Primitive Containers

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Primitive Containers

Collections framework include a set of custom containers designed to work with primitive data types. Using primitive types helps optimize speed and/or size of the containers. These containers are available with a separate language jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage.collections.trove.

Primitive list containers


byteArrayList list<byte>
doubleArrayList list<double>
floatArrayList list<float>
intArrayList list<int>
longArrayList list<long>
shortArrayList list<short>

Primitive set containers


byteHashSet set<byte>
doubleHashSet set<double>
floatHashSet set<float>
intHashSet set<int>
longHashSet set<long>
shortHashSet set<short>

Primitive maps


byteByteHashMap map<byte, byte>
byteDoubleHashMap map<byte, double>
byteFloatHashMap map<byte, float>
byteIntHashMap map<byte, int>
byteLongHashMap map<byte, long>
byteShortHashMap map<byte, short>


doubleByteHashMap map<double, byte>
doubleDoubleHashMap map<double, double>
doubleFloatHashMap map<double, float>
doubleIntHashMap map<double, int>
doubleLongHashMap map<double, long>
doubleShortHashMap map<double, short>


floatByteHashMap map<float, byte>
floatDoubleHashMap map<float, double>
floatFloatHashMap map<float, float>
floatIntHashMap map<float, int>
floatLongHashMap map<float, long>
floatShortHashMap map<float, short>


intByteHashMap map<int, byte>
intDoubleHashMap map<int, double>
intFloatHashMap map<int, float>
intIntHashMap map<int, int>
intLongHashMap map<int, long>
intShortHashMap map<int, short>


longByteHashMap map<long, byte>
longDoubleHashMap map<long, double>
longFloatHashMap map<long, float>
longIntHashMap map<long, int>
longLongHashMap map<long, long>
longShortHashMap map<long, short>


shortByteHashMap map<short, byte>
shortDoubleHashMap map<short, double>
shortFloatHashMap map<short, float>
shortIntHashMap map<short, int>
shortLongHashMap map<short, long>
shortShortHashMap map<short, short>

<K> map<K,?>

ObjectByteHashMap<K> map<K, byte>
ObjectDoubleHashMap<K> map<K, double>
ObjectFloatHashMap<K> map<K, float>
ObjectIntHashMap<K> map<K, int>
ObjectLongHashMap<K> map<K, long>
ObjectShortHashMap<K> map<K, short>
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