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No subsystem

PY-928 (Feature) Folding import statement blocks in Python source files
PY-873 (Usability Problem) Show method parameter lists in Ctrl-O dialog
PY-745 (Usability Problem) Split if - no action provided
PY-880 (Bug) min max builtin functions inspection
PY-939 (Bug) Highlight Usages In File alias to textual Find
PY-899 (Bug) ClassCastException when inserting a PsiComment into a PyFile
PY-857 (Bug) Map help button of the Rename dialog box
PY-833 (Bug) No autocomplete for class methods within a class method definition
PY-906 (Bug) Unresolved reference warning in target expressions
PY-874 (Bug) Code completion with nested modules is incomplete
PY-943 (Bug) Override method should insert @classmethod decorator for classmethods
PY-942 (Bug) Unresolved dynamic linked libraries
PY-915 (Exception) IndexNotReadyException

Code Insight

PY-268 (Feature) Support unused imports highlighting and Optimize Imports for Python
PY-181 (Feature) Complete Statement should work for Python
PY-296 (Feature) 'Move statement up/down' on method name line should move the whole method
PY-316 (Feature) Type of built-in object can't be defined - file objects
PY-439 (Usability Problem) Ctrl-O should add methods at caret location, not at end of class
PY-875 (Usability Problem) Show icons for parameters in completion list
PY-50 (Bug) Resolution of 'private' names must try to take current class into account
PY-919 (Bug) Can't find reference of returned type - open
PY-896 (Bug) Completion for booleans missing


PY-879 (Usability Problem) Make close and stop actions dumbaware in Python REPL console
PY-892 (Bug) Python console can't be run under Jython
PY-870 (Bug) Names in from ... import are not completed


PY-911 (Bug) If statements consists of single expression, to which "introduce variable" refactoring is applied, one statement should be created instead of two
PY-860 (Bug) "Introduce Variable" at top level in python script inserts variable declaration on top of file

Django Support

PY-840 (Feature) Provide Django runtime console
PY-889 (Bug) PyCharm hangs on OSX when using "if not in" in template


PY-781 (Bug) Signature compatibility check is incorrect
PY-849 (Bug) Global variable recognized as local variable
PY-882 (Bug) lambda parameter references are incorrectly highlighted as unresolved
PY-850 (Bug) Unused variable for _
PY-871 (Bug) False positive on unused inspection
PY-909 (Bug) False positive of "Local variable referenced before assignment" after raise
PY-947 (Bug) False positive for "Statement seems to have no effect"


PY-907 (Bug) Show methods line separators doesn't work
PY-891 (Bug) Ctrl + Shift +Enter doesn't move to next line in case of method definition
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