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PY-7243 (Feature)

Type provider for SQLAlchemy columns

PY-4230 (Feature)

Intellegent autocomplete for super calls

PY-6672 (Bug)

Sequence literal as method argument breaks code formatting

PY-7286 (Bug)

Code editing word-wrap followed by join drops characters

PY-6794 (Bug)

Spell checker should ignore \n (and similar) when analysing strings

PY-7241 (Bug)

className() does not work in live templates

PY-1846 (Bug)

"as" keyword can't be completed

PY-6604 (Exception)

SOE at java.lang.Character.codePointAt

Code Insight


PY-7156 (Feature)

Support for implicit namespace packages PEP 420

PY-5995 (Bug)

Unresolved reference false negative when referencing a class within its definition's suite

PY-7151 (Bug)

Convert triple-quoted string to single-quoted string: do not wrap string with parenthesis if initial string is already inside them

PY-7130 (Bug)

Specify type for reference using annotation: disable intention with multi-resolve reference for return values

PY-7096 (Bug)

Insert type assertion should be disabled for references introduced in list comprehensions

PY-7316 (Bug)

Wrong text ranges for type references that have qualified canonical names

PY-7128 (Exception)

Specify type for reference using annotation: IOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorImpl.a



PY-7111 (Bug)

"Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" option is not available for tests



PY-7182 (Bug)

Missing relation with custom field inherit from ForeignKey



PY-1532 (Feature)

Django formatter: reformat code should split line if it's too long.

PY-7052 (Feature)

Provide completion for STATIC_URL and MEDIA_URL in Django templates

PY-4267 (Feature)

Django templates in CSS

PY-7245 (Bug)

Django template - Reformat code inserts newline before block tag

PY-7105 (Bug)

Django: import error on explicitly specified django-admin.py in settings

PY-5581 (Bug)

PyCharm cannot handle splited Django settings module

PY-6024 (Bug)

Pycharm does not recognize Django templates in plain text files

PY-7278 (Bug)

Correctly resolve SQLite DB reference in Django 1.4

PY-7234 (Bug)

[small bug, easy fix] PyCharm: Run/Debug configurations: Django server: Port range is not being checked



PY-3009 (Usability Problem)

python editor indentation does not respect dedent

PY-5710 (Cosmetics)

Line continuations are strangely reformatted

PY-6751 (Bug)

Incorrect autoformat

PY-7039 (Bug)

Reformatting introduces silent change in meaning in long string

PY-5224 (Bug)

String literal after for statement erroneously highlighted as docstring

PY-7230 (Bug)

Method call parameters are wrapped incorrectly



PY-7274 (Usability Problem)

Enable "Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" option by default when creating Run configuration for Flask projects

PY-7268 (Bug)

Flask: missing completion for Jinja2 Environment class instance (app.jinja_env)

PY-7279 (Bug)

Flask support is not autoconfigured for package apps

PY-7263 (Bug)

Flask: renaming template leads to unresolved template reference in view

PY-7273 (Bug)

Flask: wrong templates directory is used for package applications

PY-7250 (Bug)

Flask reference stays unresolved until python interpreter paths reload when installing flask during project creation

PY-7271 (Bug)

Flask: missing completion for config variable from standard context

PY-7270 (Bug)

Flask: wrong type for standard context variables in jinja templates

PY-7264 (Exception)

Flask: Unknown element type:PyReferenceExpression: items: Throwable at com.intellij.refactoring.rename.RenameUtil.doRenameGenericNamedElement

PY-7261 (Exception)

Flask: NPE at com.jetbrains.flask.codeInsight.FlaskTemplateManager.getTemplatesDirectory



PY-7164 (Usability Problem)

Add Virtualenv: remove Make available to all project checkbox on creating Virtualenv from PyCharm

PY-7154 (Usability Problem)

Renaming a python script should update only script reference in run configuration with custom name

PY-6593 (Cosmetics)

Missing indication for selected import style in settings

PY-5942 (Bug)

Color setting for first parameter in class methods doesn't affect mcs in metaclasses _new_

PY-7195 (Bug)

No automatic checkout from version control system when trying to accept inspection proposals

PY-2237 (Bug)

Setting 'Path' env var in the 'edit configurations' dialog does not seem to have any effect



PY-4276 (Feature)

Infer function return types from numpy docstrings

PY-952 (Feature)

Exception for comparison-with-None inspection

PY-7244 (Bug)

Incorrect diagnostics for class with generic type

PY-7302 (Bug)

False positive for os.path functions that may return str or unicode

PY-6648 (Bug)

Class parameter name convention inspection: false positive for static methods of metaclasses

PY-7294 (Bug)

Invalid warning about encodings in Python files

PY-7231 (Bug)

False positive in type checker for objects that can be cast to numeric types



PY-6701 (Feature)

Support Python 3.3 virtual environment tool 'pyvenv'

PY-5828 (Bug)

Requirement inspection: false positive for install_requires global value

PY-6767 (Bug)

PyCharm does not detect packages added via pip



PY-7255 (Bug)

String value in dict literal incorrectly formatted as comment/docstring



PY-3698 (Bug)

Usages of parameter can't be found if parameter has been reassigned



PY-2087 (Bug)

Skeleton builder goes into an infinite loop when indexing nest.pynestkernel

Test Runner


PY-7252 (Bug)

EAP - PyCharm running py.test shows green success icons on left side of run dialog even when py.test reports an error.

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