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Welcome to the ReSharper Code Inspection Wiki! This page contains links to explanations of ReSharper's code inspections:

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Page: 'for' loop control variable is never modified Page: 'ThreadStaticAttribute' usage Page: 'value' parameter is not used Page: Access to a static member of a type via a derived type Page: Access to modified closure Page: Assignment to a property of a readonly field can be useless Page: Base type is required Page: BaseTypeRequired attribute supports only classes and interfaces Page: Catch clause is redundant Page: Class 'Name' is never instantiated Page: Compare of float numbers by equality operator Page: Compare with '==' types marked by 'CannotApplyEqualityOperatorAttribute' Page: Convert Nullable of T to T? Page: Co-variant array conversion may cause exception on write operation Page: Delegate subtraction has unpredictable semantics Page: Double negation operator Page: Empty general catch clause suppresses all errors Page: Empty static constructor is redundant Page: Field can be made read-only Page: Invert 'if' to reduce nesting Page: Invocation of polymorphic field-like event Page: Iteration variable can be declared with a more specific type Page: Local variable hides member Page: Loop can be converted into a LINQ expression Page: Make constructor in abstract class protected Page: Member can be made private (protected) Page: Member can be made static Page: Method invocation is skipped Page: Multiple nullable attributes usage Page: Namespace does not correspond to file location Page: Nullable attribute usage with declaration having value or void type Page: Only implementations of property are used Page: Parameter 'Name' is never used Page: Parameter type can be IEnumerable of T Page: Possible 'null' assignment to an entity marked with 'Value cannot be null' attribute Page: Possible compare of value type with null Page: Possible cyclic constructor call Page: Possible infinite inheritance Page: Possible multiple enumeration of IEnumerable Page: Possible multiple write access in double-checked locking Page: Read access in double checked locking Page: Redundant 'else' keyword Page: Redundant field initializer Page: Redundant using directive Page: Return value of pure method is not used Page: Sealed member in sealed class Page: Simplify conditional ternary expression Page: Simplify negative equality expression Page: Specify a culture in string conversion explicitly Page: Specify string comparison explicitly Page: Static field in generic type Page: Ternary expression has identical true and false branches Page: Underlying type of enum is 'int' Page: Use 'String.IsNullOrEmpty' Page: Use 'var' keyword when initializer explicitly declares type Page: Use method Any() Page: Virtual method call in constructor