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No subsystem

PY-2513 (Cosmetics) PyCharm licence contains invalid UTF-8 characters
PY-2440 (Cosmetics) Run/Debug Configurations dialog too small for native GTK+ style
PY-2479 (Bug) Intention: Convert lambda to function: function should be created on the next line when lambda is defined on the same line with the colon
PY-2531 (Bug) NPE
PY-2565 (Bug) Command Line Launcher: open type associations setting window when trying to open not yet associated file
PY-2544 (Bug) Cold folding and Class scope
PY-2461 (Bug) JavaScript code completion doesn't work
PY-2460 (Bug) Problem with nested classes
PY-2563 (Bug) Command Line Launcher: error about nonexistent file isn't displayed with certain order of command line arguments
PY-2346 (Bug) The symbols from latest NumPy / SciPy are indexed, but marked unresolved
PY-2562 (Bug) Command Line Launcher: do not create project in nested directory of already existing one

No Subsystem

PY-2547 (Bug) Incorrect code inserted when overriding method that uses Py3 type annotations


PY-2558 (Bug) Unable to complete local variable


PY-2452 (Feature) Remote debugger: add option not to suspend script on connection to the debugger
PY-2526 (Feature) Warn about inconsistent versions of PyCharm and pycharm-debug.egg
PY-2471 (Feature) Either display dictionary keys unsorted or support both alphabetic and numeric sort order in Variables window in the debugger
PY-2474 (Usability Problem) Remote Debugger: add checkbox defining whether to configure mappings or use empty grey-out defaults
PY-2417 (Usability Problem) Provide field for host in remote debug configuration dialog.
PY-2449 (Cosmetics) Remote Debugger: Variables state is always connected
PY-2502 (Bug) Remote Debugger: auto-select Use path mapping checkbox when auto-detecting mappings
PY-2472 (Bug) Remote Debugger: do not try to add breakpoints when mapping failed
PY-2508 (Bug) Unable to display children on some objects
PY-2537 (Bug) Debugger: sorting dict keys: messed up float and int keys
PY-2534 (Bug) Debugger: Unable to display childrer because of NameErrors in pydevd
PY-2450 (Bug) Remote Debugger: Update breakpoints after auto-detect.
PY-2453 (Bug) Debugger: Set Value: ValueError: need more than 3 values to unpack
PY-2454 (Bug) Remote Debugger: Redirect output to console checkbox isn't saved
PY-2470 (Bug) Remote Debugger: make it possible to copy information from Editor for Remote Unmapped Files
PY-2541 (Bug) Remote Debugger: Even when version are the same warning about inappropriate debugger.egg appears
PY-2305 (Bug) invalid literal for int()
PY-2467 (Bug) PyCharm's own unittest / unittest2 helpers for PyDev get into the way while debugging a test suite which is run as a script
PY-2456 (Exception) Remote Debugger: IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.hint.HintManagerImpl.showErrorHint
PY-2473 (Exception) Remote Debugger: KeyError: <type 'exceptions.BaseException'> in processNetCommand exception_set.remove(exc_type)


PY-2491 (Bug) Syntax error unhandled - can't assign to operator


PY-2523 (Usability Problem) "Convert lambda to function" makes code unclear - lambda as an argument
PY-2489 (Bug) Chained comparison can be simplified - doesn't react on multiple "<="
PY-2483 (Bug) "Replace assignment with augmentet assignment" - data structures uncovered
PY-2482 (Bug) "Replace assignment with augmented assignment" - support communicativity
PY-2481 (Bug) "Replace assigment with augmented assignment" break code
PY-2480 (Bug) Intention: Convert lambda to function: create function on the module level
PY-2484 (Bug) "Replace assignment with augmented assignment" - variables uncovered
PY-2488 (Bug) "Augmented assignment" - some operators unsupported
PY-2518 (Bug) Join 2 ifs: merge comments if both presented
PY-2517 (Bug) Split into 2 ifs: don't duplicate comments
PY-2516 (Bug) Split into 2 ifs: broken code with suites on the same line to if and else clauses
PY-2512 (Bug) "Convert dict literal to dict constructor" breaks code
PY-2490 (Bug) "Chained comparison can be simplified" - doesn't react on "<="
PY-2492 (Bug) "Chained comparison can be simplified" - "==" unsupported
PY-2519 (Bug) Join 2 ifs: disable intention if nested if contains also elif/else clause
PY-2533 (Exception) CCE at com.jetbrains.python.codeInsight.intentions.PyDictLiteralFormToConstructorIntention.isAvailable
PY-2478 (Exception) PyReturnStatementImpl at com.intellij.extapi.psi.PsiElementBase.getContainingFile

Code Insight

PY-2462 (Bug) Add path to interpreter doesn't correctly parse eggs.

Test Runner

PY-2503 (Usability Problem) Tests with errors and failed tests have the same icon
PY-2535 (Bug) Test Runner: nose_helper.failure.Failure with py3
PY-2434 (Bug) Unittest: Do not show "No test were found" notification before completing test suite


PY-2514 (Bug) False positive for augmented assignment
PY-2511 (Bug) Dictionary contains duplicate keys - dict constructor uncovered
PY-2545 (Bug) Incorrect intention for string literal concatenation


PY-780 (Feature) Command Line App
PY-1239 (Feature) Open file and navigate to line from command prompt
PY-492 (Task) Adapt RubyMine's bundled color schemes to Python and bundle with PyCharm
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