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No subsystem

RUBY-14437 (Feature) Add quickfix for unresolved compass import
IDEA-98912 (Usability Problem) An Enter license button should be added to the welcome screen
IDEA-51883 (Bug) IDEA prints out huge number of pages
RUBY-15160 (Bug) Add possibility to specify compass config.rb
IDEA-124454 (Bug) Code inspection reports no errors
PY-12964 (Bug) add path to the interpreter doesn't work
IDEA-124057 (Bug) SSL Handshake failure
IDEA-115374 (Bug) "Print file" truncates the code on Mac
IDEA-124097 (Bug) Structure tool window steals a focus
PY-11909 (Bug) problem with extract variable
WEB-12013 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId
WEB-12014 (Exception) IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId


TW-25043 (Feature) AssumptionViolatedException interpreted as a failure by TeamCity

Build tools

WEB-11713 (Feature) Grunt feedback
WEB-11956 (Bug) The grunt plugin is not using the NODE_PATH environment variable

Code Insight

PY-12804 (Bug) PyStatementEffect inspection doesn't wrap exec argument in parenthesis
PY-12920 (Bug) **kwargs in constructor parameters disappear after "Add super class call" quick fix
PY-11929 (Bug) Insert type assertion should be disabled for references introduced in dict comprehensions


PY-12487 (Bug) Editor does not save file on transition to Python Console
PY-12729 (Bug) ssh console tries to install local LC_CTYPE value on the remote host
PY-12542 (Bug) Execute Selection in console empty line problem
PY-12959 (Exception) Debug Console: PDE at com.jetbrains.python.console.PydevConsoleCommunication.connectToDebugger


IDEA-124598 (Bug) Database table editor: keyboard shortcut for Add New Row is not applied
IDEA-124479 (Bug) MS SQL. SQL Insert Statements data extractor does not wrap text values with quotes.
IDEA-120058 (Bug) Copy-as-update-statements sometimes works incorrectly
IDEA-110463 (Bug) INSERT exporter does not honour MySQL backslash escapes
IDEA-125074 (Bug) Database table edit doesn't keep the result page
IDEA-125008 (Bug) Database Explorer Bug when delete a foreign key
IDEA-123904 (Bug) No Query Found
IDEA-124770 (Bug) Table editor does not work with tables starting with a digit
IDEA-125072 (Exception) Database: AE at com.intellij.persistence.database.psi.DbElementImpl.getDataSource


PY-11645 (Bug) Debug console crashing on IPython completion
WEB-9103 (Bug) nodejs: Debugger not showing value of getter
PY-12835 (Bug) Show python console in debugger session rename required


PY-12580 (Bug) Django Model Dependency Diagram: missing relation between models from apps in subfolders


PY-12905 (Feature) Support parameter "trimmed"
PY-2880 (Feature) Django: provide completion for context_object_name value in django template
PY-1194 (Feature) Provide completion and navigation for url tag in django template
PY-12426 (Feature) Create inspection that reports django language level specific issues
PY-12565 (Bug) Django: default template names for generic class-based views are not resolved
PY-12779 (Bug) Configure Template directories quick-fix: open project structure settings page right away
PY-10016 (Bug) Namespace support in PyCharm 2.7.3
PY-12344 (Bug) Views in i18n_patterns are not resolved
PY-12579 (Bug) "url" function is not processed correctly when imported as alias
PY-12118 (Bug) Pycharm "Run Task" does not recognize the new django 1.7 "migrate", "squashmigrations", "makemigrations" command's
PY-11356 (Bug) No autocomplete in {% url %} tag for Django 1.5 and newer using new syntax
PY-12283 (Bug) Django: remove Live templates from tag arguments completions
PY-7000 (Bug) Django: not able to Find Usages for template reference variable passed to template from view
PY-12780 (Bug) Django: missing default provided by context_object_name in completion
PY-12427 (Bug) URL names reference does not work


PY-4479 (Usability Problem) Add field to class: select created field for editing, not passed to constructor parameter
PY-12120 (Bug) Invalid caret position after Enter press in unicode strings

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-124527 (Bug) Shift-drag after Shift-click starts new selection in editor

File Watchers

WEB-11689 (Bug) SASS/SCSS partials ignored by file watcher


PY-12698 (Performance Problem) Noticeable hang when selecting not yet added virtualenv as project interpreter
PY-12786 (Cosmetics) Python Interpreters: extra space in configuration popup from project creation dialog
PY-12915 (Bug) No project interpreter found after project creation
PY-12904 (Exception) IAE: Equal objects must have equal hashcodes

IDE Configuration

IDEA-123898 (Bug) IntelliJ Configuration server : create/manage JetBrains account error


PY-12679 (Bug) Remove redundant parenthesis: false negative for duplicated parenthesis in complicated and or statements
PY-12369 (Bug) Code Inspection fails for negative default parameter
PY-12825 (Bug) Remove unused parameter: do not allow to remove last argument after star when refactoring function with keyword-only arguments
PY-12726 (Bug) PyCharm does not recognize compatibility issues when importing from _future_
PY-12826 (Bug) Remove unused parameter: remove references in the docstrings
PY-12824 (Bug) Remove unused parameter: usages in function calls are not updated


IDEA-121511 (Exception) JSPX: Throwable at DocumentFoldingInfo.writeExternal() on pasting java code


IDEA-123467 (Performance Problem) 100% CPU when working with PHP and/or Node.js dependencies
WEB-12054 (Bug) Good code red - es6 Multiline String Templates
WEB-11980 (Bug) Good code red - es6 double for
WEB-10432 (Bug) jsHint: support extends

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-12063 (Bug) Angular directive attribute value tokens are broken in Haml

JavaScript. Templates

WEB-11969 (Exception) AngularJS conflicts with Handlebars/Mustaches

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-124796 (Bug) List of plugins was not loaded: (404 on



PY-12401 (Bug) inline refactoring looses comments
PY-12195 (Bug) Changing signature of decorator removes '@'

Remote Interpreters

PY-12549 (Exception) Not able to run SSH Console: LE at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1
PY-12958 (Exception) Remote Interpreters: ISE at com.jetbrains.python.sdk.skeletons.PySkeletonGenerator.listBinaries


IDEA-123749 (Feature) Database console syntax checking falls over for JDBC function references
IDEA-124022 (Bug) SQL Sybase dialect doesn't understand convert function
IDEA-124360 (Bug) HSQLDB dialect problems
IDEA-124743 (Bug) SQL syntax check fails on multiple rule actions syntax (may be postgres specific)
IDEA-123058 (Bug) Amazon Redshift (Postgres) "ignore nulls" highlighted incorrectly
IDEA-124266 (Bug) [database db2 dialect] good code marked as red
IDEA-114251 (Bug) DB2 call syntax error
IDEA-120509 (Bug) Unrecognized SQL expression (pgTAP test)
IDEA-124143 (Bug) Sybase: some datatypes are incorrectly marked red
IDEA-124142 (Bug) Sybase: some datatypes marked unresolved
IDEA-124465 (Bug) SQL: Inspections: DB2: false positive 'Adding not null column' inspection
IDEA-123960 (Exception) SQL: Derby: indexing fails with SOE at ImmutableText.getChars()

Test Runner

PY-12037 (Cosmetics) long path cause wide menu
PY-12660 (Bug) PyCharm adds quotes in runconfiguration and fails
PY-12731 (Bug) Creating test profile from context menu unexpectedly creates django tests
PY-11922 (Bug) pytest problem with marker expression containing spaces
PY-12313 (Bug) Incorrect _file_ value when running tests in a folder on Windows
PY-12819 (Bug) Unable to run GAE nosetests


WEB-11690 (Bug) TypeScript breakpoint is not hit

User Interface

IDEA-79312 (Usability Problem) text cursor gets lost
IDEA-53663 (Bug) Middle-mouse (column) select also fires "Go to declaration"

Version Control. Git

IDEA-124052 (Bug) Git Log crashes if there are remote branches without correspondent remotes
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