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No subsystem

PY-738 (Feature) Make Python console already entered context aware
PY-275 (Feature) Add PyQT4 support
PY-740 (Feature) Make completion and resolve inside evaluate/watches while debugging context aware
PY-771 (Cosmetics) Python specific diff preview
PY-764 (Bug) Tips of the Day are not working
PY-735 (Bug) Python plugin AddImportHelper throws exception when it modifies a file not checked out in Perforce
PY-716 (Bug) all imports in python console shown as unresolved
PY-486 (Bug) Formatter should add space after commas in import list
PY-726 (Bug) Search for instance variable usages does not work
PY-701 (Bug) Python console - autocompletion on <enter> provides command handling with no autocompletion
PY-768 (Exception) Exception during completion
PY-744 (Exception) Split if - PyReferenceExpressionImpl cannot be cast to com.intellij.psi.PsiReference

Code Insight

PY-437 (Feature) Options to auto-insert () when completing method calls
PY-267 (Feature) Support class name completion for Python
PY-679 (Feature) Intention to convert concatenation of some strings and variables into usage of formatting operator
PY-327 (Bug) Import fails if same package appears in several sdk or module root folders
PY-574 (Bug) Don't display an "unresolved attribute" warning if the class pointed to defines _getattr_ or _getattributes_
PY-737 (Bug) Double completion for keywords
PY-427 (Bug) Autoimport suggestion doesn't disappear after adding import
PY-774 (Bug) Find Usages of Python class should also find usages of constructor
PY-292 (Bug) Find usages should work on _init_ method
PY-217 (Bug) Signature of _new_ ignored on object construction
PY-590 (Bug) Reference to class attribute in arg default is unresolved
PY-728 (Bug) Module docstrings become unusable by the auto import feature


PY-746 (Exception) NPE - Evaluate expression - PyKeywordCompletionContributor$StatementFitFilter.isAcceptable


PY-700 (Feature) Python console - python 3 support missing
PY-703 (Bug) Python console - enable autoscrolling down

Django Support

PY-718 (Feature) Add resolve for {% load %} template tag
PY-416 (Bug) Unresolved attribute reference for class ForeignKey
PY-563 (Bug) Attributes of settings are unresolved in Django apps
PY-454 (Bug) Model built-in attribute "id" hadnled as unresolved reference


PY-741 (Bug) RegExp - no regexp support after extract method refactoring

App Engine Support

PY-733 (Bug) Hyphens allowed in google appengine app-id but not in pycharm projects
PY-739 (Exception) NPE - AppEngineProjectGenerator$
PY-706 (Exception) Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/jetbrains/appengine/facet/AppEngineFacet.getInstance must not be null


PY-260 (Feature) Inspection to check "from _future_ import"
PY-282 (Feature) _new_'s first parameter should be called cls
PY-698 (Feature) Inspection to check that comparisons with None are performed with 'is' rather than '=='
PY-696 (Feature) Inspection to detect and simplify boolean variable checks
PY-705 (Feature) Intention to convert % style formatting to usages of string.format method
PY-704 (Feature) String formatting inspection must check that a mapping is used with %(name)s syntax


PY-641 (Bug) Wrong caret indent after inserting newline after comment in function body
PY-697 (Bug) Keyword afret Doc section can't be comleted
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