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* denotes the latest available version. The latest version is also available directly from IntelliJ IDEA, via built-in Plugin Manager.

Incoming Trunk Changes:

Version highlights:

  • Implemented Language console with history, completion and highlighting. (Only for Nika build)
  • [SCL-3250] - Quick info type substitution depending on context.
  • [SCL-3305] - Fixed implementing of methods with parameters with nested types.
  • [SCL-3468] - Type inference from sequence patterns fails.
  • [SCL-3471] - Find usages inside library sources.
  • [SCL-3666] - Fixed applicability check for traits defined by type alias.

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Version 0.4.472*

Required IntelliJ IDEA Version: IntelliJ IDEA X EAP 102.216

Published: 2011-24-01

Version highlights:

  • Fixed problems with newlines, which are semicolons
  • Fixed IDEA decompiler problem with case classes companion objects
  • Fixed IDEA decompiler problem with Compound Types refinement
  • Fixed ScalaTest 'should' word resolve

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Version 0.4.442

Required IntelliJ IDEA Version: IntelliJ IDEA X EAP 102.149

Published: 2011-17-01

Version highlights:

  • Method Call Hierarchy

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Version 0.4.345 and 0.4.407

Required IntelliJ IDEA Version: IntelliJ IDEA X EAP 98.382 (Public Preview)

Published: 2010-08-12

Version highlights:

  • Resolve includes automatic tupling
  • Fixed type inference problem with arrays: Array(1).map(i => new Child): Array[Parent]
  • Fixed SOE of 0.4.316 build
  • [SCL-2543] - remaining occasional resolving problem for reference to classes with multiple occurrences on classpath
  • [SCL-2551] - AIOOBE triggered by ExpectedTypes$.applyForParams$1
  • [SCL-2529] - type member in type refinement should be in scope as bound
  • [SCL-2541] - var could be val inspection doesn't finish (or is just really, really slow)
  • [SCL-2540] - Implement methods fails when method parameters end in underscore

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Version 0.4.316

Required IntelliJ IDEA Version: IntelliJ IDEA X EAP 98.382 (Public Preview)

Published: 2010-01-12

Version highlights:

  • [SCL-2512] - Language injection for Scala
  • Fixed SOE
  • Fixed bugs with apply and unapply methods using
  • Goto declaration for synthetic apply and unapply methods
  • [SCL-2413] - resolve problems with few same classes (qualified names) in classpath
  • [SCL-2362] - import of "package object" members not handled
  • [SCL-2497] - Idea freezes when opening a java file that access a scala resource
  • [SCL-1875] - reformat of Scala code with comments using javadoc tags seems to do strange things to whitespace
  • [SCL-2422] - good code red: (1 to n).foldLeft(BigInt(1))(_ * _)
  • [SCL-2380] - full name to type String used after refactoring
  • [SCL-2528] - Editor doesn't see package-private members of package objects
  • [SCL-2527] - good code red: synchronized blocks highlighted with "Type mismatch, expected TypeParameterForSynthteticFunction, actual: Unit"

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Version 0.4.263

Required IntelliJ IDEA Version: IntelliJ IDEA X EAP 98.382 (Public Preview)

Published: 2010-17-11

Version highlights:

  • Updated for public preview.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Scala script debugger.
  • Case keyword unintendation during pattern matching code typing.
  • Pattern Parameter Info improvement: actual expected types for argument patterns are shown. (val Some(x /* <- Int here */) = Some(1))
  • [SCL-2452] - Object constructor completion variant
  • [SCL-2442] - missed ^ method for Boolean values
  • [SCL-2450] - fixed problems with implicit apply method using
  • [SCL-2436] - NPE: calling List.apply() method from Java code
  • [SCL-2435] - NullPointerException when calling method Tuple._1() from Java code.
  • [SCL-2438] - Enter handler should indent after '=>' in case clause
  • [SCL-1842] - Good Code Red: val a = new { val b = 1 }; 1.+a.b
  • [SCL-1749] - Using _ as an identifier after an inferred semicolon in a for comprehension highlighted red
  • [SCL-2467] - Formatter: formatting applied to 'try' block puts '{' on new line
  • [SCL-2477] - Formatter inserts blank lines after declaration comments/docs
  • [SCL-1929] - AnyVal companion objects don't resolve.
  • [SCL-2457] - overriding methods (which rocks BTW!) when a method has a String parameter converts the signature to _root_.scala.Predef.String
  • [SCL-2379] - Invalid type text after refactoring with a type owned by a block/method scope
  • [SCL-2388] - resolve / type inference problem with apply method of case classes
  • [SCL-2418] - apply method of companion object of case class with empty param list does not resolve
  • [SCL-2461] - Methods applied to for-loop variables are not resolved

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Version 0.4.207

Required IntelliJ IDEA Version: IntelliJ IDEA X EAP 98.187

Published: 2010-21-10

Version highlights:

  • Updated for the newest EAP.

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  1. Anonymous

    If you want to get informed about new versions of this plugin you can use the following news feed: purpose:

  2. Anonymous

    Is there a version of this plugin that is compatible with IDEA build #10597?

    1. Anonymous

      I asked me that question too. I thought as long this version history is not updated there's no new plugin version. I already thought nobody is going to make Scala compatible with the IDEA's latest EAPs, but this seems to be not true. Today I downloaded IDEA #10666 and saw that there is a new version of the Scala plugin (0.2.26899) which is now compatible with the latest EAP. Damn! I worked with IDEA #10558 now for 2 months, had to fight with ugly bugs and could not report them, because it wasn't the latest EAP release. And the only reason was the supposed incompatibility with the Scala plugin. Any hint on this version history page would have been very helpful. Or is there another way how I can get informed about new Scala plugin versions? If yes, please tell me! Thanks.

      1. Anonymous

        I've written a small bash script that checks if the Scala plugin is compatible to a certain IDEA build. Maybe it helps other people too. Change the MSG_COMMAND to kdialog if you want to let a popup appear instead of a System.out on the console.



        #MSG_COMMAND="kdialog --msgbox"

        SCALA_STRING=`curl$BUILD | grep "<name>$PLUGIN</name>"`

        VERSION=`echo $SCALA_STRING | sed -r -e 's/.<version>(.)<\/version>.*/\1/'`
        SINCE_BUILD=`echo $SCALA_STRING | sed -r -e 's/.since-build="([^"])".*/\1/'`
        UNTIL_BUILD=`echo $SCALA_STRING | sed -r -e 's/.until-build="([^"])".*/\1/'`

        if [[ $BUILD -le $UNTIL_BUILD ]]; then
            $MSG_COMMAND "Yeah, the $PLUGIN plugin is compatible"
            $MSG_COMMAND "Sorry, but the $PLUGIN plugin is not compatible"

        1. Anonymous

          Shit, the fat strings have consumed the asterisk characters, so everywhere an fat part starts, you have to manually insert an asterisk, e.g. here "s/.*<version"

          1. Anonymous

            Where they start and where they end.

  3. Anonymous

    It seems none of the 0.26* releases have been mentioned here. It might be worth putting a link to this site near the top of the page...

    as quite a few times I've got confused over where the newer releases are

    1. Anonymous

      1. whoops, those comments were me - I didn't notice I'd not logged in, sorry (smile)

    2. Here is the corresponding news feed that informs you about new versions of the Scala plugin:

  4. Anonymous

    I am having problems where the plugin reports "compiler internal error" but nothing else.  The problem doesn't occur if I compile externally.  How can I get the plugin to show me everything the compiler said when it blew up?

     The problem is in using Scala and some Apache (HttpClient) jars together in an ordinary way.  It looks like it might have been fixed since, but...

     The latest version posted in the plugin repository for downloading is 0.2.26124, which has no release notes.  Should a newer version be up there?  Is there a newer version of the plugin that's compatible with 8.1.3?  Do I need to use Maia to get a fix for this?

      Should I be asking these questions elsewhere?


    1. Better place for questions is forum. For bugs is bugtracker.

      Plugin for Diana hasn't releases after 0.2.26124, if you want to get all fixes, use Maia version (but this version compatible only with Scala 2.8).
      If you have "compiler internal error" it seems that you have missed dependency in project settings. Try to check it attentivly.

      Best regards,
      Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

      1. Anonymous

        Hi, I am having exactly the same problem, also with Apache HttpClient. I figured that I must use Maia for the most recent version of the Scala plugin. Is there any way to circumvent is? I mean, will the plugin run in IntelliJ 8? Or do I have to switch to IntelliJ 9?

  5. Anonymous

    Scala 2.8 final was recently released. Will the plugin support it (eventually)? Thanks.