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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 7.x, which is not the most recently released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

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PowerShell build runner is designed specifically to run PowerShell scripts.

PowerShell Settings

Option Description
Powershell run mode Select the desired execution mode on a x64 machine.
Working directory Specify the path to the build working directory.
Script Select whether you want to enter the script right in TeamCity, or specify path to a script:
  • Script file: Enter path to Powershell file. It has to be relative to checkout directory.
  • Script source: Enter Powershell script source. Note, that TeamCity references (build parameters and TeamCity system properties) will be replaced in the code.
Script execution mode Specify powershell script execution mode. If you've selected 'Execute .ps1 script with "-File" argument' your script should be signed or you should make PowerShell allow execution of arbitrary .ps1 files. If execution policy doesn't allow to run your scripts, select 'Put script into powershell stdin' mode to avoid this issue.
Script arguments Available if "Script execution mode" option is set to "Execute .ps1 script with "-File" argument". Specify here arguments to be passed into PowerShell script.
Additional command line parameters Specify parameters to be passed to powershell.exe.

Development Links

PowerShell support is implemented as an open-source plugin. For development links refer to the plugin's page.


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