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No subsystem

RUBY-5533 (Feature) Gutter color preview in SASS should work for colors defined via constants
RUBY-5133 (Usability Problem) Keep last rake search
IDEA-25675 (Bug) The edit functions (cut/copy/paste) not working on Mac
RUBY-5691 (Bug) Bundler 0.8.1 gems not recognized by Rubymine 2.0.1
RUBY-5727 (Performance Problem) UI freezes while editing specs in Rubymine
RUBY-5695 (Bug) Settings -> Extensions menu selection is broken
RUBY-5750 (Bug) Rvm support doesn't work with rvm 0.1.11 gem
RUBY-5775 (Bug) Don't require gems in gem's Gemfiles
RUBY-5771 (Bug) Do not create folding for empty values
RUBY-5713 (Bug) "Settings > Menus and Toolbars > Project View Popup Menu" don't work
RUBY-5734 (Bug) RM doesn't suggest to run single test for tests defined using Rails 2.3.5 "tests" closure
RUBY-5629 (Exception) api.util.objectTree.ObjectNode - Already disposed
RUBY-5523 (Exception) Semaphore.waitFor - ERROR - plication.impl.ApplicationImpl - Do not log ProcessCanceledException

XML editing

IDEA-52065 (Bug) Editing huge XML file blocks IDEA


RUBY-5694 (Bug) Go to -> Declaration in Cucumber Feature always goes to same declaration
RUBY-5627 (Bug) Cucumber: RM should remove '\' character for escaped symbols in autocompletion
RUBY-5696 (Bug) RSpec: Can't run only context blocks
RUBY-5746 (Bug) Running single Cucumber scenario doesn't work if scenario name contains square brackets
RUBY-5244 (Bug) Cucumber steps declared with strings not detected


RUBY-5703 (Feature) Allow executing Rubymine from a symlink
RUBY-5642 (Bug) Error on new RHTML file creation from context menu
RUBY-2711 (Bug) JRuby SDK can't be detected automatically
RUBY-5712 (Bug) Exception in s.impl.FileTemplateManagerImpl after upgrade to 2.0.1


RUBY-5743 (Exception) NPE in GemSearchUtil.findGem


RUBY-5549 (Bug) Cucumber scenario marked as undefined when using Pickle step definition


RUBY-5515 (Usability Problem) Rake task run silently fails if no SDK set


RUBY-5709 (Bug) Lost Abilility To Generate Controllers
RUBY-5283 (Bug) Shoulda support should be enabled if it appears in config.gem
RUBY-5763 (Exception) NPE : at org.jetbrains.plugins.ruby.i18n.I18nUtil.getLocalesRoot(


RUBY-5699 (Bug) Language parsing error when returning a Proc as an element of a list
RUBY-5708 (Bug) Another problem with Ruby 1.9 syntax: default values for block arguments not allowed
RUBY-5714 (Bug) Reports errors on new 1.9 {key: value} Hash syntax IF symbol looks like a keword
RUBY-5689 (Bug) Valid Ruby 1.9 block arguments with *splat AND &block produce syntax error
RUBY-5733 (Bug) Does not recognize block[] call syntax with Ruby 1.9 splat and block arguments


RUBY-5697 (Feature) Refactoring => Rename doesn't find "should_receive" params
RUBY-5343 (Usability Problem) Introduce variable names provider is completely stupid in case of


RUBY-5749 (Usability Problem) When case body should be aligned on enter pressed


RUBY-5768 (Feature) Implement smart HAML Indentation provider
RUBY-5666 (Bug) HAML parsing is not properly handling multi-line statements
RUBY-5774 (Bug) HAML editor's :plain filter doesn't escape code correctly

Code Insight

RUBY-4724 (Feature) Provide code completion for color chooser in SASS files
RUBY-4521 (Exception) Method like symbol isn't expected here. It should be processed earlier. Symbol [Type:INSTANCE_METHOD] fqn : Kernel.String

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-27188 (Bug) too many svn requests

IDE Configuration

IDEA-19350 (Usability Problem) "Submit Performance Report" usability
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