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IDEA-81277 (Feature) Show Constraints for Data Sources
IDEA-118159 (Feature) "Search Everywhere" inconsistent api on ItemPresentation
IDEA-78206 (Bug) Constructing 'mailto' link -> cannot resolve file 'mailto'
IDEA-118691 (Bug) Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) often does not display correct javadoc after checking parameters with CTRL+P
IDEA-118696 (Bug) Replace with regex: IOOBE at SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex()
IDEA-118745 (Bug) Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames doesn't work for non-project files
IDEA-117835 (Bug) Some IntelliJ IDEA icons are fuzzy on MacBook Pro with Retina
IDEA-118718 (Bug) Occasionally seeing "Low disk space on a IntelliJ IDEA system directory partition"
PY-11581 (Bug) RST: Header is not highlighted if there is a space after separator
IDEA-116071 (Bug) Field can be final inspection change
WEB-10280 (Bug) All "Test Sources Root" folders map to the wrong path in the web server preview
IDEA-118587 (Bug) IDEA may not exit with black window
IDEA-118107 (Bug) Internal Error when starting IDEA 13 on Windows 7


WEB-10225 (Bug) Injected HTML: goto CSS declaration does not see the other fragments.

Code Analysis. Duplicates

IDEA-117649 (Bug) "Locate Duplicates" action seems to not work with "Class Hierarchy" custom scope.

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-116006 (Usability Problem) Eclipse code style import: import the same xml does not pick up changes until manual synchronization
IDEA-114952 (Usability Problem) Eclipse code style import: would be nice to remember imported file location
IDEA-116940 (Bug) @formatter:off still generating braces
IDEA-96723 (Bug) Java Rearranger deletes blank lines in field declarations
IDEA-118264 (Bug) Rearrange Entries stopped working in Intellij 13


WEB-10065 (Bug) Good code is red
WEB-7251 (Bug) renaming a variable with @ in coffeescript is not allowed
WEB-9497 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Incorrect end of line expected in extends clause
WEB-9888 (Bug) Good coffeescript marked red
WEB-9513 (Bug) CoffeeScript incorrect reformating
WEB-8867 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Unused warnings
WEB-9899 (Bug) CoffeeScript parser incorrectly determines function parameter count
WEB-9964 (Exception) CoffeeScript: AssertionError on editing expression with injected RegExp


IDEA-117701 (Feature) Database: Ability to interactively change the password after login
IDEA-117925 (Usability Problem) Unsaved data sources changes are not considered for some actions
IDEA-118326 (Usability Problem) Assign Data Sources | Data Source row should indicate user can change it
IDEA-117199 (Bug) Database console: incorrect icons for consoles when trying to run a .sql file
IDEA-118705 (Bug) Database: navigation to 'Referencing Rows Only' doesn't show the filter criteria that was used
IDEA-117976 (Bug) Database table editor: Enter should start editing of value in selected cell
IDEA-117991 (Bug) When refreshing datasources tree show databases before refreshing all the items
IDEA-110464 (Bug) IDEA SQL plugin cannot connect to remote database over VPN
IDEA-118022 (Bug) Cannot rename DataSource via context menu item
IDEA-108516 (Bug) Unable to rename schema of DDL Data Source in Database panel
IDEA-118283 (Bug) Database: "Rename table" for MySQL tables causes exception
IDEA-117802 (Bug) DDL data source in Database tab doesn't support multiple schemas
IDEA-117670 (Bug) Database: TableEditor invalid navigate via foreign key


WEB-9566 (Feature) Debugger: optionally ignore certificate errors
WEB-10283 (Bug) JS chrome Debug: fails with Nesting problem when changing value in debugger
WEB-10175 (Exception) Exception is thrown while debugging JS: can't debug


RUBY-14617 (Bug) do[enter] inserts DocumentError instead of a new line
PY-6095 (Bug) Accepting a completion with TAB results in a syntax error
PY-11595 (Bug) Unable to move lines within Python doc strings
PY-11585 (Bug) Widening selection not working in Python doc strings

Editor. Code Completion

IDEA-115727 (Bug) Cyclic Expand Word leaves word highlighted
IDEA-117511 (Bug) Hippie completion not working as expected in Intellij 13

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-57940 (Bug) Cyclic expand word should take into account all open files
IDEA-113684 (Bug) Soft wraps insert additional spaces

Editor. Error Highlighting

IDEA-23831 (Bug) highlight usages: problems with split files


WEB-2229 (Bug) Html with strict DTD doesn't end the img tag properly


IDEA-117437 (Bug) Hibernate console: ConnectException: Connection refused: connect


PY-11594 (Bug) New Project: selected interpreter is not set as project interpreter when attaching project to already opened one

IDE Configuration

IDEA-118292 (Usability Problem) Confusing custom config/system path configuration in (${idea.config.path} is not expanded)
IDEA-118111 (Bug) Can't close IDEA 13 (Ubuntu linux)
IDEA-118330 (Bug) IDE hangs
IDEA-118763 (Bug) Can't start IDEA after deinstalling a plugin


PY-11589 (Usability Problem) Don't highlight unresolved references if a Python interpreter for the project hasn't been set up
PY-11588 (Bug) "Instance attribute %s defined outside _init_" in static method


IDEA-117883 (Cosmetics) Inspection descriptions talk about "the list/checkbox below"


WEB-7157 (Bug) Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused
WEB-9817 (Bug) Node.js: global functions defined as 'global['name']' not resolved

JavaScript. Formatter

WEB-7553 (Bug) Incorrect indentation with chained calls


WEB-10309 (Bug) Stepping through node debugging session fails with sourcemapped files if built files are excluded from workspace (repo steps and example project)
WEB-9517 (Bug) Npm: Error loading package list

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-118446 (Bug) Installation and plugin update (patch) download ignores Settings / HTTP Proxy

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-21460 (Bug) Any In place server mapping with '/' in Web Path is replaced with mapping with project root in local path

Project View

IDEA-118066 (Performance Problem) Hight CPU when open Project Tee View

REST Client

WEB-9845 (Bug) REST-Tool: Save Request to .xml


PY-11654 (Exception) Move Statement: IOE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.d


IDEA-50739 (Usability Problem) SQL: Insert Values Inspection: do not warn (optionally?) if absent arguments can be inserted due to DEFAULT clauses
IDEA-116149 (Usability Problem) PostgreSQL: Missing column alias when subquery uses CAST or ::
IDEA-93034 (Usability Problem) SQL: MySQL: erasing the first backtick could erase the pair
IDEA-118573 (Bug) Oracle "DROP INDEX" marked as syntax error
IDEA-46068 (Bug) SQLite: REINDEX with collation name is yellow
IDEA-118076 (Bug) rename alias in SQL console surrounds alias with quotes
IDEA-117092 (Bug) Submit MySQL query stucks with special comment
IDEA-116905 (Bug) PostgreSQL: window function "min" has errors
IDEA-117208 (Bug) MySQL reformat fails to convert null literal to upercase
IDEA-117606 (Bug) PostgreSQL: references to user are not resolved
IDEA-116407 (Bug) Oracle callable <statement> expected false positive
IDEA-113174 (Bug) Oracle SQL: support INSERT INTO in prepared statements
IDEA-117431 (Bug) Identifier quotation will incorrectly quote MySQL variables
IDEA-117313 (Bug) Oracle syntax problem
IDEA-104127 (Bug) Good code is red: using parameters to a stored procedure as values on a limit clause
IDEA-117899 (Bug) SQL: column scope is not determined correctly
IDEA-57415 (Bug) SQL: HSQLDB: quoted names are resolved ignoring case
IDEA-117850 (Bug) Code Style > SQL > New Line before - Join Condition does not work when unchecked
IDEA-117129 (Bug) Bad indent of brace in MySQL JOIN


PY-10411 (Bug) 'flush' argument to print() builtin flagged as unexpected


WEB-10058 (Bug) Typescript reference
WEB-10082 (Bug) TypeScript: Type problems with namespaces

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-117989 (Bug) JUnit: Run/Debug java test output "scroll to stacktrace" not working as expected
IDEA-116825 (Bug) JUnit4: Incorrect 'Failed to start' message in presence of ignored tests
IDEA-118595 (Bug) IDE is stuck on running junit tests

Unit Tests

WEB-10387 (Bug) Mocha console log statements are not correctly aligned to their encasing tests

User Interface

IDEA-117772 (Bug) Deadlock IDEA 13


PY-11687 (Feature) RFE: Pass Shell Variables to Vagrant
PY-9994 (Feature) Multiple Vagrant configurations in Vagrantfile
PY-9869 (Feature) Cannot execute "vagrant provision" from PyCharm
PY-9854 (Feature) Cannot start Vagrant with --provider=vmware_fusion
PY-10756 (Usability Problem) Vagrant icons don't show when actions are added to the toolbar
PY-11755 (Usability Problem) Vagrant: loading settings takes significant amout of time if there are some plugins installed
PY-8995 (Usability Problem) Vagrant: propose to add vagrant box when there is no one yet configured
PY-11493 (Cosmetics) Vagrant: up icon is too small compared to the rest of the icons
PY-11699 (Bug) no vagrant box in settings
PY-11750 (Bug) Vagrant: Init: project selection popup is not closed after selection
PY-11691 (Exception) Exception on every Vagrant settings open
PY-11751 (Exception) Vagrant: Init: Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only. Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.a

Version Control

IDEA-115901 (Usability Problem) VCS-Log: Save view selection on refresh
IDEA-115594 (Usability Problem) 'Commit Changes' dialog joins two (or more) previous commit messages
IDEA-116834 (Performance Problem) Moving through the list of filtered commits is slow
IDEA-117680 (Bug) Changes from 2 selected commits aren't merged, 2 files with the same name are shown in the right part of panel
IDEA-116718 (Bug) Git Log: Moving selection skips some commits
IDEA-118644 (Bug) Apply patch places new file in new package into incorrect source root

Version Control. Git

IDEA-116738 (Bug) git amend: does not process line endings correctly
IDEA-114111 (Bug) Cherry pick doesn't commit renamed files
IDEA-116207 (Bug) When selecting several commits in git log, and invoking "Show Diff", diff is empty
IDEA-118265 (Bug) For multi-root projects Git branch menu not showing when clicked


IDEA-84166 (Feature) Support "CTRL+H" on class in .xml file
IDEA-105450 (Bug) Attribute id in OSGI reference element not allowed
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