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No subsystem

PY-763 (Feature) Make python console extracting completion data from REPL
PY-683 (Feature) Understand escape sequences in Python console output
PY-822 (Feature) Make Quick documentation extract data from runtime in case of REPL console completion
PY-832 (Feature) Distinguish read and write usages in Python find/highlight usages
PY-802 (Usability Problem) Do not run "Effective Statement" inspections inside REPL consoles
PY-803 (Usability Problem) Do not run "DocString" inside REPL consoles
PY-814 (Usability Problem) Cursor position after pressing Enter in dictionary and list literals
PY-800 (Task) Map help button of the Python and Django consoles
PY-303 (Bug) Invalid SDK set up handleling required
PY-825 (Bug) "Qualify with an imported module" fix should never be shown for references in 'global' statement
PY-527 (Bug) Find usages works incorrect in case of local variables
PY-841 (Bug) Frequent freezes on Mac OSX
PY-843 (Bug) StackOverflowError when resolving
PY-866 (Bug) Completion should work after module references
PY-830 (Bug) Do not highlight strings in python consoles as doc-comments

Code Insight

PY-570 (Cosmetics) Don't show "private" variables & methods in autocompletion from outside class
PY-568 (Cosmetics) Don't add "magic" methods to autocompletion
PY-846 (Bug) StackOverflow in case of recursive inheritance
PY-777 (Bug) Completion of import statements should work correctly after qualifier


PY-842 (Feature) Make Quick documentation lookup work in pydev console

App Engine Support

PY-818 (Bug) Cannot start App Engine run configuration, when installed with MacPorts (mac os)


PY-831 (Feature) Support in-place rename for Python local variables
PY-385 (Bug) Rename works incorrectly for parameters
PY-727 (Bug) Rename Variable should cope with multiple definitions

Django Support

PY-840 (Feature) Provide Django runtime console
PY-565 (Feature) Inspection to verify that {% extends %} is the first tag in a template
PY-805 (Usability Problem) Django support inspection in Run Configuration
PY-796 (Bug) Injection of regular expression into routes doesn`t work in case of appeding routes

Test Runner

PY-807 (Exception) NPE - update failed for AnAction with ID=CreateRunConfiguration


PY-669 (Bug) Method signature doesn't match base method's one inspection false positive
PY-823 (Bug) Octal prefix inspection erroneously complains about floating point literals
PY-808 (Bug) Inspection messes extends and include tags
PY-824 (Bug) "Raising a string exception" incorrectly reported when string is passed as exception constructor parameter
PY-734 (Bug) String formatting inspection error
PY-862 (Bug) 'cls' parameter should not be highlighted as unused in methods annotated with @classmethod
PY-863 (Bug) Incorrect error about value being referenced before assignment
PY-861 (Bug) "Unused variable" false positive in case of multiple nested functions
PY-812 (Bug) Octal literal inspection erroneously triggers on hex literals
PY-793 (Bug) Control flow builder should know about exit() function and consider it a dead end
PY-871 (Bug) False positive on unused inspection


PY-853 (Usability Problem) Back space action should respect indentation settings in non empty lines
PY-821 (Bug) Structure view doesn't update on typing
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