serverProfile.jar and yjp-controller-api-redist.jar from WEB-INF/lib directory, ensure you do not have <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins/serverProfiler directory)
    2. copy file into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory
  • copy files from the bin/<your platfom> directory on the plugin download page to the <TeamCity Installation Dir>/bin directory. Here <your platfom> is the name of your platform, like win32 for Windows XP, win-amd64 for Windows XP x64 Edition, etc.
  • add -agentpath:<full path to YourKit agent>, like (make sure to change "c:\TeamCity\bin\" in the line below):

    (or just -agentpath:c:/TeamCity/bin/yjpagent.dll=disableall,sessionname=TeamCity)
    JVM parameter to the TeamCity server (See related YourKit docs). Please take a look at the TeamCity documentation on how to add new JVM parameter
    Note that -agentpath:... should be specified as is, without -D prefix.
    You can check that the parameter is set correctly by making sure the lines starting with "[YourKit Java Profiler ...]" appear in your server console/output.


To start the profiling navigate to the Administration | Global Settings page.
In versions prior to TeamCity 7.0, use Administration > Server Configuration page.

See TeamCity Server Profiler section on the page.

  • On capturing the snapshot, the path to the saved snapshot is displayed. The profiling activity is logged into the server's console.
  • Send the profiling results to the TeamCity Developers with a description of the problem.

CPU Profiling

  • Click "Start" to start profiling
  • Perform the action to reproduce the CPU load
  • Click "Capture" to capture profiling snapshot, or "Cancel" to cancel profiling.

Memory Profiling

  • When you believe that the memory consumption by the TeamCity server process is high, click "Capture" to capture the snapshot.
    Please note the this operation blocks server until the snapshot is fully captured. The UI for all the server users will not be refreshed until the snapshot is taken.

Builds at JetBrains public TeamCity instance.





May 16, 2013


Removed J2EE profiling option. Now it is always off.

November 23, 2010


Changed bundled YourKit agent version to 8.0.29, updated plugin installation instructions

June 23, 2010


Changed bundled YourKit agent version to 8.0.25, updated plugin installation instructions

January, 16, 2009


Changed plugin packaging into .zip, updated plugin installation instructions

January, 12, 2009


Added J2EE profiling option



updated plugin to match TeamCity 4.0

April, 24, 2008


Added memory capturing ability, UI facelift, better errors reporting

April, 21, 2008


Initial release

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