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PhpStorm EAP 136.1672 Release Notes

PHP Inspections

WI-22763 (Feature) Do not report missing @throws annotations for unchecked exceptions
WI-20051 (Feature) New inspection: PSR-0: class path does not match namespace/name

PHP Refactoring

WI-22614 (Cosmetics) Duplicated Alt+ shortcut in Extract Function dialog
WI-22850 (Bug) "self" reference broken when moving class into namespace, and more than one class in file

PHP lang

WI-12723 (Feature) Make Intention "Add field" available for field assignments in constructor

PHP test

WI-18680 (Usability Problem) PHPUnit shows weird output when there are skipped or incomplete tests
WI-22749 (Bug) Disable ability to change Deployment Servers or make the change synchronizable
WI-22835 (Bug) File separators changed during restart of PhpStorm
WI-15913 (Bug) PHPUnit Runner: does not respect the PHPUnit_Framework_ComparisonFailure interface

No subsystem

WEB-11894 (Feature) Please add 'edit' option for js documentation urls
IDEA-123110 (Feature) Infer Nullity could show results tree before making changes
WI-22335 (Bug) PhpStorm does not remember having no text/scope configuration with find usages
IDEA-123866 (Bug) Map Help button of the Server Certificates page
WEB-11789 (Bug) Bug in JSDoc @constructor support
WEB-11581 (Bug) Nashorn: don't detect syntax errors for short form of java type instantiating
IDEA-123615 (Bug) Proxy settings are not exported
IDEA-114783 (Bug) String splitter ignores "Operation sign on next line" setting

Build tools

WEB-11713 (Feature) Grunt feedback
WEB-11326 (Task) Map help id to the Grunt tool window


WEB-11278 (Performance Problem) Bad performance expanding emmet
WEB-11910 (Bug) Autoformatting on @import statement can break media query

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-119595 (Bug) "Run inspection" command broken
IDEA-119992 (Exception) Support or disable at all batch mode for non physical files


WEB-11459 (Bug) CoffeeScript: 'Unexpected token' when using existential operator in array initialization


IDEA-123900 (Usability Problem) Can't add data source while indexing
IDEA-123751 (Bug) Database: delete table: wrong reference in constraint error message


IDEA-90254 (Feature) Feature suggestion: add names and groups to breakpoints
IDEA-91835 (Feature) Debugger: Support caret at the 'View Text' control
IDEA-111803 (Feature) Breakpoint indicator on the right gutter
IDEA-123912 (Usability Problem) Expression Evaluation does not have a default key binding
WEB-11810 (Bug) Step over doesn't work when debugging files outside the project content root
IDEA-121445 (Bug) Incomplete breakpoint background highlighting
IDEA-123652 (Exception) EIE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornCallFrame.<init>
IDEA-123653 (Exception) NCDFE Could not initialize class com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornScope

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-123867 (Bug) Alignment between editor main are and gutter is lost while scrolling
IDEA-122405 (Bug) Indent selection is disabled in IDEA 13.1

File System

IDEA-123354 (Bug) IDEA 13.1.2 EAP hangs on Project load

File Watchers

WEB-11517 (Bug) Custom file watcher doesn't watch changes in SASS partials
WEB-11638 (Bug) Less File Watcher dependency tracking does not work as expected


RUBY-15187 (Bug) File -> New command is disabled when editing a file

IDE Configuration

IDEA-123773 (Bug) Main toolbar: custom action stick in "disabled" state
IDEA-123344 (Bug) Settings->File And Code Templates: group "Java EE" -> "Other"?


IDEA-121511 (Exception) JSPX: Throwable at DocumentFoldingInfo.writeExternal() on pasting java code


WEB-3969 (Feature) Provide separate live template context for JSON
IDEA-123467 (Performance Problem) 100% CPU when working with PHP and/or Node.js dependencies
WEB-11859 (Bug) Custom reference providers for JSON language are broken
WEB-11652 (Bug) Nashorn: For Each statement not recognized

JavaScript. Predefs

WEB-10200 (Bug) Add document.head attribute to DHTML.js


WEB-11823 (Bug) Trying to create a new Node.js Express App - Error: Wrong Express Generator

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-123350 (Bug) When some plugin can be updated to different versions from different plugin repositories, UI of "Check for updates" looks strange (I can select both versions)

Plugin: Command line

WI-22791 (Bug) CLT plugin 136.1382 is not compatible with PhpStorm 7.1.3 and doesn't have correct since version

Project Configuration

IDEA-123899 (Bug) Cannot write to .idea on save

Project View

IDEA-123380 (Feature) Include "Recent Files" into scopes to allow autoscroll from source

REST Client

WEB-7478 (Feature) add JSON folding to REST Client for response.
WEB-9092 (Feature) Rest Client improvements

Remote Interpreters

PY-12549 (Exception) Not able to run SSH Console: LE at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1


IDEA-123749 (Feature) Database console syntax checking falls over for JDBC function references
IDEA-123947 (Bug) Oracle SQL incorrect parsing on an EDITIONABLE synonym create
IDEA-120777 (Bug) SQLite dialect error
IDEA-124022 (Bug) SQL Sybase dialect doesn't understand convert function
IDEA-108891 (Bug) View -> Error description (Ctrl-F1) does not work for Unresolved reference inspection (SQL files and console)
IDEA-123960 (Exception) SQL: Derby: indexing fails with SOE at ImmutableText.getChars()

Task Management

IDEA-123468 (Bug) Gitlab tasks IDs


WEB-11742 (Bug) TypeScript code completion not working with inferred types
WEB-11891 (Bug) Quick doc: wrong doc links if module and class have same name

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-100278 (Feature) Provide an option to re-debug failed tests

User Interface

IDEA-102003 (Usability Problem) OSX: CMD+Backspace to delete files
IDEA-123477 (Bug) Newly created Live Surround Template shows null in UI
IDEA-53663 (Bug) Middle-mouse (column) select also fires "Go to declaration"
IDEA-122292 (Bug) Plugins list: checkbox missing padding/not usable


PY-12625 (Exception) Vagrant: not able to add remote interpreter from Vagrant config file: IAE at com.jetbrains.plugins.remotesdk.RemoteSdkUtil.testConnection

Version Control

IDEA-67409 (Usability Problem) Home/End keys are not working in Git log (Changes view)

Version Control. Git

IDEA-123977 (Exception) Git4Idea can't be initialized

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-123331 (Bug) Exception if cancel "paths affected in revision:..." process
IDEA-123647 (Bug) Mercurial merge fail
IDEA-122202 (Bug) Mercurial: on new repository creating by EnableVCS action it is impossible to work with it until project reopening

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-123507 (Bug) Perforce stays offline when some directories outside of perforce workspace are added
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