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PY-4260 (Feature) Inject SQL language into SQL queries in Python code
PY-6041 (Feature) Integrate duplicate code detection with PyCharm
PY-10186 (Usability Problem) "Method could be static" should ignore methods annotated with @abstractmethod
PY-10314 (Usability Problem) Locate Duplicates: rethink Code Duplication Analysis Settings dialog page for python language
WI-19180 (Bug) PHP Built-in Web Server run configuration: port number must not be formatted
IDEA-111165 (Bug) Cardea: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host:
PY-10307 (Bug) Locate Duplicates: anonymize fields is not taken into account
IDEA-111177 (Bug) PhpStorm can be run twice on Linux
PY-10211 (Bug) false docstring notice when using PEP3102
PY-9676 (Bug) Unresolved attribute reference 'key' for class '*Property'
IDEA-110638 (Bug) "Recent Projects" pane does not handle relative project paths correctly.
PY-9661 (Bug) Fill paragraph generally bad
PY-10238 (Bug) sphinx-quickstart couldn't be found under /usr/local/bin
PY-10237 (Bug) Sphinx quickstart action should take module from datacontext instead of using modules[0]
PY-10346 (Bug) _div_ still highlighted as special method in Python3
RUBY-13971 (Bug) Cannot enter text in reg exp in some circumstances
PY-10153 (Exception) RST Documentation popup: IAE at java.lang.ProcessImpl.<init>


IDEA-110808 (Bug) Renaming application package in manifest shouldn't change java package
IDEA-57990 (Bug) IntelliJ can't resolve package private symbols when syntax highlighting android java files
IDEA-111115 (Exception) java.lang.NullPointerException


WEB-7112 (Feature) Emmet: completion for results of the fuzzy search
WEB-8534 (Feature) Add file size next to other image info to image preview (when Shift+Hover over image URLs)
WEB-8308 (Cosmetics) Incorrect "Expand CSS shorthand property" on "cursor"
WEB-8341 (Bug) CSS optimizations break code with !important
WEB-7774 (Bug) SOEs from css inspections on huge PHP files
WEB-8306 (Bug) Two exact CSS rules aren't detected as overwritten
WEB-8307 (Bug) !important is not understood on precedence

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-93372 (Feature) Implement something similar to ReSharper contract annotations for Java
IDEA-110663 (Bug) Description not displayed for batch inspection results
IDEA-110065 (Bug) "New in 13" filter is missing in Inspections (Cardea)
IDEA-110527 (Bug) ChangeSignatureGestureDetector throws exception on dispose if tabs are off
IDEA-110398 (Bug) Catch NullPointerException is "not null" while throwing null is false
IDEA-109304 (Bug) Unused method inspection consider commented out method call in JSP as regular call
IDEA-109927 (Bug) NullPointerException when running inspections on TeamCity 8.0.1
IDEA-110920 (Bug) Batch inspection stops if an inspection tool throws SOE.

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-109966 (Feature) Can't turn on Rearrange in Reformat dialog
IDEA-110260 (Bug) Arrangement settings, edit some rule: incorrect initial value in 'order' combo.
IDEA-109854 (Bug) "Reformat Code" dialog behaves strangely on "Do not show this dialog in the future" checkbox state change
IDEA-109893 (Bug) Formatting of LONG strings in comments
IDEA-110844 (Bug) CURRENT_TIMESTAMP quoted with backquotes after reformat code

Code Insight

PY-6728 (Feature) Type Checker: check types passed to for loops
PY-10230 (Bug) Decorator reference in doctest is unresolved
PY-10366 (Bug) Locate Duplicates: do not anonymize classnames
PY-10317 (Bug) Locate Duplicates: exclude imports from duplicates search.
PY-10306 (Bug) Locate Duplicates: do not anonymize function and qualified names along with local variables
PY-10254 (Bug) Highlight of multiline expressions in doctests

Code Navigation

IDEA-110813 (Feature) Update class navigation to allow .java in the name
IDEA-104327 (Usability Problem) Navigate > File... > prioritize based on the current file location
IDEA-79278 (Usability Problem) Autoscroll to source doesn't preserve file position
IDEA-110267 (Bug) Go to previous change - breaks when doing too fast
IDEA-67267 (Bug) Go To File should show exact extension patterns matches first


WEB-8420 (Bug) CoffeeScript: global variable treated as local
WEB-8298 (Bug) Coffeescript array indentation problem
WEB-8072 (Bug) syntax error on legal coffeescript switch/when/if/else
WEB-8576 (Bug) CoffeeScript plugin doesn't warn on faulty class definition
WEB-8321 (Bug) Wrong inspection error if variable uses in two for's
WEB-8489 (Bug) CoffeeScript formatter doesn't format block strings correctly
WEB-8413 (Bug) coffeescript autoformat code fails for arrays of hashes
WEB-8402 (Bug) Incorrect highlighting of local variable with "?" sign
WEB-8351 (Bug) CoffeeScript IDE raising error
WEB-8434 (Bug) CoffeeScript: 'Unexpected element' error on regular expression


PY-10271 (Usability Problem) SSH terminal: copy-paste shortcuts don't work
IDEA-110305 (Bug) SSH Terminal: remote interpreter default server setting is ignored


IDEA-100551 (Feature) Database Colors: Make databases visually distinguishable from each other
IDEA-109821 (Feature) Add a default-readonly property to data sources
IDEA-109819 (Feature) Allow to set readonly for a table view
IDEA-109407 (Usability Problem) Database: "Open console" doesn't work if several tables selected
IDEA-110017 (Usability Problem) Please change shortcut for Database Properties
IDEA-110581 (Usability Problem) Documentation for MSSQL CAST missing
IDEA-105192 (Usability Problem) dataSources.xml stores machine specific data.
IDEA-110523 (Cosmetics) SQL: navigation to the related data highlight the target row except the last cell
IDEA-110475 (Task) Does the Bundled "Database Support" Plugin Provide Extension Points
IDEA-110484 (Bug) Database table fields are copied at random order
IDEA-109406 (Bug) Database editor: F4 with several tables selected opens only one
IDEA-110390 (Bug) CSV view doesn't display rows with values containing parentheses
IDEA-109932 (Bug) Copy as SQL from DB grid returns decimal fractions, separated with commas
IDEA-110528 (Bug) Database Console: focus unexpectedly moves from .sql file to Database Console Output
IDEA-102204 (Bug) Cannot run JPA 2 JPQL queries in JPA or Hibernate console
IDEA-108864 (Bug) MySQL EXISTS documentation missing
IDEA-110933 (Bug) Database table editor: in editing mode attempt to move focus to different view immediately moves it back


WEB-7401 (Usability Problem) Debugger, Chrome extension: warn user if the extension can't connect because the port is occupied
IDEA-108770 (Performance Problem) Adding Java Exception breakpoint is very slow
WEB-8440 (Bug) Debugger: Variables view: incorrect folding of variables
WEB-2313 (Bug) Node.js debug: breakpoint in the first line does not work
WEB-8200 (Bug) Often when I change web-server port it still listens on the old port
WEB-8355 (Bug) Elements tab: header tags should be placed on a new line
WEB-8445 (Bug) Elements tab: MDV: text node update breaks formatting
WEB-8423 (Exception) Exception is thrown in BuiltInWebServer.process


IDEA-109679 (Usability Problem) Warn on "Synchronize selected/All" if some file has been set to delete


PY-10242 (Bug) Incorrect caret position after creating docstring stub by pressing Space
PY-7230 (Bug) Method call parameters are wrapped incorrectly

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-110404 (Feature) Allow surround-style live template expansion to work
IDEA-90750 (Usability Problem) Change default value of 'Allow placement of caret after end of line' into 'off'.
IDEA-109838 (Performance Problem) IDE slows down for no reason
IDEA-110046 (Performance Problem) Very slow (almost freezed) editor of large SQL files with turned-on dialect
IDEA-109748 (Bug) Quick doc on mouse hover pops up when not hovering over anything
IDEA-109579 (Bug) Invalid HTML escaping in method parameter description (Ctrl+P)
IDEA-110050 (Bug) Editor ignores bold font setting for Java static fields

File System

IDEA-109872 (Performance Problem) PhpStorm starts a new sync each time the window is activated even when one is already running.

File Watchers

WEB-8454 (Feature) Add csso CSS minifier
WEB-8424 (Feature) Add Check in File Watchers to verify that File Type and Scope conflict.
WEB-8399 (Feature) File Watchers: support moving denerated files on Refactor/Move original file
WEB-8604 (Bug) Coffeescript 'File Watcher' not executing for new files added after 'git pull'
WEB-8499 (Bug) Run File Watchers: Only one (first) file gets processed if multiple files selected
WEB-8368 (Bug) Macros in Watcher dialog program input cause errors
WEB-8526 (Bug) Sniper icon does not work on CSS files which are created by FileWatchers
WEB-8643 (Bug) File Watchers: avoid exception on deleting original file together with generated files
WEB-8390 (Bug) FileWatchers use blank values for $ModuleFileDir$ and $ModuleName$
WEB-8556 (Bug) IDE does not always get result from last FileWatcher run


IDEA-110766 (Feature) External system: Rename ide project when external project name is changed if it's the only external project linked
IDEA-110062 (Feature) Gradle Tool Window: an action to open the build script of a linked project could be provided
IDEA-110885 (Feature) Exernal system: Allow to navigate to target script via standard 'jump to source' shortcut
IDEA-110625 (Feature) External system: Add git root automatically on linking external project
IDEA-110603 (Feature) External system: Run selected task on double click
IDEA-110591 (Feature) Gradle: Allow to specify gradle vm args at the ide
IDEA-104500 (Task) Gradle: Allow to reuse common logic for other external systems
IDEA-110483 (Bug) Gradle: Don't complain that 'groovy sdk is not configured' for newly imported gradle project
IDEA-110673 (Bug) Gradle import doesn't respect language level
IDEA-109435 (Bug) Gradle tool window is missing in Cardea build 130.962
IDEA-110953 (Bug) Dependencies are fucked up if repository for Gradle project is not reachable
IDEA-110512 (Bug) External system: Correct outdated tasks removal


WEB-8335 (Usability Problem) Lots of spaces inserted in JS string when using Emmet
WEB-7035 (Bug) HTML Structure no alphabetical sort?


PY-9920 (Bug) Path variable is automatically expanded and saved if used inside script parameters

IDE Configuration

IDEA-109907 (Usability Problem) notification settings should be exported for settings import
IDEA-108801 (Bug) 63342 is open on, should default to local connections


IDEA-108817 (Bug) intellij hangs typically on indexing


PY-4285 (Feature) Calculate return type for 'map' built-in function
PY-9302 (Bug) Class has no _init_ method: false positive for child class without one
PY-10364 (Bug) Print statement -> function inspection is not PEP-8 compatible
PY-10365 (Bug) type of incorrectly resolved as function
PY-10174 (Bug) Specifying types of local variables requires # noinspection PyStatementEffect
PY-10262 (Bug) "basestring type is not available in py3" cannot be ignored
PY-10325 (Bug) Code compatibility inspection - version selector broken
PY-10233 (Bug) "Method may be static" should ignore method that have overrides
PY-7614 (Bug) imports not recognized
PY-10207 (Bug) Inner classes should not fire up "acces to protected member" inspections
PY-10144 (Bug) Compatibility inspection: dict.itervalues() and dict.iteritems() are not highlighted for python3.3
PY-10298 (Bug) False positives for,match,findall,etc argument types
PY-10296 (Bug) Access to protected member should have different severity levels
PY-10297 (Bug) "Package requirements are not satisfied" duplicates package names
PY-10289 (Bug) False positive in compatibility inspection for 'readline'


IDEA-109688 (Bug) language injection seems to be broken


IDEA-108138 (Bug) False "Address localhost:8080 is already in use" error


IDEA-110201 (Bug) JSON in script type=application/json shows error: expecting new line or semicolon

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-56357 (Feature) add username on author javadoc tag autocomplete
IDEA-22340 (Feature) JavaDoc for method: tag @see to parent class
IDEA-110161 (Feature) Smarter JavaDoc @param tag completion
IDEA-109779 (Cosmetics) Missing key name in one of the tips

Java. Error Highlighting

IDEA-110767 (Feature) Mark modules with errors in project tree

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-109510 (Bug) Refactor This menu command (Ctrl-T) should include all Refactor menu commands


WEB-1182 (Feature) External annotations for JavaScript libraries
WEB-3952 (Bug) JS, Inline refactoring: indentation is broken after inlining function
WEB-8281 (Bug) JSDoc: from several sub-properties with the same name for different parameters only last in the list is documented
WEB-8283 (Bug) JSDoc: incorrect order of the sub-properties if they are placed not directly after the parent parameter
WEB-8275 (Bug) JSDoc: formatting issues: multiline description for the last @param is shown as is
WEB-748 (Bug) Method expression is not of Function type
WEB-938 (Bug) Run/Debug Configuration is not updated after move refactor
WEB-8528 (Bug) @memberOf in object literal
WEB-7864 (Bug) @inheritDoc doesn't work as expected
WEB-2242 (Bug) JavaScript Cannot find declaration/Unresolved function problems

JavaScript. Frameworks

WEB-8160 (Feature) Ext JS / Sencha Touch: Include xtype references in search result for class

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-7830 (Feature) Add inspection for confusing variable identifiers
WEB-8081 (Feature) Process contents of strings assigned to JS location properties
WEB-8350 (Feature) Make code inspector aware of legit fall-throughs
WEB-3689 (Cosmetics) "Fall-through in case statement" suppression comment includes a spelling mistake
WEB-8251 (Bug) Can we disable "Cnstructor call without new" for $(...) ?
WEB-1278 (Bug) Negated "if" statement and double negative contidion
WEB-8466 (Bug) inspect code: code style issues: 'Var statement is not at the scope start' for var statements immediately after 'use strict'


WEB-8501 (Bug) LESS: No "Cannot resolve file..." errors in LESS (while showing them in CSS)

Live Edit

WEB-8353 (Bug) Live Edit: highlighting is broken for nodes after the <script> tag
WEB-8348 (Bug) LiveEdit fails to set script source for external JavaScript
WEB-8376 (Bug) Live Edit: highlighting is broken for element and it's children if element ID begins with a number


IDEA-61160 (Bug) in Maven pom.xml it is impossible to select some live template from the list available by ctrl-j


WEB-7515 (Feature) documentation for required module
WEB-1919 (Bug) Impossible to debug node.js process that spawns child processes

PHP lang

WI-18173 (Feature) Smart line split in PHP


PY-10146 (Bug) Packaging: Do not try to install distutils or pip simultaneously with other packages

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-101030 (Feature) Nice to have paths to files in a plugin be relative to that plugin location.

Rails. Code Insight

RUBY-3056 (Feature) Local variable named as partial view should be understood and have correspong type. Can extract from partial call :collection attribute


PY-9637 (Bug) Extract Method: Replace Duplicates: remove highlighting after skip

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-91026 (Usability Problem) When run configuration has no icon NPE occures which prevents running configurations.


WEB-8369 (Usability Problem) Allow user configured order of auto completion suggestions
WEB-8375 (Bug) SCSS mixins auto format
WEB-8601 (Bug) SASS: end of line expected


IDEA-109859 (Feature) SQL: Check columns in USING clause
IDEA-110238 (Performance Problem) Database synchronize is slow
IDEA-99441 (Bug) SQL Dialect: IDEA recognizes wrong Oracle SQL dialect
IDEA-109531 (Bug) Invalid Oracle sql inspection. Unresolved reference for end procedure/function in package body
IDEA-110774 (Bug) Database tool not creating primary keys correctly
IDEA-110018 (Bug) incorrect ambiguous column for sql SELECT DISTINCT ON
IDEA-110651 (Bug) PL/SQL Object Types support
IDEA-110122 (Bug) Inspection error in MySQL query with BETWEEN operator and negative expressions
IDEA-107916 (Bug) SQL DECLARE not retaining scope when running multiple statements
IDEA-111160 (Bug) IntelliJ does not recognize MySQL 5.6 time precision
IDEA-110081 (Bug) All MySQL databases are available in completion regardless of Make Default flag.
IDEA-110463 (Bug) SQL Plugin: INSERT Export Bugs
IDEA-109009 (Bug) PostgreSQL: ORDER BY not allowed in custom aggregates

Task Management

IDEA-110136 (Bug) Breakpoints are not stored in the task context
IDEA-111029 (Bug) Task management: branch is always created, changelist is not
IDEA-110849 (Exception) INFO - lij.tasks.impl.TaskManagerImpl - Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/util/containers/ must not be null

Test Runner

PY-10176 (Bug) Missing 'import sys' in
PY-10188 (Bug) Automatically generated Nosetest run configurations fail with error complaining about project path
PY-10200 (Bug) py.test producer choses the wrong project


WEB-8201 (Feature) Support TypeScript's 0.9 single export
WEB-7994 (Bug) typescript: new Date(): Interface can not be instantiated
WEB-7999 (Bug) TypeScript: module deprecated in flavor of require
WEB-8449 (Bug) TypeScript: usages of interface from global namespace imported using <reference path> not resolved inside module
WEB-7704 (Bug) Keyword "export" is not required for an ambient module
WEB-2299 (Bug) TypeScript: report errors when creating interface instance using new operator
WEB-6420 (Bug) TypeScript: non-callable interfaces referenced via full name are not resolved
WEB-7920 (Bug) "Method expression is not a Function type" when instanciating ambient interface declaration with custom constructor return type
WEB-7532 (Bug) TypeScript: refactor/rename class method breaks method calls
WEB-7802 (Bug) Typescript does not understand Interfaces with New Keyword (Class Definitions)
WEB-8428 (Bug) Typescript: 'this' marked as incorrect in a static context
WEB-8532 (Bug) Incorrect file name when downloading TypeScript stubs from DefinitelyTyped
WEB-8447 (Bug) TypeScript: formatter adds extra spaces around generic argument
WEB-8439 (Bug) TypeScript: primitive types not resolved in interface within a module
WEB-6318 (Bug) It is an error to try to call a symbol that can be called.
WEB-7318 (Exception) TypeScript: IllegalArgumentException at TypeScriptUtil.findFileByReferencePath() on completion invocation in module import directive
WEB-2173 (Exception) TypeScript: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Refactor/Extract Method

Unit Testing. JUnit

IDEA-109754 (Feature) request: show time elapsed for unit testing
IDEA-110770 (Bug) JUnit tests running: already existing run configuration is found for test disregarding JVM properties. JVM properties should be treated part of test "signature"

User Interface

IDEA-109795 (Feature) Show old name when plugin update is offered
IDEA-109836 (Usability Problem) Error while reporting plugin error can't be copied
IDEA-109834 (Usability Problem) Plugin error reporting textbox is awful
IDEA-108474 (Usability Problem) Add Select All/None/Invert buttons to export settings dialog
IDEA-109862 (Cosmetics) Vestigial duplicate project tool
IDEA-51776 (Cosmetics) Background Progress bar is stripped if cannot fit in the window's layout.
IDEA-106544 (Bug) Visual glitch: Fullscreen and maximized windows on the same screen
IDEA-109656 (Bug) "Confirm Exit" is shown twice; "Don't ask again" checkbox doesn't work
IDEA-110025 (Bug) IDEA cannot start with AssetionError
IDEA-110440 (Bug) Can't start IDEA after fresh installation
IDEA-109806 (Bug) No compilation error highlighting in various Scope - based views of Project tool window
IDEA-109359 (Bug) Goto file doesn't work with parent directory pattern and middle-matching
IDEA-75349 (Bug) Switching editor tabs with Structure pane open causes editor to jump to the top of file
IDEA-108049 (Exception) ISE at com.intellij.openapi.ui.DialogWrapper.ensureEventDispatchThread

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-111205 (Bug) Block scope indicator missing from gutter in Darcula theme

Version Control

IDEA-110976 (Bug) Strange numbers in revert window
IDEA-110503 (Exception) [build:MPS-129.189] update failed for ActionGroup: Group by Packages (null)[Group by Packages]: Already disposed

Version Control. Git

IDEA-106336 (Feature) Share project on Github: Allow to customize the initial commit message
IDEA-110679 (Usability Problem) GitHub: do not show modal error on login cancel
IDEA-110677 (Usability Problem) Share Project on GitHub: do not show warning for sharing without first commit
IDEA-85140 (Usability Problem) GitHub "Rebase my Github fork" action should be more user-friendly
IDEA-110685 (Usability Problem) GitHub: save password checkbox state is not saved
IDEA-110668 (Bug) Share Project on GitHub: file statuses for added files are not updated after sharing
IDEA-110676 (Bug) Share Project on GitHub: show added files in first commit dialog
IDEA-87245 (Bug) HTML tags in hints
IDEA-96100 (Bug) GitHub: set tracked branch to created github repository on sharing unversioned project

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-65863 (Feature) Mercurial select push url from paths section in hgrc
IDEA-82236 (Feature) Mercurial: show progress when pushing changes
IDEA-110365 (Usability Problem) Incorrect updating to another branch in case of uncommited changes
IDEA-101439 (Bug) Mercurial: when committing a lot of files IDEA creates several commits with the same message.
IDEA-83937 (Bug) Unable to commit with unicode message - Mercurial
IDEA-108904 (Bug) hg: mercurial can't show file log

Version Control. Perforce

IDEA-87523 (Performance Problem) Deleting huge amount of unversioned files from IDEA hangs UI
IDEA-105495 (Bug) State of part of unchanged files stay "modified without checkout" after "revert unchanged files" action

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-109662 (Usability Problem) Tooltip should be added to changes=>repository=>integrate
IDEA-110855 (Bug) Incorrect text in dialog "Convert working copy format"
IDEA-91190 (Bug) "Create patch" from a subversion commit generate an incomplete patch file
IDEA-110016 (Bug) More link not clickable in SVN history view
IDEA-110144 (Bug) Popup for failed commits should be red instead of green


PY-10152 (Usability Problem) Web2py: restore parser after not closed tags
PY-10078 (Bug) Web2Py: unresolved reference: false positive for names in models which are to be executed before current one
PY-10104 (Bug) Web2Py: missing completion of base template keywords (block, extend etc)
PY-10148 (Bug) Web2Py: highlight empty brackets as error
PY-10149 (Bug) Web2Py: highlight invalid multiline python statements as error (i.e. without necessary slash)
PY-10387 (Bug) Web2Py: view reference is not updated on move
PY-10100 (Bug) Web2Py: missing resolve and completion of models in templates
PY-10099 (Bug) Web2py: missing completion and resolve for passed context in web2py templates
PY-10328 (Bug) Web2Py: missing completion of python keywords inside template tags
PY-10329 (Bug) Web2Py: missing completion of default web2py environment inside models, controllers and views
PY-10159 (Bug) Path validation errors in new web2py project using local source
PY-10180 (Bug) Web2py: Missing "unresolved reference" in modules
PY-10331 (Bug) Web2Py: unresolved reference: false positive for imported modules inside controllers
PY-10330 (Bug) Web2Py: do not add on moving view to some directory
PY-10334 (Bug) Web2Py: empty tag: false positive for tags with python comments
PY-10106 (Bug) Web2Py: missing ability to navigate from controller to mobile view version


IDEA-108183 (Feature) XML: auto-popup completion for attribute values with enum
IDEA-107817 (Bug) XML inspection shows error for an allowed attribute when schema uses xsd:anyAttribute + namespace="##any"
IDEA-107979 (Bug) Quick Doc for XML attribute defined in XSD shows doc for HTML attribute
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