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PY-10921 (Task) Add license/license.txt to PyCharm CE
RUBY-14069 (Bug) Expand template does not work properly match back to method delim in ruby
PY-9448 (Bug) Add ability to directly create pdf's from sphinx documentation
PY-10901 (Bug) PyCharm not create icon in Unity or Desktop in Ubuntu


WEB-9369 (Usability Problem) Enable/disable Emmet based on language
WEB-9509 (Bug) Emmet CSS: Add option to disable unknown properties expanding
WEB-9489 (Bug) css inspection does not support "!IMPORTANT"
WEB-9388 (Bug) Wrong comment indent at style tag
WEB-9339 (Exception) Live Templates: Throwable on creating comment template

Code Insight

PY-9639 (Feature) Extract method: Replace Duplicates: search duplicates by code tree, not by exact text match
PY-8953 (Bug) Docstring type annotations are ignored for the self parameter

Code: Documentation

OC-8394 (Bug) Documentation not found

Code: Editing

OC-8400 (Usability Problem) Folding: unresolved import should not be folded


WEB-9005 (Bug) Wrong tabulation of function argument after code reformat
WEB-9365 (Bug) coffeescript error highlight bug with else if and indentation


PY-10944 (Usability Problem) Editors content not auto synced on terminal activation
PY-11028 (Bug) Python remote console is broken for IPython 1.1.0
PY-7070 (Bug) Couldn't connect to console process on Mac when Wifi is on
PY-10800 (Bug) Python Console warning with IPython 1.1
PY-10880 (Bug) Terminal doesn't work (can't create new tab)


PY-9964 (Bug) PyCharm doesn't support Cython fused types


IDEA-114161 (Bug) PostgreSQL Date Arrays yield errors
IDEA-114166 (Exception) Database table editor: empty (null) value: SIOOBE at ObjectUiFactory$SimpleEditor.stopCellEditing()


PY-4714 (Feature) Remote debug: stoptrace function
IDEA-114002 (Usability Problem) XDebuger breakpoint properties: don't close the dialog by double click
IDEA-114604 (Bug) Evaluate Expression doesn't change context after navigating call stack
WEB-9476 (Bug) Webstorm 7 stalls Chrome browser when breaking on exceptions
PY-4711 (Bug) restarting remote debug issue
PY-3265 (Bug) Unicode issue: Dictionary containing unicode keys unable to be expanded while debugging
WEB-9534 (Bug) WebStorm 7 console to stop full path of file
PY-8258 (Bug) Cannot debug multiprocess application with Pycharm debugger
IDEA-114004 (Bug) XDebugger breakpoint properties: checkboxes synchronization is broken
IDEA-114003 (Bug) XDebuger breakpoint properties: strage selection jumps in breakpoint tree
IDEA-114001 (Bug) XDebuger Breakpoint Properties: enable in tree is not saved
WEB-9514 (Bug) Built-in server: Win: machine_name.local is not working


PY-10905 (Bug) Django UML Diagram - Multi Table Inheritance


PY-7104 (Usability Problem) Django: allow to specify script in settings from directory out of project root
PY-11052 (Bug) Can't enter ">" on certain html tags: Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/openapi/module/ModuleUtilCore.findModuleForPsiElement must not be null


PY-10982 (Bug) Autopopup code completion interferes in docstring comments
PY-10995 (Bug) Wrapping on right margin deletes code with slashes at the end of miltiline statements.

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-114050 (Bug) Enter inserts closing brace in wrong place

File System

IDEA-114633 (Bug) Deleting a folder containing symlinked directories will delete the linked directories contents


WEB-7487 (Bug) Inspection don't know about xmpp-link


PY-10788 (Feature) Possibility to disable PEP8 naming convention violation inspection for overridden functions
PY-10933 (Usability Problem) PyCharm 3.0 - PEP8 in test method names
PY-11002 (Bug) "Variable in function should be lowercase" when overriding class
PY-10667 (Bug) Incorrect static analysis of unused var
PY-10002 (Bug) Unresolved reference in case of package marked as source root
PY-9365 (Bug) Make function from method: leads to unresolved attribute reference for method usages in class
PY-10893 (Bug) Attribute reference is unresolved for "factory" classes returned in _new_
PY-9262 (Bug) Instance attribute defined outside init: false positive with superclass constructor call in class
PY-10819 (Bug) from package.x import x in _init_
PY-10883 (Bug) Analyzer reports a false warning in an abstract class
PY-10881 (Bug) Method may be static false positive on abc.abstractproperty
PY-9605 (Bug) "Unexpected argument" false positive because of @property
PY-10839 (Bug) 'Redeclared x ... without usage' false positive
PY-10988 (Bug) Instance attribute defined outside _init_ with property setter
PY-10902 (Bug) PyCharm 3 no _init_ class introspection for django Meta classes
PY-10697 (Bug) Instance attribute defined outside init false positive for django models
PY-10993 (Bug) Instance attribute defined outside _init_, which is strictly true, but it's an invalid issue.
PY-10854 (Bug) PyCharm expects iterable for 2 argument iter()


WEB-9424 (Bug) NPE when opening a specific JS file (jquery.wikiEditor.toc.js)

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-9300 (Bug) JSON.stringify() warning with strings


WEB-8793 (Performance Problem) Opening a LESS file causes 100% CPU usage and memory spike


PY-9029 (Bug) PyCharm 2.7.1 doesn't handle requirements.txt with version information
PY-10124 (Bug) Can't install any package


PY-10701 (Bug) False positive "missing closing triple quotes" when in docstring code

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-20293 (Usability Problem) If default server is not set up then there is no deployment submenu in project view


PY-10626 (Bug) Pyramid: default tests run configuration is not selectable for new project
PY-10686 (Bug) Chameleon: Closing quote expected in 130.1764
PY-10447 (Bug) Chameleon: missing default namespace completion


IDEA-114112 (Bug) Pinned Database Tabs do not Survive "Close Others"


WEB-9118 (Bug) Stylus: Red code: operator used as class selector
WEB-9306 (Bug) Stylus: "selector suffix expected" error (parent reference)

Test Runner

PY-10668 (Bug) Test Runner: do not propose unittest run configuration on every folder in project
PY-10908 (Bug) SkipTest from nose is reported as test failure
PY-10991 (Bug) pytestrunner fails with TypeError


WEB-7723 (Bug) Incorrect scoping rules for function literals
WEB-8455 (Bug) TypeScript: 'assigned expression type not assignable' for generic arguments
WEB-9378 (Bug) TypeScript: 'property not defined in type -null-string-' reported for class fields after each code change
WEB-8446 (Bug) TypeScript: 'argument types do not match parameters' when creating instance of generic class referenced via full name
WEB-9471 (Bug) TypeScript: NPE on completion invocation while extending Interface
WEB-8924 (Bug) TypeScript: private class fields not resolved in a callback
WEB-9112 (Bug) Typescript: any only works one level
WEB-7851 (Bug) TypeScript super() requests incorrect number of parameters when common base module and same name
WEB-8561 (Bug) Class declared in module shown as unresolved in that module
WEB-9392 (Bug) TypeScript: static superclass member not resolved
WEB-9395 (Bug) TypeScript: interface in module not resolved if it's not exported
WEB-2374 (Bug) TypeScript: type compatibility not correctly checked in case of self invoking function expression
WEB-9380 (Bug) TypeScript: 'property not defined in type' when using typeof
WEB-9386 (Bug) TypeScript: static members not accessible on imported classes
WEB-9301 (Bug) WebStorm hung for 20 seconds after changing File Watcher settings
WEB-8628 (Bug) TypeScript: "Argument type String[] is not assignable to parameter type T[]=" when calling generic static method of a generic class ...
WEB-8549 (Bug) "Returned expression type GenericClass<TResult> is not assignable to type GenericClass<Number>"
WEB-9131 (Bug) TypeScript<U> strips type information
WEB-8633 (Bug) Incorrect type parameter inference for TypeScript
WEB-9203 (Bug) Typescript - Good Code Red - Unimplemented Interface


PY-10381 (Cosmetics) Web2Py: untidy link highlighting for views references inside views
PY-11007 (Bug) broken web2py project view
PY-11012 (Bug) Web2py project: notify error when import module in folder web2py/site-packages
PY-10912 (Bug) don't take into account web2py package name on opening project
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