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What to Download

JetBrains MPS 2.5.4 (build 117.9448)
release date: 18th February 2013
new features overview: What's new in MPS 2.5
release notes: Issues closed in 2.5.4

JetBrains MPS distribution

File Description Size MD5
MPS-2.5.4-macos.dmg Mac Os X installer 194.06 Mb bc2d64bbe39c27efd0a5651a1319ea0f
MPS-2.5.4.exe Windows installer 225.26 Mb d14e2d25ff173d2973a17a7eede191ff
MPS-2.5.4.tar.gz Unix gzipped tarball 193.08 Mb f054080615ad5be34e213bcd7d2ce838 Unified package 193.58 Mb 55a3bc3a76e264c09c52e31224ffdb7e

MPS IntelliJ IDEA plugin

File Description Size MD5 IDEA plugin 51.02 Mb 9a6c895798f79e4c29c9bd6b66cc24bf

How to Get Started

JetBrains MPS

  1. Install JDK 6.0 (not necessary on Windows).
  2. Unpack the downloaded JetBrains MPS zip file or run the exe file.
  3. Use .sh or .bat script in the root of the distributive.
  4. Start JetBrains MPS.
  5. Work through MPS tutorial

MPS IntelliJ IDEA plugin

  1. Stop IntelliJ IDEA
  2. Unpack the downloaded IDEA plugin zip file into the IntelliJ IDEA configuration plugin folder (TODO provide the details)
  3. Start IntelliJ IDEA
  4. The plugin should be listed among the installed plugins
  5. Add the MPS facet to your project of choise
  6. Create an MPS model inside your project and let the fun begin
  7. (TODO) more detailed guidelines will be needed soon

Migration Guide

In order to migrate existing projects based on MPS 2.0 to MPS 2.5 you have to perform manually following migration steps

Additional Information

The sample projects can be opened from the welcome screen

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