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The theme of the release is "Package and environment management".

  • Django 1.4 support
  • UI changes to interpreter configuration (yole)
    • named Python interpreters
    • icons for interpreters
    • unify IDE and Project UIs for interpreters management
    • choose flavor if autodetection failed
    • offer to make interpreter default after creation (catherine)
    • select current interprerer in the list of interpreters (catherine)
  • virtualenv support
    • bundle virtualenv
    • auto-detect virtualenv when adding a project interpreter (if venv root is under project or ~/.virtualenvs/ exists) (catherine)
    • create virtualenv
      • checkbox in create project dialog
      • popup/suggestion when opening a project
      • option under python interpreters / add
    • virtualenvwrapper integration?
      • awareness about WORKON_HOME (~/.virtualenvs)
    • associate virtualenv with project, don't show it for other projects (yole)
    • correctly calculate PATH (vlan)
    • ignore virtualenv paths
  • dependencies management (vlan)
    • extract from or requirements.txt support
    • suggest to install or update required libraries
    • inspection to verify that everything you import is listed in your requirements
    • quickfix should allow to choose which packages to install (vlan)
  • distutils / PyPI support
    • UI for installing packages from PyPI (catherine)
      • browse currently installed packages
      • show outdated versions
      • install into virtualenv
      • uninstall package installed into virtualenv
      • locally cache list of packages on pypi
      • ask for sudo rights when installing packages locally
    • some kind of support? (yole)
      • code insight support
      • run tasks (yole)
      • syntax highlighting for setup.cfg (reuse our buildout.cfg support)
    • distutils template when creating new project
    • install Django when creating new project (catherine)
    • UI for creating descriptors, uploading and updating packages on PyPI (yole)
      • prompt for username/password on pypi and offer to create account when running 'upload' task and no account configured
  • better automatic configuration of environment
    • autodetect docstring format
    • autodetect testrunner
    • assist in specifying types via docstrings
  • remote Python interpreters (traff)
    • run/debug on a remote host over ssh
    • remote console
    • download binary module skeletons from remote host* (traff)
    • download python libraries from remote host?
    • coverage
  • project templates?
    • integrate with paster?
  • Autodesk Maya (MayaPy) support
    • Remote Maya debugging support
    • Maya python flavour
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