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PhpStorm EAP 133.768 Release Notes

PHP Inspections

WI-17304 (Bug) Incorrect 'field not found' inspection warning for an interface with __get method
WI-13654 (Bug) Inconsistent handling of type hints in @method phpdoc for namespaced classes

PHP lang

WI-21828 (Bug) Auto-complete failure on "double value" blocks
WI-21860 (Bug) @method with array return type break up code completion
WI-8403 (Bug) UML: Provide separate category for class constants on the PHP UML diagrams.
WI-21877 (Bug) "Import class" intention stopped working on Classname[]
WI-21903 (Exception) Exception is thrown on indexing invalid constant name

PHP lib stubs

WI-21928 (Bug) Stubs missing T_YIELD constant
WI-21843 (Bug) Incorrect openssl_get_publickey signature in openssl.php
WI-18395 (Bug) Incomplete IDE information for is_a() function

WI specific

WI-21838 (Bug) About window has 2013 year

No subsystem

IDEA-111684 (Usability Problem) Quick Documentation should resolve values for aggregated / indirect constants
WEB-10470 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Incorrect unexpected token error when have newlines in arrays with splats
IDEA-115351 (Bug) Idea UI hangs after performing Move Module to group


WEB-10680 (Bug) WebStorm 7.0.3 marks valid CoffeeScript code as invalid
WEB-10438 (Bug) CoffeeScript: "Expected end of line" but it should not
WEB-10690 (Bug) "new" keyword in coffescript is mark as unexpected token


IDEA-119708 (Bug) Cannot create package
IDEA-119845 (Bug) Rename MySQL field wrong syntax

File System

IDEA-55171 (Bug) under some conditions a one-thread self-deadlock appears

IDE Configuration

IDEA-56096 (Usability Problem) Allow to create file templates with extension contains dot
IDEA-103743 (Cosmetics) Settings > Code Style > Arrangement UI glitch

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-119498 (Bug) Cannot install/uninstall any plugin if run IDE with project as parameter from console


IDEA-119790 (Performance Problem) SQL files are reindexed on every IDE start

Version Control

IDEA-116322 (Bug) Structure filter works incorrectly when there are several repos
IDEA-119316 (Bug) Vcs Log: Go To Hash/Commit/Ref doesn't work in case of active filters

Version Control. Git

IDEA-119887 (Bug) Incompatible with Git from Debian repository
IDEA-120042 (Bug) [git] Log tool window is "Loading..." indefinitely
IDEA-119693 (Bug) Share project on Github shouldn't add worspace.xml to Git
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