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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 6.5.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

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This page describes MSTest runner options, for details on MSTest support, please refer to the corresponding page.

Option Description
Path to MSTest.exe A path to MSTest.exe file. By default Build Agent will autodetect MSTest installation. You may use %system.MSTest.8.0%, %system.MSTest.9.0% or %system.MSTest.10.0% to refer to build agent auto-detected MSTest.exe.
List assembly files A list of assemblies to run MSTests on. Will be mapped to /testcontainer:file argument.
MSTest run configuration file Specify a MSTest run configuration file to use (/runconfig:file).
MSTest metadata Enter a value for /testmetadata:file argument.
Testlist from metadata to run Every line will be translated into /testlist:line argument.
Test Names of the tests to run. This option will be translated to the series of /test: arguments
Check Add /unique commandline argument to add /unique argument to MSTest.exe
Results file Enter a value for /resultsfile:file commandline argument.
Additional commandline parameters Enter an additional commandline parameters for MSTest.exe

Please, note that tests run with MSTest are not reported on-the-fly.
For more details on configuring MSTests, please refer to the MSTest.exe Command-Line Options

Code Coverage

To learn about configuring code coverage options, please refer to the Configuring .NET Code Coverage page.

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