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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 6.5.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

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Build Configuration Template allows you to eliminate duplication of build configuration settings. If you want to have several similar (not necessarily identical) build configurations and be able to modify their common settings in one place without having to edit each configuration, create a build configuration template with those settings. Modifying template's settings affects all build configurations associated with this template.

How can I create build configuration template?

  • Manually, like a regular build configuration.
  • Extract from an existing build configuration: there's Extract Template button on the side bar of each build configuration settings. Note, that if you extract template from a build configuration, the original configuration automatically becomes associated with the newly created template.

Associating build configurations with templates

(warning) When you associate an existing build configuration with template, it inherits all settings defined in template, and if there's a conflict, template settings supersede the settings of build configuration (except dependencies, parameters and requirements).

Redefining settings inherited from template

Although a build configuration associated with a template inherits all it's settings, it is still possible to fine tune the some of the inherited settings: you can extend the set of inherited settings or redefine some of them.
Inherited settings cannot be deleted.

Text field settings
When you specify some fixed value in a text field of a template, it is inherited as is and cannot be changed in an associated build configuration.
However, in all text fields or your template settings except parameter names, build step names, agent requirements and passwords, you can use configuration parameters instead of actual values. Thus you can define the actual value of this parameter in each particular associated build configuration separately. Refer to the Configuring Build Parameters for an example of configuration parameters usage.

Other settings: drop-downs, lists, check boxes, etc.
These settings are inherited from template as is and cannot be redefined in an associated build configuration.

A collection of settings, such as build steps, VCS roots, or build triggers can be extended in an inherited configuration.

  • You can add new element to a collection, for example one more VCS root.
  • In some cases (parameters, agent requirements, snapshot dependencies) elements can be redefined.
  • In some cases you can reorder collection elements in the inherited configuration, for example build steps.

Refer to Configuring Build Parameters for more details on redefining settings.

When you detach build configuration from a template, all settings from the template will be copied to the build configuration and enabled for editing.

Template which has at least one associated build configuration cannot be deleted.

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