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PhpStorm EAP 136.1476 Release Notes

PHP Composer

WI-22708 (Bug) Forbid use of remote interpreter

PHP Formatter

WI-22026 (Bug) PHP autoindent/parser breaks when JSP plug-in is off

PHP Inspections

WI-17561 (Bug) False-positive "Unused private method" notice for private method in trait
WI-11805 (Bug) Code inspection fails to report missing @throws annotations when nesting method calls

PHP lang

WI-17282 (Feature) Recursive exception scan when autogenerating docblock
WI-15431 (Feature) Support Markdown in PHPDoc blocks

PHP test

WI-22703 (Usability Problem) Filter non-remote interpreters in selection of Interpreter in PHPUnit configuration
WI-22456 (Bug) Add support of PHPUnit 4.0 on server

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-1106 (Feature) SFTP plugin should accept private keys generated by Putty (Windows)
WI-22731 (Exception) Exception is thrown on attempt to view all deployment servers while new one is not applied

Plugin: GAE support

WI-22745 (Bug) Unexpected use of comma in port parameter

No subsystem

IDEA-85296 (Bug) Runtime error closing one of multiple open projects
WEB-11346 (Bug) Bower version detection always fails

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-120802 (Bug) Optimize imports preparation freezes UI & throws Exception & crashes with OOM when called on a large project


IDEA-88850 (Cosmetics) Inconsistent checkbox capitalization in breakpoints dialog
WEB-11133 (Bug) JS Debugger: Variables view is not properly updated after setting value

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-123157 (Bug) Unnecessary scrolling in Editor Color Dialog
IDEA-120785 (Bug) Multiline select issue

File System

IDEA-122931 (Bug) maven-toolchain-1.0.jar from maven central doesn't get parsed


RUBY-15068 (Bug) Wrong indentation is not highlighted in the Editor


WEB-5058 (Bug) "Form input without an associated label" inspection fix messes with indentation in template languages.

IDE Configuration

IDEA-71048 (Bug) Version Control History: Wrong DateTime Format


IDEA-122428 (Bug) Change make a new line in a jsp file

Java. Intention Actions

IDEA-123034 (Usability Problem) Unused assigment inspection - Remove quick fix


WEB-11576 (Bug) html tag not highlighted in string
WEB-11656 (Bug) Check type of object literal property
WEB-11634 (Bug) Color highlighting bug of multi-var statement with yield
WEB-11272 (Bug) "Unresolved function or method" inspection false positive when multiple left-hand assignment is used to assign module.exports

JavaScript. Predefs

WEB-6449 (Bug) Invalid Inspection - Binary Conversion Error - Incorrect Stub -

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-102508 (Bug) error status of run configuration is not updated after fix


WEB-11630 (Bug) File Structure (Ctrl+F12) & Sass at-root: no title


IDEA-123190 (Bug) auto quotation of named parameters in SQL QueryStrings


WEB-11595 (Bug) Typescript: "method expression is not of Function type" on any type
WEB-11628 (Bug) Typescript: wrong syntax parsing
WEB-11642 (Bug) Typescript bogus error

User Interface

IDEA-123236 (Bug) Can't click through
IDEA-120011 (Bug) quick documentation looses styling
IDEA-123113 (Bug) Tool window: stripe button text differs from View|Tool Windows
IDEA-123156 (Bug) EAP PS-136.1382 broken (MacOsX 10.6.8) ('NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '+[NSScroller preferredScrollerStyle])
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