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PhpStorm EAP 138.940 Release Notes

Injections in PHP

WI-23782 (Bug) Copy code from fragment editor gets EXTERNAL_FRAGMENT instead of visible code when there is string concatenation

PHP Formatter

WI-12831 (Feature) Convert long to short array stax

PHP Refactoring

WI-21550 (Bug) Move Namespace: does allow to enter different destination folders for one file but doesn't divide file to two
WI-20934 (Bug) Change signature refactoring handles @inheritdoc incorrectly
WI-19449 (Bug) Renaming class member does not update docblock

PHP lang

WI-22261 (Feature) Support variadic function arguments and argument unpacking from PHP 5.6

PHP lib stubs

WI-23872 (Bug) SplDoublyLinkedList::add() is not defined

No subsystem

IDEA-126721 (Performance Problem) PhpStorm frozen on typing
IDEA-126564 (Cosmetics) "No SDK Specified" message box text fixes


IDEA-126717 (Bug) Aspect-J compilation broken in 13.1.4 EAP and 14 EAP


WEB-12605 (Usability Problem) CSS/SASS: don't invoke auto-completion on Enter


IDEA-126517 (Bug) Heroku: confusing behavior on attempt to deploy when there are no changes in the active changelist


WEB-12518 (Exception) CoffeeScript: SIOOBE on Extract Method


IDEA-73140 (Usability Problem) XDebugger: Debugger always switches you to "Debugger" tab when first breakpoint is hit
IDEA-126585 (Bug) "Evaluate Code Fragment" dialog uses some strange proportional font in editor
IDEA-93683 (Bug) XDebugger: Focus on startup doesn't work for Console tab

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-126273 (Performance Problem) Selection of text using keyboard in column mode is slow
IDEA-126800 (Bug) Select all ocurrences failing
IDEA-121056 (Exception) Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.CaretImpl.moveToLogicalPosition

File Watchers

WEB-12598 (Bug) File Watchers: Immediate synchronization doesn't work in case of syntax errors even if 'trigger watcher regardless of syntax errors' is enabled


WEB-12578 (Cosmetics) Template is showing html5, but new file creation says Html

IDE Configuration

IDEA-126131 (Usability Problem) Duplicate entries in "Find Action" popup (Ctrl+Shift+A)
IDEA-126797 (Bug) Plugin manager: no tooltip for "red" plugins


IDEA-126465 (Bug) Jsp TLD 'tag' 'variable' children 'name-give' | 'name-from-attribute'


WEB-12491 (Bug) OOM on indexing of project
WEB-12119 (Bug) JSX (and E4X) support in ECMAScript6 mode


IDEA-119108 (Bug) MySQL: ambiguous column inside group by clause


WEB-12426 (Bug) Typescript formatter doesn't respect disabled "Line comment at first comment"

User Interface

IDEA-126503 (Usability Problem) Copy reference not working on multiple files
IDEA-124630 (Bug) Breakpoint indicators not visible
IDEA-126752 (Bug) Editor tooltips hide each other
IDEA-126534 (Bug) PyCharm shows wrong icon (community edition instead of pro version)


PY-13403 (Exception) Remote Interpreters: Unable to add it to phpUnit

Version Control. Git

IDEA-87092 (Bug) Git unstash don't show files that are going to be overwrtten.
IDEA-81935 (Bug) IDEA warns about changes in files that would be overwritten by merge, but the list is empty
IDEA-90058 (Bug) Untracked files would be overwritten by merge shows no files
IDEA-87853 (Bug) Error when merging or pulling and hidden files would be overwritten
IDEA-90059 (Exception) Exception when trying to open shelved changes from 'Local changes were not restored' the notification

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-47500 (Bug) Perforce: Jobs processing: cannot add multiple jobs found by search
IDEA-122107 (Bug) Perforce +w (always writeable on client) files are flagged as "Modified without checkout"
IDEA-126771 (Bug) Perforce: work with allwrite workspaces
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