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To create a MySQL database which uses the utf8 character set:

  1. Create a new database:
    create database <database_name> character set UTF8 collate utf8_bin
  2. Open <TeamCity data directory>/config/, and add the characterEncoding property:

To change the character set of an existing MySQL database to utf8:

  1. Shut the TeamCity server down.
  2. Being in the TeamCity bin directory, export the database using the maintainDB tool:
    maintainDB backup -D -F database_backup

    (more details about backup are here)

  3. Create a new database with utf8 as the default character set, as described above.
  4. Modify the <TeamCity data directory>/config/ file --- change connectionUrl property to:
  5. jdbc:mysql://<host>/<new_database_name>
  6. Import data the new database:
    maintainDB restore -D -F database_backup -T <TeamCity data directory>/config/
  7. Start the TeamCity server up
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  1. Apr 16, 2012

    Open <TeamCity data directory>/config/, and add the characterEncoding property:

    Maybe filename should be database.<db_type_here>.properties, isn't it?

    1. Apr 26, 2012

      No it shouldn't.