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No subsystem

PY-5351 (Bug) "Add encoding declaration" must be shown in case of unicode usage in arbitrary strings. Not only doc comments.
PY-5379 (Bug) Reformat breaks python code
PY-5403 (Bug) Debugger console incompatible with IPython 0.12

Code Insight

PY-5494 (Bug) Some double-underscore methods are listed twice in completion list after 'def'


PY-5404 (Usability Problem) Add "Configure Interpreters" link to Settings | Console | Python Console
PY-5333 (Bug) Console: IndentationError: false positive for correctly indented statements in console
PY-5529 (Bug) Console: changed-by-user python interpreter settings should not be updated on changing Project Interpreter


PY-5490 (Performance Problem) Debugger: it takes about 10 sec to execute any command after the first one in debugger console with IPython
PY-3578 (Bug) Can't debug multi-threaded apps under jython
PY-5417 (Bug) Debugger exception
PY-5513 (Bug) The debugger doesn't work in a Pyramid project

Django Support

PY-5397 (Feature) Understand custom tags registered by assignment_tag function
PY-5398 (Feature) Support {% elif %} tag in Django templates
PY-5312 (Bug) Django OneToOne field support broken
PY-5310 (Bug) Django ForeignKey support does not work on "self" relations
PY-5344 (Bug) Wrong suggestion for the ForeignKey attribute name.
PY-5309 (Bug) Django ForeignKey support does not work when using keyword arguments in ForeignKey call
PY-5550 (Bug) Django: rename/move rafactoring for some custom template filter fails with meaningless error
PY-5518 (Bug) Django: OneToOneFiled is not detected properly with keyword arguments in call
PY-5549 (Exception) Django: IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.lookup.LookupElementBuilder.create


PY-5299 (Bug) Insert docstring: respect class indentation


PY-5301 (Bug) Templates: loses highlighting when changing settings for another project


PY-5331 (Bug) Refactor->Move does not remove 'import' in modules where moved function was used
PY-5200 (Bug) Move statement: ineffective moving of nested if block
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