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No subsystem

IDEA-108197 (Usability Problem) Warn user about incomplete completion results in dumb mode
PY-9617 (Performance Problem) Unusably slow when editing a large (12kLOC) file
WI-16429 (Bug) Code preview in Code Style Editor is broken
OC-7256 (Bug) Renaming localized resource file should rename all other files from its group
IDEA-106251 (Bug) IDEA (EAP) fails to launch with latest jdk8 (build 87)
OC-6924 (Bug) Open Quickly (cmd+shift+o) does not autocomplete class names correctly with + signs in them (categories)

App Engine

PY-9005 (Bug) Create App Engine Application: Incorrect or corrupted App Engine SDK: cannot find Django installation
PY-9526 (Bug) Testing with google app engine sdk ignores app.yaml library version


WEB-7606 (Bug) Settings are not saved in emmet plugin

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-105515 (Feature) "Unused symbol" inspection could be run directly
IDEA-105751 (Feature) Convert line separators: Provide an inspection which reports files with line separator different from project's default
IDEA-98078 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA always reports "No suspicious code found" on attempt to run inspections locally

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-106089 (Bug) Java rearranger: Correct the processing
IDEA-104609 (Bug) Change line separators action should ignore binary files
IDEA-105882 (Bug) "Reformat code" makes uppercase in MySQL strings in the wrong place

Code Insight

PY-8904 (Bug) Named tuple autocompletion does not work after upgrading to 2.7

Code Navigation

IDEA-26189 (Usability Problem) Navigation to already open java file should not scroll vertically
IDEA-106229 (Usability Problem) Home/End keys won't work in Recent Files popup
IDEA-105953 (Bug) Quick documentation info is shown when selecting text with Shift-mouse
IDEA-107152 (Bug) Navigate to Class/File doesn't highlight files/classes with two-symbols pattern
IDEA-104757 (Bug) cross module Javascript variable/functions undefined
IDEA-106854 (Bug) Navigate to Class/File doesn't locate files/classes with two-symbols pattern
IDEA-96943 (Bug) "Find file" doesn't work for filenames which contain a hash (a.k.a. pound sign, #)
IDEA-103665 (Exception) New Package shows error though package was created


WEB-7563 (Task) Upgrade Coffeescript.js version
WEB-6787 (Bug) CoffeeScript switch statement inspection falsely warns if a case contains an inline if-conditional
WEB-7569 (Bug) Trailing comma in coffeescript is incorrectly marked as a syntax error
WEB-7314 (Bug) Incorrect "smart" plus signs when new lining in coffeescript
WEB-7351 (Bug) CoffeeScript false error when using switch statement without a control expression
WEB-6090 (Bug) Bound variable in list comprehension reported as unresolved (Coffee script)
WEB-5630 (Bug) CoffeeScript: Inject SQL language into multi-line string
WEB-7582 (Bug) CoffeeScript formatter breaks code
WEB-6965 (Bug) Formatting breaks parenthesis
WEB-7525 (Bug) CoffeScript code formatter damage code, again...
WEB-7496 (Bug) PyCharm shows error for valid coffeescript
WEB-5561 (Bug) Completion fails for variables defined with @ symbol in CoffeeScript
WEB-7610 (Bug) Good code red: coffeescript plugin does not recognize 'throw' as a valid expression
WEB-7497 (Bug) PyCharm shows error for valid coffeescript
WEB-6967 (Bug) Backspace handler bug
WEB-2401 (Bug) CoffeeScript in html does not highlight


PY-8806 (Bug) Editor stops responding to the Enter key and otherwise acts strangely until restart when editin Cython files
PY-9731 (Exception) Cython: NPE at com.jetbrains.python.documentation.DocumentationBuilderKit.combUp


IDEA-105601 (Feature) Need database console to export the data from multi-table query to "insert "sql
IDEA-95931 (Feature) Database Console: Allow creating custom Data Export presets
IDEA-105999 (Performance Problem) #Database table editor slow to load data with #MySQL
IDEA-108382 (Bug) Not the entered text is saved in the Database Console window when undocked
IDEA-103732 (Bug) SQL table editor incorrectly processes SQL Insert Statements file with comma in a value
IDEA-103501 (Bug) TSV editor: can't process file with spaces in unquoted cell value
IDEA-107851 (Bug) Problem with case of table names
IDEA-103495 (Bug) CSV editor: can't process csv file with commas in a cell value
IDEA-107695 (Bug) Export to XML creates corrupted XML if there are unnamed aggregate fields such as SUM() in a query
IDEA-107753 (Bug) Data source name encoding error
IDEA-105747 (Bug) NullPointerException in Database view


PY-9340 (Bug) Remote debugging hangs when debugging a process more than once


IDEA-96260 (Exception) IOOBE when removing lines from editing diff

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-105750 (Usability Problem) Convert line separators: Make action text more consistent
IDEA-104172 (Bug) No possibility to define " as 'Block comment start' for custom file type
IDEA-106080 (Bug) Installing 12.1.1 resulted in broken IDE
IDEA-97048 (Bug) Log console - empty lines.

File System

IDEA-100125 (Bug) Deadlock between IDEA/fsnotifier (UI thread blocked after new project creation)

File Watchers

WEB-7066 (Feature) Ability to save custom file watchers
WEB-7197 (Usability Problem) File watchers, import: disable OK when a wrong file/directory is selected
WEB-7199 (Bug) File Watchers: on re-importing the changed file the cached contents is used sometimes instead of the real one
WEB-7674 (Bug) File Watcher dont allow program with spaces in path

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-105595 (Usability Problem) Select last search / replace string in Find and Replace
IDEA-105223 (Performance Problem) IDEA stucked while searching, and after clicking on expand all
IDEA-105372 (Bug) HTML injection into application messages


WEB-5089 (Usability Problem) Twitter Bootstrap Template

IDE Configuration

IDEA-106247 (Feature) Log VM options on IDE start


IDEA-106567 (Bug) Deadlock in JavaScript index
IDEA-107265 (Bug) IDEA 12.1.3 Hang while re index project libraries


PY-9519 (Performance Problem) PEP8 inspection causes sluggish/unresponsive editing
PY-9493 (Bug) False positive unresolved reference for _new_ in return value of _new_
PY-9590 (Bug) Wrongly inferred type for the yield from expression
PY-9042 (Bug) Wrong inferred type for the chr built-in

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-106583 (Bug) Preselect the most relevant completion suggestion with alphabetical sorting on
IDEA-107221 (Bug) Arrow keys in initial code complete popup are based on wrong index.


WEB-768 (Bug) JS: false 'Unused assignment' reported for closure used as HTML event attribute value if declaration and definition are splitted
WEB-7646 (Bug) Type check error when function is triggered with .call
WEB-3602 (Bug) Remove unused variable: undo does not reconstruct whitespace and breaks undo stack
WEB-1442 (Bug) Duplicate JQuery Selector - if else block

JavaScript. Inspections

WEB-7506 (Bug) Invalid warning about JSDoc
WEB-7412 (Bug) 'potentially invalid reference to this' inspection is broken after update to webstorm 6
WEB-7737 (Bug) Some JSHint inspections can't be turned off once enabled
WEB-4131 (Exception) Exception while running JS inspection over CoffeeScript sources

JavaScript. Refactoring

WEB-6598 (Bug) "declare" is interpreted as a keyword in the JavaScript editor

PHP Formatter

WI-13076 (Bug) CodeStyle formatting : Styles in PHPDoc and Other tabs not working

PHP Inspections

WI-17962 (Bug) PHPStorm seems to think 'selected_valid_from_month' is SQL

Packaging and Installation

IDEA-107545 (Bug) Wrong file format for idea linux launching script

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

WI-17241 (Feature) Support override while moving in Remote Host (also d'n'd)
WI-18168 (Bug) Support IP6 ips as hostname
WI-16915 (Bug) D'n'D: attempt to copy file from PHAR leads to obscure result
WI-18588 (Exception) Can't create a project from existing sources (AssertionError)
WI-17549 (Exception) Exception is thrown if invalid path is added to Exclude Paths

Project Configuration

IDEA-105784 (Bug) dataSources.ids keeps getting corrupted


RUBY-13562 (Bug) Mixed list of classes and resources handled incorrectly
RUBY-13561 (Bug) Trailing semicolon handled incorrectly
RUBY-13559 (Bug) Parsing errors in Puppet files


PY-9047 (Bug) Code insight buggy inside dict literal

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-106937 (Task) Run configuration: Make it possible to provide custom jres to use
IDEA-105472 (Bug) Incorrect URL parameters escaping when browser path is not specified explicitly


IDEA-108330 (Usability Problem) SQL: navigation to the related data doesn't highlight the row if target table editor is closed
IDEA-106770 (Bug) Valid HSQL is mark as an error
IDEA-103702 (Bug) SQL: Wrong resolve in select with updatability clause
IDEA-107088 (Bug) Regression: Cannot open SQL files with IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.3 and 'SQL Support'-plugin enabled
IDEA-107819 (Bug) SQL statement too complex to submit within PHPStorm
IDEA-106899 (Bug) Some Oracle type definitions are not recognized properly.
IDEA-48703 (Bug) SQL: Oracle: not natural inner JOIN without ON and USING clauses is green
IDEA-107768 (Bug) SQL: DB2: not null clause after default is red
IDEA-108327 (Bug) SQL: foreign key popup: no action for pressing Ctrl + Q


PY-2292 (Bug) Incorrect skeleton for deque._init_()
PY-9056 (Bug) Missing stub for, mode)

Task Management

IDEA-106480 (Bug) NPE trying to open a Trac task


WEB-2029 (Bug) TypeScript: recognize implicit interface implementation
WEB-6946 (Bug) arguments usage with rest parameters is available in TypeScript
WEB-6866 (Bug) TypeScript: functions defined in imported external modules not resolved
WEB-7117 (Bug) Inherited fields are not visible form declaredClasses in "d.ts" files
WEB-7306 (Bug) TypeScript: provide path validation within <reference path> tag
WEB-6578 (Bug) typescript incorrectly recognizing types on imported interface modules
WEB-6959 (Bug) TypeScript: take new property signature into consideration
WEB-7575 (Exception) IDE crashes on TypeScript parse

User Interface

IDEA-101256 (Usability Problem) Cannot disable scrollwheel tab switching
IDEA-105502 (Usability Problem) Scores of individual modal error dialogs
IDEA-106559 (Bug) Typo in error message for IntelliJ Idea Ultimate
IDEA-104351 (Bug) Component minimum size is not respected when dialog is resized - splitter becomes broken
IDEA-105639 (Bug) Toolbar Customization is not working in RubyMine 5.4
IDEA-101072 (Bug) On some tiling WMs completion popup gets closed when line continuation hint is displayed
IDEA-104782 (Bug) Spacing between main menu items is too narrow (Gnome 3, GTK+)

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-105830 (Cosmetics) Dracula: All html links in the UI have not dracula style red color in the click state.

Version Control

IDEA-105068 (Bug) Unversioned Files dialog: Add to VCS action has corrupted presentation
IDEA-105707 (Bug) Update Project Info doesn't show diff for Created files
IDEA-106045 (Exception) AE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangesFragmentedDiffPanel.c

Version Control. Git

IDEA-105577 (Performance Problem) Loading the git commits for the push dialog takes too much time
IDEA-104846 (Bug) Branches are not pushed in git
IDEA-97913 (Bug) Git: cherry pick, "Create patch" -> "cherry picking" task does not end (and can't be stopped/removed)
IDEA-78808 (Bug) Confusing "Yours" and "Theirs" labels when resolving conflicts after rebasing in the command line
IDEA-102290 (Bug) "null" text in "Couldn't checkout" dialog
IDEA-103375 (Exception) Git: AE at git4idea.repo.GitRepositoryImpl.<init>

Version Control. Mercurial

IDEA-106835 (Bug) IJ 12.1.2 is slow under Linux/64bit/integration with Mercurial
IDEA-107291 (Bug) IJ12: "Unshelve" into a new changelist puts new files into default changelist when integrated with Mercurial

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-104268 (Performance Problem) Subversion: Create a way in "merge from" to merge without looking for branch copy point
IDEA-104467 (Bug) Subversion: Proxy settings don't apply without command line (with svnkit)
IDEA-108217 (Exception) IAE: No enum constant org.apache.subversion.javahl.ConflictDescriptor.Operation.switch


IDEA-81682 (Feature) Missing XMLSchema-datatypes support for RelaxNG
IDEA-106641 (Performance Problem) Opening *.xml or *.xsl files cause IntelliJ to start eating memory
IDEA-107793 (Bug) Syntax validation for Relax-NG compact is broken
IDEA-105942 (Bug) Relax-NG Compact does not support "external" keyword
IDEA-107118 (Bug) Generate XML tag hangs
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