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For the list of available plugins, see plugins list

Steps to install a TeamCity plugin:

  1. Shutdown the TeamCity server.
  2. Copy the zip archive with the plugin into the <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory.
  3. Start the TeamCity server: the plugin files will be unpacked and processed automatically. The plugin will be available in the Plugins List in the Administration area.
To uninstall a plugin, shutdown the TeamCity server and remove the zip archive with the plugin from the <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory.

If the plugin uses obsolete, pre-4.0 packaging:

Installing Jar-packaged Server-side Plugin
  1. Shutdown the TeamCity server.
  2. Copy the plugin jar file into the <TeamCity web application>/WEB-INF/lib directory. The default TeamCity web application is <TeamCity home>/webapps/ROOT.
  3. If the plugin requires any libraries, copy them into the <TeamCity web application>/WEB-INF/lib directory also.
  4. Start the TeamCity server.

Installing Agent-side Plugin (pre-4.0 packaging)

All the agents will be upgraded automatically. No agent or server restart is required.

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