EAP Build Installation

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EAP Build Overview

YouTrack EAP builds, just like released versions, are available in three distributions:

  • youtrack--xx.exe — EXE distribution bundles Apache Tomcat application server and JRE 1.6, that is: No pre-installed software is required to run YouTrack instance. For installation procedure, please refer to the [YTD6:Windows. Installing and Running YouTrack as a Service] page.
  • youtrack-xx.jar — YouTrack JAR cross-platform distribution, allowing running YouTrack standalone instance. JAR distribution bundles Jetty 6.1.x Servlet container. For the installation and running options refer to the Run YouTrack as a Standalone Process section below.
  • youtrack-xx.war — WAR distribution allowing to deploy YouTrack servlet into any J2EE server, such as Apache Tomcat 6+, Mortbay Jetty, JBoss, Caucho Resin. For a list of supported servlet containers, please refer to the YouTrack Supported Environments page. For more details on deploying Youtrack WAR, please refer to the Installation and Upgrade section of documentation.

Run YouTrack as a Standalone Process

In general, to run YouTrack Standalone, execute the following command:

  • port is a http port number.
  • -Xmx512m sets the default Java heap size to at least 512mb. Please, continue increasing it as your database grows.
  • -Djava.awt.headless=true sets YouTrack to run in Java Headless mode.

For more details on running Youtrack Standalone JAR on different platforms, please refer to the Installation and Upgrade section of documentation.
If you want to run youtrack-xx.jar as service on a Linux machine, follow these guidelines.


YouTrack uses its own in-process database. By default, data files are saved to ${user.home}/teamsysdata directory.
For details on changing database location, backing up database and restoring it from a backup, please refer to the Managing Database section of documentation.

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