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What's new in dotTrace 5.5 Performance

  • A new way to analyze snapshots in terms of "Subsystems". Discover your code bottlenecks faster without digging deep into callstacks.
  • Ability to add bookmarks to your callstack for faster navigation between interesting pieces of a snapshot.
  • A list of application Hot Spots is now shown right after the snapshot opening
  • New Hotspots algorithm accounting for system code
  • Snapshot files (*.dtp) now occupy 2 times less space on your HD
  • Faster application profiling
  • Integration with ReSharper 8 EAP
  • Improved stability in incorrect metadata write/read

dotTrace 5.5 Performance EAP is closed

dotTrace 5.5 Performance is Released
Please download the officially released build of dotTrace 5.5 Performance.

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Discussion forums

Discuss topics related to dotTrace Profiler, with us and other community members, in our web forum.

Bug tracker

If you find a bug or have a feature suggestion, you are kindly welcome to submit it into our YouTrack-based tracker

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