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PhpStorm EAP 136.1382 Release Notes

PHP Composer

WI-22581 (Feature) Composer CLT: allow to work with pure executable

PHP Formatter

WI-22157 (Bug) If parameter is anonymous function enter key will not preserve indent
WI-20387 (Bug) Code Format on Method-Calls has odd behaviour of the last closing brace if Alignment of Chained methods is on
WI-22307 (Bug) Nested indentation is broken for PHP (hash value)

PHP debug

WI-22654 (Bug) Remote Interpreters: Copy PHP interpreter creates clone but not a copy
WI-22518 (Bug) Remote Interpreters: doesn't detect existence of PHP on linux from windows
WI-22527 (Bug) Remote Interpreter: deadlock on startup a project with remote interpreter and PHPUnit
WI-22515 (Exception) Remote interpreter: exception is thrown on pressing Cancel in vagrant config dialog
WI-22521 (Exception) Remote Interpreters: Validate installation throws exception

PHP lang

WI-22553 (Feature) Allow special boolean getters with name "is*"

PHP lib stubs

WI-17162 (Bug) preg_match function third argument should not have type restriction (array)

PHP test

WI-22640 (Bug) Remote Interpreter: doesn't use the right path separators
WI-22704 (Exception) Exception is thrown on attempt to add PHPUnit by Remote Interpreter

Plugin: Command line

WI-20949 (Bug) Consider non-php script for Symfony based tools ( ex. Command line tool support: problems with Composer vendor binaries on Windows)
WI-22638 (Bug) CLT shouldn't use Remote Interpreter
WI-22699 (Exception) Exception is thrown on closing project while CLT is opened
WI-22676 (Exception) Exception is thrown on closing project while CLT is opened

Plugin: WordPress

WI-22216 (Feature) Extend list of functions that supports action/filter as parameter
WI-22190 (Usability Problem) Allow to choose interpreter from project interpreters list

No subsystem

IDEA-114685 (Usability Problem) Color editor should open with a single click on the color square
IDEA-122848 (Bug) "Update Info: Connection failed" appears when IDEA is started
IDEA-123005 (Bug) deadlock in awt thread
IDEA-122531 (Bug) HTML 5 parsing fails in Intellij IDEA 13.1
WEB-11468 (Bug) TODO patterns don't match correctly in jsdoc comments
IDEA-122578 (Bug) Support content roots under ignored directories
WEB-11498 (Bug) 13.1 Javascript inspections are wrong
IDEA-122561 (Bug) Some code is not shielded by "" key
IDEA-122492 (Bug) identifier highlighting conflicts with current line
IDEA-122949 (Bug) ChangeListTodosPanel should update GUI on EDT
WEB-11405 (Bug) Bower: Available Packages: remove first empty line
WEB-11434 (Bug) Can not download TypeScript community stubs
IDEA-122436 (Bug) Java Run doesn't work (IDEA 13.1)
IDEA-122918 (Bug) MarkupModel.removeAllHighlighters() does not invalidate
IDEA-122725 (Bug) Deadlock
IDEA-122677 (Exception) Internal error: Fatal error initializing 'com.intellij.psi.PsiManager'
IDEA-122757 (Exception) IOE at

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-118590 (Bug) Rule matcher for arrangement of Java code does not use the most specific rule


IDEA-122164 (Cosmetics) Possibility to change default prompt style in LanguageConsoleImpl


IDEA-122434 (Bug) Table editor does not show table content on DB2 z/OS (reopened)
IDEA-121439 (Bug) Better defaults for PostgreSQL schemas
IDEA-122604 (Bug) Table Editor Background Is White On Ubuntu


WEB-11240 (Feature) Live Console: implement multiple line input
IDEA-122536 (Bug) Debug: App Freezes on launch after update to 13.1
IDEA-122662 (Bug) Breakpoints dialog: on new breakpoint adding it should get focus
WEB-11399 (Bug) Live Console: variables defined in the console are not autocompleted (global context)
IDEA-122665 (Bug) Breakpoints dialog: incorrect representation of grouped javascript line breakpoints in nashorn projects
WEB-11379 (Bug) Console attached to the right text intent
IDEA-122630 (Exception) AE at com.intellij.ui.BalloonImpl.a
IDEA-122637 (Exception) CCE at com.intellij.debugger.ui.XBreakpointGroupingByClassRule.getGroup

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-122152 (Usability Problem) Retain 'the oldest' caret in editor on Esc press
IDEA-122192 (Usability Problem) highlight usages should have highest priority
IDEA-121916 (Usability Problem) Allow to select several words with multiple carets with mouse
IDEA-120730 (Usability Problem) Editor drops the existing selection when hitting Alt while selecting
IDEA-122633 (Task) Take system scrollbar visibility settings into account on OS X
IDEA-104560 (Bug) Duplicating the first line with line-wrapping enabled does not work well
IDEA-121156 (Bug) Editor Caret Odd Behavior For Blank Lines
IDEA-122505 (Bug) Incorrect cursor position in "Expression Evaluation" window
IDEA-96467 (Bug) Block selection is not respected by Toggle Case action
IDEA-121787 (Bug) Multiple Carets: surround with character (', ", etc) works incorrectly
IDEA-78486 (Bug) Column selection lost

External Tools

IDEA-122288 (Exception) Error running <Remote SSH External Tool>: Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/remote/RemoteFile.isWindowsPath must not be null

File System

IDEA-122344 (Bug) Unpredictable behavior when file path is more than 260 characters on windows 7

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-122322 (Bug) Find in Path: Returns empty result set on directory based search.
IDEA-122775 (Bug) Unselecting "Regular expression" in "Find in Path" dialog makes "Find" button stop working.


WEB-11531 (Bug) WCAG 2.0
WEB-11445 (Bug) AngularJS filters break Emmet

IDE Configuration

IDEA-122865 (Usability Problem) Settings / Editor / Color and Fonts: disable ability to edit color for inherited attributes
IDEA-122863 (Bug) Settings / TODO: the user-defined color is shown incorrectly after making changes


IDEA-122793 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.1 for Mac (10.9.2) hangs. I don't know what is causing it. I have to "Force Quit" it.


WEB-11497 (Bug) window.getComputedStyle does not require two arguments.

JavaScript. Formatter

WEB-2189 (Bug) JavaScript: Not generating line comment at first column


WEB-11550 (Bug) LESS code reformat produces invalid LESS file

Local History

IDEA-122495 (Performance Problem) Local history performance regression in 13.1


IDEA-122639 (Bug) Supr ALWAYS invoke Safe Detele

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-102508 (Bug) error status of run configuration is not updated after fix


WEB-10710 (Feature) Reformat Code: support Sass List (and Map)
WEB-11417 (Bug) Support suffix after parent selector & (relates to 3.3)


IDEA-122493 (Bug) SQL Sybase dialect datepart function missing arguments
IDEA-121753 (Bug) H2 SQL "create index" marked as invalid
IDEA-122922 (Bug) 'On duplicate key update' cannot resolve aliases
IDEA-122444 (Bug) MSSQL: no code completion when setting IDENTITY_INSERT but statement is green

Task Management

IDEA-105413 (Bug) "All Projects" option missing from Settings->Tasks->Servers for Mantis


IDEA-122273 (Bug) Cmd + Number does not switch other tool window when focus in Terminal


WEB-10235 (Bug) Parameter Info does not show in for Typescript library definitions of constructors

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-119742 (Bug) Test run tool-window - at least two actions (menu items) do not have icons are will be displayed as empty rectangles in some cases

User Interface

IDEA-122928 (Bug) Duplicate symbols in SearchEverywhere
IDEA-122839 (Bug) wrong ToolWindow title
IDEA-122833 (Bug) SearchEverywhere: renderer is broken in Jr. IDEs
IDEA-120011 (Bug) quick documentation looses styling
IDEA-121539 (Bug) New Mac Messages: Yes/No messages have buttons in wrong order
IDEA-122869 (Bug) Change signature: unreadable message
IDEA-122866 (Bug) 'Terminate the process after disconnect' checkbox is switch off by default
IDEA-122851 (Bug) Mac Messages on Java 6: sometimes message doesn't get focus
IDEA-122852 (Bug) Mac Messages: underscore (broken mnemonic) on some buttons
IDEA-122529 (Bug) Wrong event log icon

Version Control

IDEA-122429 (Usability Problem) git log branch filter: show currently selected branches in "Select..." popup window.
IDEA-122300 (Usability Problem) Git: Log: Show full path in structure filter tooltip
IDEA-122558 (Bug) Filter by user, then by branch doesn't work

Version Control. Git

IDEA-122626 (Bug) Can not generate API Token when configuring Github server
IDEA-121948 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.vcs.log.newgraph.facade.GraphData.assertRange

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-123011 (Usability Problem) Rebase failed in case updating without local commits
IDEA-122795 (Bug) Mercurial pull + merge automatically + commit nor longer works, merge dialog does not provide second head option.

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-122679 (Usability Problem) Perforce plugin large operations may take down p4 server

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-122607 (Bug) "SVN Repositories" tab don't closing


IDEA-122861 (Bug) IDE fails to open HTML files on a system with Turkish locale
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