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JetBrains MPS 3.1-EAP1 (build 135.39)
release date: 21st Apr 2014

JetBrains MPS distribution

File Description Size MD5
MPS-3.1-EAP1-macos.dmg Mac Os X installer 152.21 Mb fe4ddf6f1d0d7c3157262e6bbe1081e8
MPS-3.1-EAP1.exe Windows installer 197.56 Mb 10067413970595db3bccec2a1083b23e
MPS-3.1-EAP1.tar.gz Unix gzipped tarball 151.52 Mb e31b06cf0631940bf25b522790149b7e Unified package 152.07 Mb b747d8fb8c22581e5692ed69ad7668a0 baseLanguage.dates and obsolete languages 5.42 Mb 2f2311e194c7fb666ebeaf97b819679a

MPS IntelliJ IDEA plugin

File Description Size MD5 IDEA plugin 52.13 Mb adb38f83df3d0b80aac235b4a8df218d
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