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No subsystem

PY-944 (Feature) Build skeletons for library classes only available as .pyc/.pyo
PY-324 (Bug) "Working directory" setting of a run configuration is not preserved
PY-1149 (Bug) Open files are deleted from GIT when PythonSdkConfigurable is "applied"
PY-1155 (Bug) java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ExtensionComponentAdapter.loadClass
PY-236 (Bug) Several issues in one class
PY-1215 (Bug) PyCharm 96.477 hangs on Windows 2000

Code Insight

PY-96 (Feature) Star import must honor _all_ attribute
PY-1010 (Feature) Completion that derives class name from variable name
PY-1211 (Feature) _slots_ support
PY-1181 (Feature) Please infer attributes for local objects of unknown type
PY-1179 (Bug) Find references doesn't find globals
PY-1175 (Bug) Incorrect unused local variable highlighting for 'isinstance' argument
PY-1207 (Bug) Default value of parameter should not be resolved to parameter itself
PY-1143 (Bug) Incorrect 'unresolved reference' in for loop
PY-1190 (Bug) Recognize calling super via self._class_
PY-1183 (Bug) Qualified reference is unresolved when there's both import .. from and regular import
PY-1038 (Bug) Fix property support
PY-1167 (Bug) variable search does not find module variables accessed in functions using keyword global
PY-839 (Bug) Python import: classes from _all_
PY-1185 (Bug) Qualified reference is not resolved if imported inside a function
PY-1153 (Bug) Importing a module doesn't bring its imported modules into scope
PY-1180 (Bug) Provide type for properties


PY-1150 (Task) Please use attached images for the tips of the day
PY-1107 (Task) Create reference page for Google App Engine
PY-1106 (Task) Document "Django root folder" option
PY-1105 (Task) Document "Paths for selected interpreter"
PY-1094 (Bug) Image missing in the ToD
PY-1103 (Bug) Missing images in Tips of the Day

App Engine Support

PY-1101 (Bug) app.yml and appear in project view after a long delay


PY-1165 (Usability Problem) improvements for Rename dialog
PY-1113 (Bug) Partial templates refactoring can't be provided in case of name started with _

Django Support

PY-388 (Feature) Code formatting for django templates
PY-1196 (Performance Problem) PyCharm work very slow and load CPU
PY-646 (Bug) "Create Django view method" quick fix throws out incorrect error message
PY-1154 (Bug) Extra hints for "unresolved template reference" inspection
PY-1170 (Bug) "Surrond with" doesn't suggest HTML tag in Django template
PY-1115 (Bug) Hard coded syntax type highlight color problem
PY-1169 (Bug) FileField and ImageField should resolve into File object
PY-1163 (Bug) Unresolved attribute reference for class OneToOneField
PY-1203 (Bug) Run browser checkbox doesn`t remeber its state
PY-1189 (Bug) Unresolved references to views
PY-1160 (Exception) Invalid formatting blocks:some block intersects with whitespace
PY-1216 (Exception) NPE - DjangoCompositeBlock.getTextRange

Test Runner

PY-1220 (Bug) "Run" command missing from context menu


PY-1229 (Feature) Support suppressing inspections
PY-1006 (Feature) Inspection to highlight attempts to call a non-callable object
PY-1208 (Bug) If a variable is only used as a default value of a parameter, it is highlighted as unused
PY-1133 (Bug) assert isinstance marks arguments as unused
PY-1243 (Bug) "Unreachable code" false positive with try/finally and raised exception
PY-1244 (Bug) "Unreachable code" false positive with try/except/else/finally
PY-1245 (Bug) "Unused local variable" false positive and false negative with try/finally
PY-1192 (Bug) "Unused local variable" false positive with try/finally
PY-1193 (Bug) "Unused parameter" false negative with lambdas
PY-1145 (Bug) import xyz.builtins is marked with inspection error


PY-1201 (Feature) Add external libraries
PY-847 (Usability Problem) "Add Interpreter" in PyCharm should show popup of interpreters which are detected but haven't been added yet
PY-515 (Bug) Default Keymap reference menu option does nothing - OS X
PY-1195 (Bug) tabs and indents settings reset
PY-484 (Bug) Libraries can't be seen in project structure with several content roots
PY-352 (Bug) Update setting page "File encodings"
PY-476 (Bug) Python Interpreter chooser shows empty line in combobox if default interpreter wasn't set
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