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No subsystem

PY-951 (Feature) Formatter should honor spacing options according to PEP 8
PY-430 (Usability Problem) Don't show overriding method marker on _init_ method
PY-1001 (Cosmetics) Local variables are shown with field icon in completion list
PY-977 (Bug) "Replace with str.format method call" doesn't handle escape sequences.
PY-978 (Bug) Auto-import adds modules imported in relative module as identifiers
PY-1014 (Bug) PyCharm hang up when trying to lookup documentation on boolean variable
PY-750 (Bug) Unbalanced parens on autocompleting
PY-1007 (Bug) Code reformat should insert blank line between class-level declaration and function
PY-1000 (Bug) From...Import completion shouldn't insert 'import' keyword if module has submodules
PY-965 (Bug) good Gql is highlighted as bad
PY-973 (Bug) Don't show keyword completion arguments after keyword completion argument
PY-600 (Bug) Django template: CSS errors
PY-902 (Bug) Code assistant marks unquoted django variables as mistake in javascript section django template


PY-980 (Bug) Python commenter must ensure that code has correct indents

App Engine Support

PY-872 (Usability Problem) Creation of AppEngine project blindly overwrites files


PY-955 (Feature) Smarter Introduce support
PY-994 (Bug) Inline Local produces unnecessary parentheses
PY-995 (Bug) Introduce Field on local variable assignment produces bogus results
PY-611 (Bug) Refactoring of Django includes works improperly
PY-410 (Bug) Find usages + rename in routes

Django Support

PY-475 (Feature) Colors page for Django templates
PY-997 (Feature) Django project generator should have option to enable Django admin
PY-990 (Feature) Quick documentation should work in completion list of filters
PY-398 (Feature) Attach "Run in browser" button for Django Run Configuration
PY-272 (Feature) Surround With in Django templates
PY-989 (Feature) Support rename refactoring for variables declared in Django templates
PY-382 (Feature) Add shortcut on "Run" task
PY-411 (Usability Problem) Unable to create comments in a Django template
PY-988 (Usability Problem) Better context sensitivity for Django tag name completion
PY-985 (Usability Problem) Create view method fix should create named parameters from named groups in URL regexp
PY-421 (Cosmetics) Tags inside multiline comment are not rendered as commented out.
PY-566 (Task) Make sure none of Django's built-in tags aren't highlighted as typos by spellchecker
PY-968 (Bug) Single quoted string literals have no appropriate highlighting in Django-template tag
PY-934 (Bug) Ctrl+W should select django template blocks
PY-878 (Bug) Ability to run multiple django tests from different apps
PY-1004 (Bug) Creating a Django app together with project should automatically add it to installed apps
PY-379 (Bug) 'else' missing in template completion
PY-1008 (Bug) Creating Django templates should accept names with extensions
PY-1009 (Bug) Renaming a file referenced from render_to_response() in Python code should work correctly
PY-386 (Bug) Console output hangs on during syncdb task execution
PY-537 (Bug) Django template parser: if comparisons
PY-837 (Bug) Navigation from to view method

Test Runner

PY-961 (Bug) Context menu on file containing unit tests in Project view should offer "Run tests"


PY-981 (Usability Problem) Disable "Raising a new style class" for Python 2.x
PY-954 (Bug) timedelta arguments incorrectly flagged as unexpected
PY-276 (Bug) Bound methods aren't detected
PY-958 (Bug) Lambda parameters confused with same-named variables in enclosing scope

Code Insight

PY-197 (Feature) "Create Class" quickfix for unresolved references starting with an uppercase letter
PY-987 (Feature) Honor "Blank lines after imports" option in Python formatter
PY-778 (Usability Problem) Completion of keyword arguments should take args from superclass when subclass uses **kwargs
PY-50 (Bug) Resolution of 'private' names must try to take current class into account
PY-972 (Bug) Don't suggest 'self=' as keyword argument completion variant
PY-979 (Bug) Auto-import should not suggest to import the file itself
PY-950 (Bug) Exception from Move Statement
PY-948 (Bug) Incorrect unresolved reference message when name of class is equal to name of method
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