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No subsystem

PY-4304 (Bug) Ctrl-O doesn't work as expected in Emacs keymap
PY-4307 (Bug) Language level not correctly updated for files inside site-packages

Code Insight

PY-4225 (Bug) Find usages does not search external libraries in PyCharm 1.5.3
PY-4384 (Bug) Find Usages on a Python method that overrides another method should offer to search for super method usages instead
PY-4338 (Bug) Find usages doesn't find reassigned instance attributes


PY-2694 (Bug) Python console doesn't take in acount interpreter version


PY-4234 (Bug) Race condition in debugger
PY-3419 (Bug) Debugger: unable to debug django project after force run into cursor in django template
PY-3998 (Exception) Debugger: StreamException at

Django Support

PY-4160 (Bug) parameter self unfilled inspection bug
PY-4240 (Bug) Django 1.4-pre-alpha


PY-3916 (Bug) One line doc-strings are difficult to achieve for existing methods/functions
PY-4181 (Usability Problem) Strange bechavior when compliting dict keys


PY-4134 (Bug) Console: Single quoted docstring inspection: looks not at place in console
PY-4212 (Bug) Triple double-quoted strings inspector erases original string


PY-3991 (Bug) Refactor: rename for package doesn't rename usages of first from imports
PY-4200 (Bug) Rename refactoring for modules doesn't update references
PY-4256 (Bug) Can't rename a local variable with the same name as a builtin

Test Runner

PY-4205 (Bug) Doctest runner ignores match pattern
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