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No subsystem

PY-4617 (Task) Add help button of the Create Test dialog and map it to the specified id
PY-4661 (Bug) Code Coverage: else statement is always unmarked
PY-4652 (Bug) Code coverage: docstrings are always unmarked
PY-4567 (Bug) Don't suggest to run tests as 'Python docs' when there are no Python docs in that package
PY-4655 (Exception) Code Coverage: AIOOBE at com.intellij.coverage.SrcFileAnnotator.a

Code Insight

PY-4621 (Exception) StackOverflowError at com.jetbrains.python.psi.PyElementVisitor.visitPyElement


PY-4640 (Bug) Cython: syntax error: false positive for multidimensional arrays
PY-4641 (Bug) Cython: First Parameter Name: false positive for self with explicit type
PY-4631 (Bug) Cython: syntax error: false positive for group declaration


PY-4556 (Bug) Quickfix to add missing "self." should also work for functions
PY-4624 (Bug) Comparison can be simplified: false positive for math equations
PY-4581 (Bug) "Old-style class contains call for super method" false positive when superclass is unresolved


PY-4579 (Bug) False positive for "Closing mako template tag matches nothing"
PY-4619 (Bug) Incorrect highlighting for module level blocks in non-default color schemes


PY-3505 (Usability Problem) Show detailed progress while generating skeletons

Test Runner

PY-4599 (Bug) Nosetest runner not found
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