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IDEA-89660 (Usability Problem) Property Table: children should be shown/hidden by left/right arrow keys.
IDEA-96417 (Usability Problem) Files should automatically open in associated application: *.docx, *.xlsx
IDEA-91361 (Usability Problem) Syntax-aware selection enhancement
IDEA-95099 (Usability Problem) Run configuration dialog UI issues
IDEA-95136 (Usability Problem) Move to another changelist shall pre-select 'create new' option If there's only one changelist so far
IDEA-95133 (Usability Problem) Run Configuration: 'Single instance only' doesn't fit into the default dialog size
IDEA-95745 (Performance Problem) EAP: latest build is slow
IDEA-94628 (Cosmetics) Old icon in Template Data Languages
IDEA-95498 (Cosmetics) Welcome screen: consider renaming "Quick Starts"
IDEA-88439 (Task) Retina Improvements
IDEA-95451 (Task) File traversal initiated by index should stop if project loading on startup was canceled
IDEA-90977 (Bug) Favorites file order garbled
IDEA-95635 (Bug) Feedback: JDBC parameter inspection fails in more complicated case
IDEA-95531 (Bug) Memory leak
IDEA-95290 (Bug) Welcome Screen: "Check out from version control" popup misaligned
IDEA-86873 (Bug) Out of memory exception when trying to manage file encodings
IDEA-95509 (Bug) Welcome screen: recent projects paths use incorrect notion on Mac
IDEA-95452 (Bug) -1: -1 java.lang.AssertionError: -1
IDEA-96367 (Bug) Welcome screen projects path are relative so no way to distinguish between them
IDEA-96393 (Bug) Color picker's fields are tool small under Darcula
IDEA-93720 (Bug) Can not create Node.JS boilerplate project
IDEA-94516 (Bug) Find file action don't find certain files
IDEA-94515 (Bug) File chooser: opened chooser is not updated on a change out of project roots, Refresh does not help (regression)
RUBY-12579 (Bug) improvement to /usr/local/bin/mine: go directly to line specified in Ruby stack trace; usage information
IDEA-94755 (Bug) CCE on attempt to open LaF settings
IDEA-96084 (Bug) Light tests: moving test data results in exception
IDEA-94361 (Bug) Switch default button to "Remind later" on Update dialog
IDEA-95160 (Bug) Wrong replace in batch replace
IDEA-96176 (Bug) NPE on welcome screen
IDEA-96074 (Bug) Detected roots dialog has white rect on Darcula
IDEA-95784 (Bug) Bad watermark font
IDEA-94848 (Bug) Two event dispatch threads if starting without showing splash screen
IDEA-94673 (Bug) Exception: Unmatched braces in the pattern
IDEA-95414 (Bug) Icons: Event Log: strange Mark all as read icon
IDEA-94976 (Bug) Favorites: need to delete item from list several times
IDEA-94874 (Bug) text doesn't wrap in 'edit revision comment' window
IDEA-95366 (Bug) Exception at IDEA start.
IDEA-91425 (Bug) Scope Pattern: # character in filenames triggers a syntax error
IDEA-87475 (Bug) Favorites: for the CurrentTask node Delete and Rename context menu actions are enabled but do nothing
IDEA-96110 (Bug) Disabled icons are double-sized under Retina
IDEA-95700 (Bug) UML Add Note dialog is unreadable under Darcula
IDEA-94989 (Bug) Favorites: drag and drop nodes between lists doesn't work (checked with file nodes)
IDEA-94330 (Bug) Live Template folowed by autocomplete doesn't work as expected
IDEA-94554 (Bug) Intellij Idea doesnt change theme to Darcula correctly on Linux. Failed to change theme to default
IDEA-88021 (Bug) Error writing to file content of Favorites
IDEA-96061 (Bug) Create patch - Show in Explorer does not work when "," is in the file name
IDEA-94813 (Bug) "Preview Usages" is broken
IDEA-93616 (Bug) Error at startup with Mac JRE 1.7
IDEA-96147 (Bug) DirDiff doesn't update diff panel on enter
IDEA-87471 (Exception) UOE at com.intellij.ide.favoritesTreeView.FavoritesManager.addRoots
IDEA-87472 (Exception) CCE at com.intellij.ide.favoritesTreeView.FavoritesPanel$1.drop
IDEA-96523 (Exception) Code with javascript filter throws exception

App Engine

PY-7843 (Usability Problem) GAE username and password should not be required


IDEA-90965 (Feature) Preview color as background in addition to the gutter square
IDEA-64435 (Bug) CSS: Warnings when using underscore and sharp hacks
IDEA-94474 (Bug) Flex CSS: color chooser is shown for every number literal in the file

Code Analysis. Inspection

IDEA-96180 (Bug) Running "EJB Environment Inspection" result contains duplicate names

Code Formatting and Code Style

IDEA-93476 (Feature) Built-in code arrangement does not support alphabetization
IDEA-19061 (Feature) Integrate the Rearranger-plugin into core-IDEA
IDEA-94317 (Feature) Rearranger: Provide ability to specify name-based rules
IDEA-91269 (Cosmetics) Code Style | Arrangement: use Mac-style toolbar on Mac OS
IDEA-94969 (Cosmetics) Code Style | Arrangement: disabled modifiers look weird on Darcula
IDEA-95101 (Bug) Code Style | Arrangement: it could be possible to edit existing regexp rather than typing it over again
IDEA-95008 (Bug) Code Style | Arrangement: <empty rule> item appears if two rules are simultaneously deleted by deleting their components
IDEA-94972 (Bug) Code Style | Arrangement: Delete button doesn't delete rules
IDEA-95368 (Bug) Code Style | Arrangement: Edit popup is not closed on deleteng a rule that is in edit mode
IDEA-95143 (Bug) Code Style | Arrangement: 'Rearrange code' action should not be shown in 'Code' menu if it is not available in current context
IDEA-94947 (Bug) Code Style | Arrangement: visual artifacts appear on clicking "Edit" for a rule while "Edit" popup is open for another rule
IDEA-95138 (Bug) Code Style | Arrangement: visual defects appear on adding rules to an empty list of rules
IDEA-95369 (Exception) Code Style | Arrangement: java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException on typing a bracket in "name" (regexp) field
IDEA-94950 (Exception) Code Style | Arrangement: AIOOBE at ArrangementMatchingRulesModel.removeRow() on removing the last rule that is in edit mode

Code Insight

PY-7971 (Bug) Insert type assertion: produces invalid assertion in case of caret at the second reference in expression
PY-8115 (Bug) inspection detects lack of encoding magic comment for doctests

Code Navigation

IDEA-92555 (Usability Problem) Go to class doesn't find my class if I type it in lower case
IDEA-94823 (Bug) URLClassLoader shouldn't match UrlClassLoader


RUBY-12219 (Bug) Invalid selection incorrect syntax in coffeescript

Compiling Project

IDEA-95173 (Cosmetics) Problems tool window: don't change status message panel width while compiling
IDEA-95885 (Bug) Artifacts: .svn directory is copied to output of artifact including web facet resources
IDEA-95403 (Bug) SEVERE: Cannot compile anymore


IDEA-84683 (Task) Make debugger actions toolbar configurable
IDEA-95341 (Bug) Switching tabs in Debug view changes location in console window
PY-8014 (Bug) Debugger: Not able to debug scripts under py24: finally: SyntaxError: invalid syntax
PY-7868 (Bug) Debugger: ImportError: No module named '_subprocess' on trying to debug python script with Popen calls


PY-8139 (Feature) Generic views migration quick-fix should work for unresolved views
PY-8137 (Bug) Old-style class false positive inspection for Django 1.5 models


PY-8064 (Bug) Incorrect joining of two-line raw string literal

Editor. Editing Text

IDEA-89483 (Usability Problem) Bad handling of blank lines in "Select word (method)"
IDEA-95675 (Bug) Source Code Pro font displays '&' as a bunch of strange lines when used between quotes.
IDEA-92378 (Bug) Cannot Undo, files already changed: /a.dummy
IDEA-94968 (Bug) Idea hung
IDEA-95113 (Bug) Unable to define default value of a live template variable as a literal
IDEA-95460 (Exception) INRE through FileBasedIndexImpl.processFilesContainingAllKeys()

File System

IDEA-93240 (Bug) Exception after updating any plugin (Windows)

Find, Replace, Find Usages

IDEA-92681 (Feature) Find in path. Can't find all files by pattern
IDEA-94980 (Bug) Go To Class: Show results, more than 1000, asks "search for more" for every single item found
IDEA-92172 (Bug) Find in scope does not work as expected


IDEA-60118 (Feature) When creating ActionScript Class via quick fix prompt for template variables if selected custom file template needs it
IDEA-69761 (Feature) MXML structure view: show components structure
IDEA-68573 (Feature) ActionScript class creation dialog: add fields for super class and implemented interfaces
IDEA-70359 (Usability Problem) Item renderers with id's show up in the Structure View
IDEA-72083 (Cosmetics) css value with unit: why unit navigate to style definition?
IDEA-95573 (Bug) Flex external build: .svn, CVS and other ignored folders must not be copied to output folder
IDEA-95730 (Exception) Flex: NPE on Refactor/Extract Superclass to a non-existing package


IDEA-94996 (Usability Problem) Groovy Shell discards typed expression if down-arrow pressed too many times

IDE Configuration

IDEA-95880 (Cosmetics) Settings->Scopes: no scopes defined, but scrollbars
IDEA-94561 (Bug) 122.746 - Custom icons not showing up in toolbar but appear correct in configuration dialog


IDEA-94902 (Bug) Indexing issue in IDEA 12 Preview


PY-8062 (Feature) Code compatibility inspection should allow selecting individual Python versions
PY-8002 (Bug) PEP8 inspection doesn't work on OS X
PY-8159 (Bug) Lines continued with \ in doctest are marked as errors
PY-7982 (Bug) Pep8 inspection doesn't work on Ubuntu
PY-8061 (Bug) False positive for Python 2.x-only builtins in 3.x code


IDEA-94818 (Bug) Inspections/Syntax Analysis very slow

Java. Code Completion

IDEA-94821 (Usability Problem) Don't autoinsert a single completion item if it's provided via middle matching
IDEA-94209 (Bug) Completion in parameter list at array parameter position should insert braces after new Type
IDEA-94683 (Bug) Completion popup loses focus when viewing documentation (sometimes, almost always)

Java. Refactoring

IDEA-95718 (Feature) In-place rename for Java labels wanted
IDEA-95346 (Cosmetics) Refactor->Rename: "Preview" should not be left-most button, but "Cancel" (Mac)
IDEA-95719 (Bug) Cannot invoke rename dialog by pressing Shift+F6 second time if "code occurrences / all occurrences" popup has been shown
IDEA-94828 (Bug) Cannot clone class
IDEA-95318 (Bug) Introduce constant from named constant reference fails if move to another class option is required


IDEA-95754 (Bug) Maven and Ant builds freeze the editor
IDEA-92848 (Bug) Html tags not parsed in description


PY-7841 (Bug) Create action produces StackOverflowError

Plugin Support. API

IDEA-95644 (Feature) Support console input filtering
IDEA-96119 (Feature) CompositFilter should be able to merge results from multiple Filters
IDEA-94982 (Bug) Support multiple console highlights per line

Plugin Support. Architecture

IDEA-95924 (Bug) Force plugin update on IDE update

Project Configuration

IDEA-94453 (Usability Problem) Misleading usage of the term "template"
IDEA-94457 (Usability Problem) Provide the possibility to delete custom project templates
IDEA-94956 (Usability Problem) Add "Import module" option to project settings
IDEA-94646 (Bug) Save Project As Template: output folder should not be saved probably
IDEA-95344 (Bug) Java Module created in existent project gets SDK different to project SDK
IDEA-90644 (Bug) after Ctrl+Shif+A search wrong tab in settings highlighted


PY-8131 (Usability Problem) Change Signature: popup about inability to perform refactoring is not shown for lambda expressions
PY-8127 (Usability Problem) Change Signature: show just one dialog with proposition to change base method with several base classes
PY-8100 (Bug) Change Signature: changing signature for _init_ method doesn't take effect in code
PY-8104 (Bug) Change Signature: refactoring is invoked for method not at the caret when caret is inside other method
PY-8048 (Bug) Change Signature: imports
PY-8084 (Bug) Change signature: correctly process keyword only arguments
PY-8130 (Bug) Change Signature: do not allow to change signature for built-in functions
PY-8096 (Bug) Change Signature: produces invalid code on adding new parameters for function calls with keyword arguments
PY-8092 (Bug) Change Signature: removes py3 annotations on parameter rename
PY-8091 (Bug) Change Signature: refactoring is not available at the very end of the called function name to be refectored
PY-8128 (Bug) Change Signature: signature for child method is not updated when changing method name
PY-8126 (Bug) Change Signature: do not propose to change signature for base method if base class is a built-in class
PY-8124 (Bug) Change Signature: do not allow invalid IDs as parameters: NPE at com.jetbrains.python.psi.impl.PyKeywordArgumentManipulator.handleContentChange
PY-8125 (Bug) Change Signature: do not allow to set default value for self parameter in class methods
PY-8098 (Bug) Change Signature: not able to add new parameter before non-keyword parameter without adding default value to the signature
PY-8163 (Bug) Create parameter for reference: PIEAE at com.intellij.psi.impl.PsiElementBase.getContainingFile when trying to add paramter with last comma at declaration of the function
PY-8047 (Bug) Change Signature: choose method to refactor
PY-8046 (Bug) Change signature: docstring
PY-8105 (Exception) Change Signature: CCE at com.jetbrains.python.codeInsight.intentions.SpecifyTypeInPy3AnnotationsIntention.a
PY-8095 (Exception) Change Signature: IOE at com.jetbrains.python.psi.impl.PyElementGeneratorImpl.createExpressionFromText
PY-8129 (Exception) Change Signature: exception on processing incorrect call

Remote interpreter

PY-7996 (Bug) Remote Interpreter: remote interpreters configured in previous versions are considered as invalid

Run | Debug configuration

IDEA-88110 (Usability Problem) Before Run->Another Configuration: set a reasonable default size (too small currently) and save position and size if changed by user
IDEA-94593 (Usability Problem) Affordance of run/debug configurations groups
IDEA-88988 (Usability Problem) Stop Confirmation dialog is confusing
IDEA-94809 (Bug) Rerun leaves old java system process running
IDEA-88629 (Bug) Run Configuration: Incorrect default size for 'run external tool' before launch task
IDEA-86699 (Bug) No option to cancel and no undo in VM Options dialog
IDEA-64425 (Bug) Run configurations: Share = Yes for temporary and Apply does not update its appearance until dialog closing
IDEA-94826 (Bug) Process input reversed


RUBY-12451 (Bug) CSS formatter works with @media terribly

Task Management

IDEA-87612 (Usability Problem) All modifier+N dialogs should allow close+reopen other on another modifier+N keystroke

Test Runner

PY-7895 (Bug) pytest: Errors evaluating pytest expressions should be displayed as failed tests, not as unfinished ones
PY-7941 (Bug) Running a certain unittest causes the test runner never to finish
PY-8052 (Bug) Test runner doesn't allow settings to be in subfolder


IDEA-96244 (Bug) LOTS of these exceptions on startup

User Interface

IDEA-94649 (Usability Problem) Run Configurations: Move Down to top level places the item below the first configuration
IDEA-96115 (Usability Problem) Animation doesn't work on the editor's vertical scrollbar
IDEA-95543 (Usability Problem) Add root link disappear while resizing the Settings window
IDEA-95620 (Usability Problem) The Welcome screen has no a close button
IDEA-93516 (Usability Problem) Bookmarks dialog: Usability Problems
IDEA-96027 (Cosmetics) Welcome Screen: menu arrow buttons are not anti-aliased
IDEA-95047 (Cosmetics) Memory indicator text doesn't fit the frame
IDEA-95107 (Cosmetics) Corners of Code Style > Java > Arrangement bubbles have artifacts
IDEA-95026 (Cosmetics) Change "Cancel" to "Postpone" in Appearance change confirmation dialog
IDEA-95878 (Cosmetics) Inappropriate tooltip for "Preview Usages" button in TODO
IDEA-95929 (Task) Welcome screen icon wanted for 'Create Desktop Entry' action
IDEA-94637 (Bug) "View breakpoints" popup does not remember "group by" settings
IDEA-95785 (Bug) Remove stupid tooltips from welcome screen
IDEA-94983 (Bug) Setting the tabs placement to None disables 'Window|Editor Tabs|Close'
IDEA-93647 (Bug) Error hint is not shown when refactoring is invoked with mouse
IDEA-93641 (Bug) Favorites: "Edit" is always disabled
IDEA-95268 (Bug) Welcome Screen: Create New Project From Existing Files action should be removed
IDEA-95413 (Bug) Show welcome screen on the same display where the last closed project window was
IDEA-90397 (Bug) Plugin/Browse repository search: When query matches a link, the link itself contains markup code
IDEA-95546 (Bug) Last breakpoint dialog position isn't saved so it's shown every time on the old place
IDEA-94895 (Bug) New Project wizard: certain mnemonics do not work
IDEA-95014 (Bug) Memory indicator is drawn incorrectly

User Interface.Darcula

IDEA-95261 (Usability Problem) Darcula: Breakpoints Dialog caption is unreadable
IDEA-94810 (Cosmetics) VCS annotate pane is shown black-on-white in darcula
IDEA-93614 (Cosmetics) Darcula L&F: Settings actions in Find Action popup are hardly readable
IDEA-95286 (Bug) Bright borders for Stripes and Stripe buttons
IDEA-95281 (Bug) Red color is too bright for the dark color scheme
IDEA-94800 (Bug) Modified, New, Deleted controls have black border
IDEA-94758 (Bug) white line under windows menu bar
IDEA-94538 (Bug) Darcula: can't read plugin text
IDEA-95527 (Bug) captions are broken
IDEA-94837 (Bug) NPE on change LaF to Default
IDEA-94937 (Bug) When switching to Dracula look'n feel, it is not possible to come back to the default look'n feel
IDEA-95185 (Bug) File color for library files are too dark
IDEA-95214 (Bug) Table grid color is too bright
IDEA-95376 (Bug) Darcula: memory indicator incorrectly shows percentage
IDEA-94747 (Bug) DirDiff colors look bad
IDEA-94744 (Bug) CCE from Darcula
IDEA-95500 (Bug) Darcula: 'Brawn' should be 'Brown' in file colors
IDEA-95378 (Bug) Darcula icons: >> icon on action toolbars is invisible
IDEA-94824 (Bug) row height in checkbox trees is too high
IDEA-95245 (Bug) Test color is too aggressive under Darcula
IDEA-95246 (Bug) File colors under Darcula should be improved
IDEA-95274 (Bug) Darcula: annotate view is too bright
IDEA-95234 (Bug) Asc and Desc icons are ugly
IDEA-96066 (Bug) White border on floating toolwindow
IDEA-93579 (Bug) Darcula - Can't read text in inspection results
IDEA-95786 (Bug) Some links unreadable under Darcula
IDEA-94547 (Bug) Darcula: White border around "File Analysis" block
IDEA-93561 (Bug) Darcula - "Tip of the Day" white background
IDEA-95227 (Bug) Darcula: scopes editor
IDEA-95230 (Bug) Brawn color labeled as Yellow in File Colors when in Darcula
IDEA-95330 (Bug) Darcula cancel icons with white cross
IDEA-95231 (Bug) Violet is too bright when in Darcula
IDEA-94799 (Bug) "Details" separator in Commit dialog is black
IDEA-95291 (Bug) Darcula: memory indicator may be darker
IDEA-96287 (Bug) Darcula: white border around undocked tool window

Version Control

IDEA-96200 (Bug) PSI leak via ContentRevisionCache
IDEA-94954 (Exception) Move to Change List without VCS throws NPE

Version Control. Git

IDEA-95422 (Bug) MacOSX: impossible to open project after check out from GitHub or Git

Version Control. Subversion

IDEA-16710 (Feature) Subversion: Limit "show history" revision count
IDEA-95448 (Bug) SVN gone slow and unable to merge
IDEA-96025 (Bug) Subversion: NPE when listing history for repository rott with some areas you have no rights for
IDEA-95097 (Bug) IntelliJ IDEA build #IU-122.813. Can't checkout project from subversion repository
IDEA-94984 (Bug) File states and changes aren't updated when committed via external tools
IDEA-95826 (Bug) Loading huge svn history gets slower and slower and blocks everything


IDEA-95867 (Bug) please map an " XML Catalog" topic
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