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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 7.x, which is not the most recently released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

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When for some reason a build fails, TeamCity provides handy means of figuring out which changes might have caused the build failure and lets you assign some of your team members to investigate what caused the failure of this build or start investigation yourself. When an investigator is set, he/she receives corresponding notification.
A subject for investigation is not necessarily the whole build, it can also be some perticular test. For each project you can find out what problems are currently being investigated and by whom at the dedicated Investigations tab.

To start investigation of a failed build:

  1. Navigate to the Overview tab of the Build Configuration Home page, or Overview tab of the Build Results page, click the Start investigation link.
  2. Select team member's name from the User drop-down list and click Assign.


Note, that normally an investigation is automatically removed once the build configuration becomes green or the test passes. However, starting with TeamCity 7.1 you can specify that investigation should be resolved manually. This is useful in case of so called "flickering tests": when a test fails from time to time, and "green" status of a build is not an indicator of problem resolution.

To investigate problem in more than one build configuration, click more and select the desired build configurations.

To start investigation of a particular test, navigate to the Tests tab, Current Problems tab or Problematic Tests of the Build Results page, click the arrow next to the test name and select Investigation.

My Investigations

To view all problems assigned to you to investigate, click a box with a number next to your name.

From My Investigations page you can not only see investigations assigned to you in different projects, but you can also manage them: mark as fixed, give up investigation, re-assign, mute a test failure.

Note that for each failed test on this page you can get a bunch of information instantly, without a need to leave this page. For example, you can see all build configurations where this test is currently failing. You can see current stacktrace and information about a build where the test is currently failing. You can also see information about the first failure of this test, again with stacktrace and build.

Since TeamCity 7.1 investigations assigned to you are also highlighted in Web UI, if you have the "Highlight my changes and investigations" option on in your profile settings.

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