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PhpStorm EAP 138.184 Release Notes

PHP Completion

WI-8039 (Feature) Type inference: Support for "foreach" of classes that implements ArrayAccess interface.

PHP Formatter

WI-2856 (Feature) control space before / after unary not (exclamation)
WI-23196 (Usability Problem) Reformat code stopped adding "minimum blank lines" between constants in a class
WI-23285 (Bug) Arranger: sections is keep added (already existed section is not found)
WI-23126 (Exception) Surround with for case in switch throws exception

PHP Refactoring

WI-22407 (Bug) Optimize import constantly rearrange use statements

PHP debug

WI-4722 (Feature) Debugger: Ability to skip certain functions with step into.

PHP frameworks

WI-13054 (Feature) Provide run configuration for Behat

PHP lang

WI-23177 (Feature) Allow @uses and @used-by tags to indicate usage
WI-23140 (Usability Problem) PHPDoc for foreach with multiple declaration doesn't place new line after /**
WI-18439 (Bug) Invalid syntax warning, Only simple expresssions are allowed.

PHP lib stubs

WI-23148 (Bug) Function stub for is_a() incorrectly limits first parameter to an object.
WI-23098 (Bug) SQLSRV_SQLTYPE_VARCHAR in not recognized

PHP templates

WI-21327 (Bug) Smarty: tags and attributes are missing in completion list

PHP test

WI-23224 (Usability Problem) Behat: No warning is shown if directory/file/scenario/config file are empty in Run configuration
WI-23231 (Usability Problem) Behat: If scenario doesn't has name Choose Scenario dialog is confusing
WI-23236 (Bug) Behat: Time elapsed may have only 2 values 0s and UNKNOWN
WI-23235 (Exception) Behat: Attempt to add a remote interpreter leads to exception due Behat plugin
WI-23232 (Exception) Behat: if scenario is missing exception will be thrown

No subsystem

IDEA-85517 (Feature) Option to collapse by-default manual defined (editor-fold) regions
IDEA-124308 (Feature) Is it possible to update all plugins, which incompatible (and can be updated) while IDE updating, but not after that?
IDEA-124199 (Usability Problem) Browse call hierarchy button blinks on toolbar if Toolbar is disabled
IDEA-124543 (Usability Problem) sout template formatting
WEB-11971 (Bug) htaccess rules are cached permanently by local server
IDEA-125121 (Bug) MacMessages: NPE when parent is null
IDEA-125119 (Bug) NPE if message for MacMessage is null
IDEA-123379 (Bug) Unable to generate toString() with template "+ super.toString()" if sub class doesn't have any variables
IDEA-124097 (Bug) Structure tool window steals a focus
IDEA-116057 (Exception) second-keystroke popup

Build tools

WEB-11713 (Feature) Grunt feedback


WEB-12159 (Bug) "Missing semicolon" warning in CSS media queries

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-121171 (Bug) Reformat only VCS changed text - does not work when editor is not opened
IDEA-124647 (Bug) Quick switch scheme > switch code style scheme does not work


WEB-11819 (Bug) Coffeescript escaped character showing as "unexpected element"
WEB-12126 (Bug) auto-quotes broken in coffeescript


IDEA-124688 (Bug) Console scroll to the end - jumps on the end of the line sometimes


IDEA-125008 (Bug) Database Explorer Bug when delete a foreign key
IDEA-124770 (Bug) Table editor does not work with tables starting with a digit


WEB-11775 (Feature) 'Do Not Step Into' groupings
WEB-6779 (Feature) JS Debugger / Variables: Automatically show used variables
WEB-11680 (Bug) chrome debugger doesn't start due to internal exceptions
WEB-10560 (Bug) Debugger: second Mute Breakpoints invocation doesn't work
WEB-12106 (Bug) node-webkit crashes when opening developer tools

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-124379 (Feature) Avoid completion lookup glitching

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-124403 (Bug) Freeze when using "Comment with line comment" action
IDEA-124727 (Bug) "Select word at caret" is wrong name for the function

File Watchers

WEB-11689 (Bug) SASS/SCSS partials ignored by file watcher

IDE Configuration

IDEA-78385 (Feature) Pick up plugins on migrating to the next major version
IDEA-123898 (Bug) IntelliJ Configuration server : create/manage JetBrains account error

IDE Preferences

OC-9826 (Bug) Copy Xcode Keymap Breaks Delete Key


WEB-12044 (Performance Problem) Frequent Memory Leak in current EAP
WEB-10432 (Bug) jsHint: support extends

JavaScript. Formatter

WEB-6375 (Bug) Reformat JSON/JavaScript: Line breaks for properties in an object literal
WEB-3830 (Bug) Incorrect JSON formatting
WEB-7208 (Bug) Keep line breaks option doesn't work properly for function parameters

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-124796 (Bug) List of plugins was not loaded: (404 on


Project View

IDEA-92885 (Feature) In Project view add "Copy Reference" to context menu for directories too

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-124877 (Feature) Run Configurations: Allow sort configurations under type or folder node


WEB-12079 (Bug) Compass: allow choosing config.rb from additional content roots in config path chooser


IDEA-124743 (Bug) SQL syntax check fails on multiple rule actions syntax (may be postgres specific)
IDEA-124465 (Bug) SQL: Inspections: DB2: false positive 'Adding not null column' inspection

User Interface

IDEA-122488 (Bug) IDEA 13.1 not using default font
IDEA-124974 (Exception) NPE from Switcher if 2 tool windows have the same first-strike char

Version Control

IDEA-124546 (Feature) "Edit Source" from VcsLog
IDEA-106517 (Exception) Checkout from Version control: without open project speed search in repository chooser causes NPE at SpeedSearchBase.processKeyEvent()

Version Control. Git

IDEA-120737 (Usability Problem) Change „Merge“ button caption to „Merge…“ in the Git conflict dialog
IDEA-124052 (Bug) Git Log crashes if there are remote branches without correspondent remotes
IDEA-118125 (Bug) Git: change url for Detached Head information

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-56033 (Feature) Mercurial: add support for reverting an uncommitted merge
IDEA-124393 (Bug) Mercurial: Log: user filter applying causes empty log
IDEA-122909 (Bug) Mercurial update: clean option
IDEA-124250 (Bug) Mercurial branch dropdown in push dialog not sorted
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