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No subsystem

IDEA-111684 (Usability Problem) Quick Documentation should resolve values for aggregated / indirect constants


IDEA-119845 (Bug) Rename MySQL field wrong syntax


PY-10535 (Bug) Start Flask project failed under Python3.3

File System

IDEA-55171 (Bug) under some conditions a one-thread self-deadlock appears

IDE Configuration

IDEA-103743 (Cosmetics) Settings > Code Style > Arrangement UI glitch


PY-3569 (Feature) Inspection to warn if a loop variable is assigned inside the loop

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-119498 (Bug) Cannot install/uninstall any plugin if run IDE with project as parameter from console

Remote Interpreters

PY-10999 (Bug) Remote interpreter debug: can't navigate to library


IDEA-119790 (Performance Problem) SQL files are reindexed on every IDE start

Version Control. Git

IDEA-119693 (Bug) Share project on Github shouldn't add worspace.xml to Git
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